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It looks like it won't give the speed. The bandwidth on PCIe 1.0 machines is is 2.5Gbps, PCIe 2.0 is 5.0Gbps.
There are USB 3 Express Cards.
This is an Apple-centric site. Do you think it's escaped anyone's attention that similar is allowed against Apple users on Android-centric sites? Why are we supposed to play nice against Android fans that troll this forum?Rule zero violation.
Which is a tangential issue, and I honestly don't think this is a big deal. It was only an issue in regards to reported hard drive capacity vs. what was said on the box, and that issue seems to have died down with better reporting in the computer dialogue.
That's a bit of a downer. The main programs aren't included with iPads either.
Weather is available on the notification pull-down menu, same with stocks.
I think you'd need to be more specific.The display testing site seemed to give good measurements for high end Androids in the past year or so, and their methodology seemed reasonably rigorous.SIII was good at somethings, not so much on others:http://www.displaymate.com/Smartphone_ShootOut_2.htmSIV is better:http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_S4_ShootOut_1.htm
I don't understand. The 32GB model still has a camera, so nothing changed in the device that you said you wanted.
Given this is a somewhat unusual out-of-cycle update, I think it might have something to do with either freeing up production capacity for parts that only the old model used, or just closing out some parts that nothing else uses anymore.
High horse, you has a big one. It's quite unbecoming.By what merit can you say that it's good art and no one else is allowed a dissenting opinion? You've yet to claim any credentials if you're making some claim of meritocracy.Hint: "good" is a comment on an opinion of quality, which which you have little place telling people they aren't allowed to have such an opinion.Who is saying that it needs to be destroyed? Is preserving it only valid in the context that it absolutely...
New Posts  All Forums: