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Rightly or wrongly, governments are banning Bitcoin and prosecuting Bitcoin exchange operators, among other things. It's more likely that Apple is trying to stay on the right side of the law(s).
Which is unverifiable by others and not that important to the complaint, IMO.I have to question this "playing DVDs" bit. AppleTV wasn't marketed as being able to playing DVDs at all. To complain about a product's inability to do something that's not an officially supported feature is unseemly.Not a big fan myself.Or, could be concern troll. A difference of opinion on style is valid, and I think the YouTube complaint is possibly valid, I haven't tried that feature lately....
Key word being "credible". The existence of a few papers in itself don't make it true. I think there's more papers on Bigfoot, yet there really isn't any reason to believe those exist either.
There isn't any credible evidence that low power WiFi or other non-ionizing radiation harms people any more than green light harms people.
Circuit-wise, Surface Pro is impressive hardware, and the construction of the main body is solid. The guy I know even switched to using it for Solidworks because it had plenty of horsepower for it, even for complicated assemblies. For that work, he hooks it up to an external monitor because the screen size & pitch makes it hard to look at on the built-in display for too long.
No, I have only seen the song and dance ads, and one other ad that still didn't show what the product did.I know someone that has one, and OK, maybe it will work on a lap, but that's a compromised situation.
I don't think an ad can establish that. Frankly, using a tablet as a camera is still awkward and goofy.Yeah, those ads didn't really tell us what it did. They might as well have been ads for dancing props.Surface is a pretty nice product, but it's a bit inscrutable. It wanted to be a notebook and tablet and going about it in an odd way. Can't even use it as a lap top device because of the flexy keyboard and kick stand.
You said revenue and profits.
I think the real number is considerably closer to 30% than 3%.If it really were 3%, then I'd probably say that dropping the product line would be the way to go as a business decision, unless there are some other strategic reasons for keeping it.Edit: It's roughly 12% of revenue based on the filed 10-K for last year, so not nearly as high as I thought it would be.iPhone: 54%iPad: 18.6%Mac: 12.5%iPod: 2.6%iTunes, software, etc. 9%Accessories 3.3%Page...
Yeah. That was kind of a shock. In the past, it just seemed like they were looking for reasons to dock points from Apple's repairability ratings. In this case, I don't know, it seems almost generous in comparison. One can easily get inside and swap parts, but many of the parts have no alternative source, at least not yet.
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