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The Apple remote is not ergonomic for my hands. It's great for portability, but that's usually not the point with AppleTV.
That's a good question. The stand for my Asus router isn't very good and the cords aren't helping it stay up.The power supply for my other routers isn't that substantial. 12W power supplies can be light, the more efficient ones are often lighter than the less efficient ones.Isn't that caring about the design? That said, it might be in part for improved transmission and reception.
More likely they're just haters, but I get your point.You're allowed to not like it *here* as long as it's not filled with bile and pejoratives. But new users coming here and talking to us about "Crapple" "fanboys" and such don't need to be given a platform on an Apple fan site.
I think it looks pretty nice. The Safari compass looks a bit plain, and I wonder if there can be a more modern representation of "phone" than the handset of an old Bakelite phone.
It's possible that it could help push less expensive options.It would have been nice to have an nVidia option, you need nVidia for certain tasks.Is it possible to do SMART over any external device save for maybe eSATA?Given that Thunderbolt is PCIe, I think it could support SMART because it would be a SATA chip on PCIe.That said, the number of times SMART saved my bacon on any computer was zero.
Well, if your phone breaks, the extra 4-6 months would have made a difference. But you're right, it's best to ride it out to the next update if you can.
I'm sure it does, I agree. Hence the "adding value to shareholders" line.
I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner. They have to provide value for their shareholders, after all. lovely. /s It used to be 18 months, then 20 months, I guess why wait, just jump to 24.
I think the big real hang-up is the other systems don't read its files. So you have to export for other people to use your work.I use Pages to make all of my instructions. It doesn't have everything, doesn't try to be everything for everyone, but it's very straightforward and has more than what I need. The problem with the "kitchen sink" approach is that you have a lot of features getting in the way of people that don't use them.The only thing I really wish is that Apple...
I don't know how outdated your impression is, because that's not true anymore. I am running 10.7 and I still got RAW updates last week.
New Posts  All Forums: