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Where do I find examples of this alleged modern thinking? If those costs aren't reflected in the product price, exactly how are those expenses recovered? If those expenses aren't recovered, then what is the incentive to advance technology?Mind you, I'm not happy with the progress of TB devices, I don't think costing is the problem as pretty much any other product is expensed this way.
That explains why Windows XP still has 40% of the personal computer user base, 11 years after its original introduction.But even forgetting that, iOS doesn't really stand still. It gets annual updates, quite a few new features get added every year, and there's new hardware features added with every new model, whether that's apparent from picking it up or not, you might need to use them a bit to realize the updates if you weren't told they were there.
That doesn't compute. How is giving money away with no expectation of something in exchange and nobody knowing about it "doing it for yourself"? Are you suggesting that trying to avoid being pestered is selfish?It looks like you're suggesting that anonymous giving is selfish, possibly more selfish than public giving. I don't know. Your arguments don't make any sense to me, I see a possible disconnect going on here.I also think you are missing a comparison. You compared it...
I don't understand how not wanting to be hounded for more donations from elsewhere is in itself makes it not an altruistic measure. It looks like the anonymous part of that is a means to avoid getting hassled, which isn't a real gain. What is the reward for the anonymous donation? With public giving, you do get a reward, people know that you gave and that has a chance in altering what people think of you.
I think you're trolling hard, but in the unlikely event you aren't:I don't think you understand. Consumers don't need laptops as much when they have smart phones and tablets. This group is made up of people that mostly chat, message, take a few amateur photos, videos, play media, and use social media. The consumer market for computers is shrinking as it is. I know a few families that don't even have a computer in the home, they're on smart phones, so it's fair to say that...
And you didn't see what it takes to get it fixed? Batteries do go bad, and I think it might be covered under warranty.There are treatments for ADHD.The indications are just rumors, a lot of them pulled out of people's asses and passed off as a rumor. There's no sure way to know what's actually in iOS 7 until it's announced.
I don't recognize the user names, but lots of banned IDs. AppleWill being just one of them. LGprada being another, in 2012, no less, nothing like referencing a long past dud, I guess.
You mean long time anti-Apple troll? Bye!
I recall the fiasco really took the wind out of a quarter's profit for the whole company in order to keep the division viable. Maybe it's a bit much to say most of them failed, but a spectacular portion have.
You mean to say that some XBox 360 launch hardware wasn't defective? I think the problem was big enough that they simply had to do that as damage control to save the division. The amount they had to write down to fix bad hardware was not chump change.
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