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I don't know how The Economist has become an authority on computer engineering. Maybe IEEE Spectrum will become a source of information on macro economics.I suppose you'll insist that more registers, wider registers, and other ISA changes have nothing to do with anything.
Huh. Pro-establishment but otherwise anti-success. They weren't always the establishment, if I recall, they beat out some home-grown players in the UK market getting to that status.
I get the anti-elitist sentiment, there's something to that, though even just a neutral statement of "my computer doesn't have that problem" can seem elitist to someone suffering with a device that has X problem.How do some of those sentiments work when Microsoft, Intel & AMD are companies of a very US origin? Do people just ignore that? At least the first two companies are also very successful as well.
Well yeah, that's the concern. I think he's willing to do what he has to to make a buck, even if it's at the expense of those he pretends to ally.
To what end though? He's got considerable baggage, it helps to be wary of what his exact intentions are.
Rightly or wrongly, governments are banning Bitcoin and prosecuting Bitcoin exchange operators, among other things. It's more likely that Apple is trying to stay on the right side of the law(s).
Which is unverifiable by others and not that important to the complaint, IMO.I have to question this "playing DVDs" bit. AppleTV wasn't marketed as being able to playing DVDs at all. To complain about a product's inability to do something that's not an officially supported feature is unseemly.Not a big fan myself.Or, could be concern troll. A difference of opinion on style is valid, and I think the YouTube complaint is possibly valid, I haven't tried that feature lately....
Key word being "credible". The existence of a few papers in itself don't make it true. I think there's more papers on Bigfoot, yet there really isn't any reason to believe those exist either.
There isn't any credible evidence that low power WiFi or other non-ionizing radiation harms people any more than green light harms people.
Circuit-wise, Surface Pro is impressive hardware, and the construction of the main body is solid. The guy I know even switched to using it for Solidworks because it had plenty of horsepower for it, even for complicated assemblies. For that work, he hooks it up to an external monitor because the screen size & pitch makes it hard to look at on the built-in display for too long.
New Posts  All Forums: