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Tabbed Finder strikes me as a power user function, and Apple doesn't seem to cater well to power users. I'm glad it's a feature now.I don't think my dad would use it if he had a Mac.It doesn't look like MS has ever added tabs to their Explorer (file manager). They can be added with third party programs, which I hadn't heard of until I did a search just now.I like what I've seen so far with 10.9. 10.7 and 10.8 added features that made it useful enough that I felt I almost...
That would be amusing. But given how computer companies throw anything against the wall to see if it sticks, what matters is if they stick with it. It took at least a decade for AIO computers to be a significant segment outside of Macs.I don't see how it's a fire hazard.I wish it had more RAM slots and more storage slots. Given how small the mini-PCIe cards are, they could have included six slots.I wouldn't be surprised if Newertek made an HDD riser for it, like their...
That's the problem, he really didn't explain anything. It's a long piece of tautological fluff.
I got around to watching the keynote shortly after I read this. It's funny that the *first* new feature they discussed with 10.9 was Finder Tabs. I realize the keynote is for developers, but the show is available for anyone to watch. That raises the question, if it's a niche feature, why'd they start off with it? I'd think they'd start with a bang and put the weaker features in the middle of the presentation.
NeXT Tube?
In all fairness, the article gave no evidence or citations for its claims WRT delays on tabs.I'm not fond of the name either.
What underlying technology, specifically? Also, full screen isn't required to make tabs useful, it wasn't even until Mountain Lion that apps were universally given full screen ability. Across screens seems like a pointless claim of limitation. Macs don't seem to care what screen a window is on. That the menu bar is on all screens now doesn't strike me as a problem that previously prevented tabs from being implemented.Anyways, this line of reasoning sounds like an example...
That's interesting, but it would be interesting to know the answer to the headline to greater depth than "it took years of hard work", because that's pretty much a tautology, as in, "It took a long time because it took a long time."
I think wdowell was referencing the time when Macs were shipped with chips that didn't have drivers for the latest speed. A few months later, Apple sold updates to enable the new speed.
The other part might be incumbent software that might not run on a Mac without adjustment?I'd think that the MP has plenty of display IO for that job.
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