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The super quick login is a bit undesirable, because the phone then clears the notifications (or really, makes them harder to find) before I've had a chance to read them.I don't mind touching the button a second time.
I don't even remember if mine has USB.I think the MK808 stick runs off HDMI power.
I still think a box (or maybe a stick) is a better way to go, just not a cable box. "Smart" TV functionality is largely baked-in, I don't know if anyone has really had upgraded the TV OS after the fact. Even if manufacturers updated their smart TV OS, once they quit, then that's it. A Roku or AppleTV-type box is generally better than what I've seen built into a TV. And if the manufacturer doesn't update anymore, unplug the box and switch to something better suited.
That little fact escaped my notice for a while. I figured it out eventually.
I had some difficulty. First, I entered the same thumb in my phone twice. I also changed my reading thumb posture. I found that scans are much more reliable if I'm touching only just hard enough to maximize readable print area, but not actually push the button in at all. Maybe this is how it was intended and I didn't pick up on it at first. Pressing the home button in seems to reduce the readable print area, because it's a more deeply recessed pocket then.
Eh. I do think it's a bit of a disappointment the MP doesn't have more slots, but that's not near the "bottom end" for work stations.Not all workstation needs require such amounts. I can do solid model CAD in 2GB if I was so inclined, though it likes 4GB much better. I'm wishing for 32GB in my iMac because I run several different 3D & 2D CAD, drawing and other programs at the same time.At a glance Dell's Precisions start out at 2, 4 or 8GB, depending on model. One of the...
You know, a 7% improvement is really about what I'd expect to see on average for a 64 bit transition when memory wasn't a constraint. In private speculation in the runup to the 5s device introduction, I didn't think 64 bit was even on the table, assuming there wouldn't be any benefit until more RAM was built into the package.
What I was replying to seemed to suggest a third party upgrade.The designs for previous graphics cards sold by Apple looked the same as the PC versions, and yet there weren't very many such upgrades offered. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple mostly added their own flash to already made cards purchased from nVidia and AMD. The only visible difference seemed to be Apple branded packaging and instructions.
That's... the goofiest analogy I've seen in a long time. I don't think it's even correctly applied either, because the physical limitations on one have nothing to do with the physical limitations on the other.Heck, stripe two like-sized modules and you get even greater bulk transfer speed.
I dunno. It's possible, but it seemed that getting OS X support on graphics cards that only required a firmware change was hard enough, do you think nVidia would not only do that, but go as far as making custom graphics boards too?
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