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"Sampling" - meaning very limited supply and it would probably only go to preferred customers, and the final customer would probably paying a very high price.
OK, not a big deal. It still accepts Prime.I can't say I find a need or want for it though. A PS3 handles most things I need for my TV, and Amazon is offered on that.
...? Introduced today, so it's not an April Fool's joke.When did they say they had no plans to offer one?
I gather he's a co-owner of the venture.
A different school of thought is "don't give publicity to your competitors". But in this case, if he didn't mention Apple, we wouldn't have heard about this interview.Yeah, the guy's reasoning falls apart pretty quickly, it's hard to think of a charitable way to spin it.I don't see any reason to believe that Roku is necessarily losing money either. An off-the-shelf ARM with good graphics built-in is pretty inexpensive these days. There are plenty of $40 MK808 type HDMI...
In the weasel-word world of PR, that doesn't mean they aren't seriously considering it, or even developing one. I'd be surprised if they haven't been working on one, whether they decide to do it or not, I don't know.I don't see any need for Apple to buy Roku.I read the article here, and the source article at Cnet. I guess I'm lost on the insult, or what they stole.I guess losing money is insulting, but for the consumer, it might mean they're getting a better device than...
Yeah, They copied a very distinctive key cap style, among other obvious apes in conjunction with that.This story doesn't make it clear, I had to follow this link back to an older story:http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/01/03/blackberry-sues-ryan-seacrest-backed-typo-alleges-patent-infringementUnless posts were deleted, I don't think there were any assholes in this thread then or now.It's OK for you to like it, but it seems a lot more people think it needs help. I see...
Then what's your problem with a thermostat, where most people are almost never within a meter of it, and it's almost never transmitting?Yeah, personal electronic devices are very useful when they're kept out of reach.
You're back again? In the same thread? Do you go around trolling every Nest story you find on the internet, and double back to make sure?And no tripe about every other device that Apple sells in the same store? Most electronic devices they sell are WiFi enabled, all computers, the TV box, phones, tablets and even a lot of the iPods sold now.Really, to be consistent, you can't use a cellular phone, connect a tablet (few tablets have an Eth jack, none of the Apples do), use...
Let's just stop here and realize you're talking about an ad campaign that started 2006 and ended 2009. So your complaints cover ad that are over four years old!So maybe they could have been worded better. But the communication point remains that the problems on Macs are dwarfed by the problems on Windows.While you're at it, are you going to sue Microsoft because Surface tablets don't actually make good dance props?
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