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Then what's your problem with a thermostat, where most people are almost never within a meter of it, and it's almost never transmitting?Yeah, personal electronic devices are very useful when they're kept out of reach.
You're back again? In the same thread? Do you go around trolling every Nest story you find on the internet, and double back to make sure?And no tripe about every other device that Apple sells in the same store? Most electronic devices they sell are WiFi enabled, all computers, the TV box, phones, tablets and even a lot of the iPods sold now.Really, to be consistent, you can't use a cellular phone, connect a tablet (few tablets have an Eth jack, none of the Apples do), use...
Let's just stop here and realize you're talking about an ad campaign that started 2006 and ended 2009. So your complaints cover ad that are over four years old!So maybe they could have been worded better. But the communication point remains that the problems on Macs are dwarfed by the problems on Windows.While you're at it, are you going to sue Microsoft because Surface tablets don't actually make good dance props?
The biggest one is that I find several sites that just don't behave well on iPad. The hardware (iPad 3) often doesn't seem to be up to the task. iOS Safari seems to crash a lot more. Maybe it's the site's fault, I don't know. But even my 2007 MBP handle same sites just fine.Even in iOS 7, leave a tab alone long enough (seems half hour) and it has to reload when I revisit it, even in the same browsing session. I never get that on Windows or MacOS, it stayed...
Eh, it has its plusses, but has its minuses too.
Do you honestly think that banning (or attempts to ban) the use of bitcoin is going to stop at Russia? I'm sorry, but it's almost certainly going to get worse before it gets better.Germany has deemed it worthy of regulation and taxation, but it will be legitimized as part of the process. I don't think attempts to regulatie & tax it will stop at just Germany, either.Also: US regarded at least *this* Bitcoin exchange being regarded as an unlicensed money transmitting...
Huh? I didn't think it was obscure information.Russia banned the use if bitcoin. It sounds like Germany's making steps to regulate.There's been a few arrests for Bitcoin exchange operators, the most high profile being the operator of Silk Road.If it's really hypocrisy, are PayPal & Square still on the App Store?
You've previously suggested that 64 bit was pointless on the 5s, it's not, it does more than just extend memory addressing. That's my complaint on what you said. Now, it seems you're saying otherwise.64 bit wasn't revolutionary when it hit personal computers either. That's not always the point in changing technologies. The point is to make improvements. Expecting revolutionary on every product iteration is wholly unrealistic.
I don't know how The Economist has become an authority on computer engineering. Maybe IEEE Spectrum will become a source of information on macro economics.I suppose you'll insist that more registers, wider registers, and other ISA changes have nothing to do with anything.
Huh. Pro-establishment but otherwise anti-success. They weren't always the establishment, if I recall, they beat out some home-grown players in the UK market getting to that status.
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