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If someone has "very valid points" they can just make it. But peppering alleged "valid points" with invectives against the reason behind this fan site, is a way to get booted from this site.Call us fanboys, boot.Breathless exaggerations and hyperbole against the company or users, boot. Examples: "Apple never innovates", "Apple is nothing but an over glorified Dell", etc. If you don't think those are likes intended to rile up forum members, then I have several bridges for...
Are you suggesting it might be TB 2, or TB 1 and stuck behind for a product generation? That would suck.
No. This is a privately owned site, a privately owned site can, for the most part, make its own rules.We don't have to accept people that shit all over this site any more than you have to let people shit all over your own lawn.
One person signed up, made 40 posts, most filled with the standard invectives against Apple and their users, and we're supposed to put up with it, why?
I understand the opinion, but there's no reason to accept the task if you're no longer allowed to take part in discussions.
Wow.People, please don't feed the trolls.He's gone, at least for the moment.
Cook is three years younger than Jobs was before he passed. Bill Gates is boring. So why pick on Cook's age and "boringness"? I don't think a large proportion of prospective customers watch AllThingsD.
I don't think anyone is "hating on" those that want an optical drive. The market is shifting away from it though.
That's good to hear.My local Apple store doesn't strike me as the kind that would replace an internal battery in house. Distance from a repair center could factor greatly in turnaround time, depending on how it is shipped.
I've never carried multiple batteries for my MBP. The expense isn't the biggest concern, although it is annoying. However, but if I wasn't able to eject the battery, I might have had a ruined chassis because the expansion in the battery adds a considerable strain. Maybe the new batteries don't expand, I don't really know, to be honest. I understand the merits of the non-removable battery, you probably will also have to be without the machine for a week or so while they...
New Posts  All Forums: