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Cook is three years younger than Jobs was before he passed. Bill Gates is boring. So why pick on Cook's age and "boringness"? I don't think a large proportion of prospective customers watch AllThingsD.
I don't think anyone is "hating on" those that want an optical drive. The market is shifting away from it though.
That's good to hear.My local Apple store doesn't strike me as the kind that would replace an internal battery in house. Distance from a repair center could factor greatly in turnaround time, depending on how it is shipped.
I've never carried multiple batteries for my MBP. The expense isn't the biggest concern, although it is annoying. However, but if I wasn't able to eject the battery, I might have had a ruined chassis because the expansion in the battery adds a considerable strain. Maybe the new batteries don't expand, I don't really know, to be honest. I understand the merits of the non-removable battery, you probably will also have to be without the machine for a week or so while they...
Context is important. I was talking about the Expresscard, in the context of laptops, on the topic of adding USB 3 to an older laptop. On the exact bandwidth, I only took it from the Wikipedia page on Expresscard. Maybe they're wrong, maybe it's a difference between signal rate vs. data payload. I don't understand the discrepancy. They do rate 2.5GT/s. Might be part of the problem.I wasn't talking about the external graphics, though that was in the discussion in places. I...
I think batteries are a concern. I have a mid-2007 MBP which I'm on my third battery, not counting one that was replaced (I think) due to the Sony defective battery recall. The dead batteries started pillowing pretty quickly, so you really want to get it replaced within a few days of dying, if you can't pre-empt it by getting it before it goes. On at least one, I didn't have a notice that it was dying, it just quit charging.
I agree. Most parts and materials are very cheap. The big thing that often makes smaller electronics cheaper is higher integration (fewer parts, easier assembly) and using less silicon circuit area. It's really very complicated as you suggest, and this only goes into the cost to make it.To add to that, the price of the finished product doesn't have to reflect the cost to make it, you charge what you can. Smaller electronics might have a higher price just because it's more...
I don't know what your problem is, N8TERSWORLD (banned 3 times), but I don't see where you have a grasp of the realities of business and manufacturing, and a passive-aggressive stance isn't going to help you. Clue, you need some.
It looks like it won't give the speed. The bandwidth on PCIe 1.0 machines is is 2.5Gbps, PCIe 2.0 is 5.0Gbps.
There are USB 3 Express Cards.
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