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P.S. Why the %^%** has Appleinsider switched to this inane forum software that kills right click for spelling corrections, transformations etc? (You know have to hold down the command key to make right clicks work)  It is very, very annoying -- switch back to the old one or get a new new one that works, please! There is a way to switch to a non-WYSIWYG text editor in the forum. How you switch escapes me right now. It is in your profile settings. Why the new editor...
Feature phones can do apps, email and web, they have for a decade now. Maybe not that well, but the distinction between a smart phone and feature phone just by what it can do is pretty fuzzy.
I think the top quoted piece of absolutism is the dark side of something else. Sometimes the art and design worlds (or really, any profession or interest too) do get caught up in themselves. This kind of attitude and pretense was warned against in The Emperor's New Clothes.I bet the worst that would happen is that it gets relocated. It's doesn't look so large that it can't be moved for an easily raised amount of money, assuming Apple or the landowner doesn't foot the bill.
I think 3:2 would have been an overall better choice, but 16:9 isn't a good choice. The 4:3 and 3:2 ratios work better for a bigger variety of uses. 16:9 sacrifices so much screen height/width and only for one use, it makes other uses feel more cramped.
I wasn't thinking of it that way at all. There are plenty of things that connect to iOS devices that aren't computers, I wasn't counting computers.
Are we going to have quibbles about word meanings here? I don't understand why accessories is the wrong term here.If you insist: I think there is a greater variety of add-on devices with Lightning connector (speakers, docks, cables, adapters) than there is a variety of Thunderbolt peripherals (drives, docks, adapters, converters, cables).
I meant accessories. Even so, I bet there are a lot more Lightening iOS devices are sold than Macs.
It does matter, in that what you buy today should still be usable years from now, given backward compatibility. If Intel wasn't developing the next version, then that would be a warning sign that the connector is going away. Faster devices should work with slower versions of the connector too.I'm sure there's a greater variety of Lightning connector devices than TB.
120 is the max needed for a non-3D TV. 24Hz, 30Hz, 60Hz are all standard US TV or video frame rates. 120Hz is the lowest frame rate that divides in to integer number of frames for those three frame rates. If it weren't for that fact, it's overkill.
I don't know if there need to be controls for that. If manufacturers price themselves out of the market, that's on them. I think this technology roll-out was poorly managed, but I don't think the expensing is significant part of the problem, assuming it is a problem.
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