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I'm sure it does, I agree. Hence the "adding value to shareholders" line.
I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner. They have to provide value for their shareholders, after all. lovely. /s It used to be 18 months, then 20 months, I guess why wait, just jump to 24.
I think the big real hang-up is the other systems don't read its files. So you have to export for other people to use your work.I use Pages to make all of my instructions. It doesn't have everything, doesn't try to be everything for everyone, but it's very straightforward and has more than what I need. The problem with the "kitchen sink" approach is that you have a lot of features getting in the way of people that don't use them.The only thing I really wish is that Apple...
I don't know how outdated your impression is, because that's not true anymore. I am running 10.7 and I still got RAW updates last week.
There's a point where people coming here with the intent of *not* being civil, getting in whatever jabs in that they can get away with, are basically asking for reciprocity.I'm not going to be suckered into an argument that suggests the we disarm ourselves against trolls. That's what I see to be the logical conclusion of this kind of argument.I'm OK with disagreement, but when people come in and say to the effect that Steve kicked their dog or something, then they're...
This is a special interest site. Anyone that thinks it's OK to go to that special interest site to tell them they're all idiots and the things they like are stupid are the trolls.Yours is a nice idea, in theory, I'm pretty sure it would not work in reality. I think it was like that before iOS and we weren't constantly inundated by increasingly hostile Android fans. It's been increasingly difficult to give people the benefit of the doubt, and a few people without hostile...
Apple wasn't the dominant buyer though, that would be Amazon, and it probably still is. I really haven't tracked the details of this case, but I can understand not wanting to compete in a market where another player has such a drastic preferential pricing. There would be a distinct disadvantage.
Corrected. Looks like an honest mistake to me.
Apple has annual cycles, and we're almost at the beginning of the next one with a likely bunch of new announcements next week, given Apple's pattern of announcing new things at every WWDC.I don't know how hard it is for you to notice the year elapsing but not notice the cycle.
The idea of streaming radio is clearly not an innovation, but the actual service hasn't been announced, so without any confirmed details or an actual announcement, it's not worth praising or trashing. Maybe there's something interesting they are going to add to the idea. It could also just be expanding the brand to cover another service.It's a nice-to-have feature, but I don't think it's going to be the only update to the iTunes services as might be implied by the...
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