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You revived a five year old thread for that?
The definition seems vague. Is it counting only TVs with built-in streaming, or are they counting streaming through external devices like AppleTV, PS3, etc? I haven't seen a built-in streaming feature that I liked. They seemed like afterthoughts. External devices seem to be much better, they live or die on experience, internal circuitry can be turned off or ignored.
I think the idea of hooking up wired ethernet to a sub-notebook computer is hilarious. Maybe necessary sometimes, but still hilarious.
Is it a stock that you can only buy in integers?
Yeah, it's too bad idiots have money. Berkshire Hathaway seems to have it right, don't cater to the idiots.Yeah, and you're buying proportionally less of a company than you would if you bought your entire allotment.I'm pretty sure you can buy fractional shares.
Stock splits don't change real value though, for one seventh the price as before, you get one seventh the company as before. The only reason it makes any difference is when you're dealing with non-rational influences.
I don't doubt they've sold, but I've yet to see a 5c "in the wild". I have to wonder how well the PC shell played out when they've spent some of the marketing basically telling us that metal shells are the way to go.
Yeah, copyright law doesn't allow you share copies of a CDs or share rips of a CD legally. Even though it's illegal to share iTunes audio tracks to other people, it's easy to do because they aren't encrypted anymore, they haven't been for years. I find I need an external hub no matter how many internal USB ports are available. I don't remember a drive having trouble unless it's bus powered on an unpowered or underpowered hub. I go as direct as I can, but drives can run on...
You revived a five month old thread.That's a rather bizarre loop. You lampshaded that very quickly, and I don't see if there is any reason to do that, unless you have an agenda in your argument. Apple's display is nice, but nowhere near necessary. The user's previous peripherals would generally work very well. I'm not a fan of Apple's input devices anyway, so the input devices I've gotten with other machines get stored.I will say that I was disappointed when the $499 mini...
"Sampling" - meaning very limited supply and it would probably only go to preferred customers, and the final customer would probably paying a very high price.
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