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Can you show me where I was assuming your needs? Or were you assuming that I was assuming? Does that mean the shoe is on the other foot? It seems you did notice that I tried to carefully word the post.Also, the CPU in your 2007 iMac was pretty high end for the time. We don't know if a low end CPU from today would carry over just as well over the same amount of time. Equivalently cheaper might have been a 1.5GHz single core, like the Mac mini at the time had.
I think I'd rather fork over the extra money for future life. If one is going to use the computer for six+ years, I don't think it makes sense to be that cheap. One might even squeeze a few more years of useful life out of spending the extra.No, that's not practical.It's either an older model or an erroneous listing. But if it's last year's model, it might be fine. It pays to scrutinize & research a bit.
Maybe."iBeacon" electronics are so inconspicuous that I doubt a lackey would notice it unless pointed out. I've helped with the mechanical parts on one, that enclosure is about a third the length of a Snickers candy bar, most of the size is just to hold two AAA batteries.I think it can be easily done in the size of a quarter if one were so inclined.
What's amusing is this rumor turned out to be true. And oddly, the Beats one. That one was annoyingly persistent, I didn't think it would be true.
I was hoping for an update today, even a low-key update where they push out a web site update and a press release.I think silent update implies they don't even tell anyone, you might figure it out by opening System Information.
WWDC has been used as a platform for new products & product updates about half the time in the last 15 years.Based on information SolipsismX dug up:2013: New Mac Pro, new Time Capsule, new Airport Extreme2012: Retina MBP, updated Air2010: iPhone 42009: “the new 13" MacBook Pro, updates to the 15" and 17" MacBook Pros, and the new iPhone 3GS.”2008: iPhone 3G2006: original Mac Pro, and Xserve2005: (announced Intel transition)2003: first G5 PowerMac and external FW iSight camera
Nice trolling.It's a very profitable business that they're buying. I don't like Beats, but at least I can acknowledge that "minor" detail. You're not proving to be anything better than a hater.
AI is *still* doing that? The people in charge of that really must be juvenile.
They always say "this year we have the best product pipeline evar!" - and it seems like they emphasize that on years with weaker updates. But I don't see much reason to disbelieve them this time - yet. Only time will really tell.
Well, no, but it's been replaced twice.Well, it _has_ been replaced twice over...But if that's your test example, then it's not really helping. Not a lot of people buy that kind of camera, there's several per city.Apropos to this thread, I have two computers with Thunderbolt jacks and exactly one "Thunderbolt" device - an adapter to DVI. I want to see TB get some traction, but it's only going to be a niche device sold only to pros if the feature costs $100 more.
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