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What I was replying to seemed to suggest a third party upgrade.The designs for previous graphics cards sold by Apple looked the same as the PC versions, and yet there weren't very many such upgrades offered. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple mostly added their own flash to already made cards purchased from nVidia and AMD. The only visible difference seemed to be Apple branded packaging and instructions.
That's... the goofiest analogy I've seen in a long time. I don't think it's even correctly applied either, because the physical limitations on one have nothing to do with the physical limitations on the other.Heck, stripe two like-sized modules and you get even greater bulk transfer speed.
I dunno. It's possible, but it seemed that getting OS X support on graphics cards that only required a firmware change was hard enough, do you think nVidia would not only do that, but go as far as making custom graphics boards too?
I like the specs. I don't know where the price of the machine would necessarily fall. I guess I wish it does, I mean, a quad core starts at $3k and the memory is expensive.My biggest cringe with this is that it really constrains mass storage. Last I saw, only one flash stick and then beyond that, you have to go with Thunderbolt for fast storage. It still seems to add at least $100+ per drive just for the ability to connect a drive via Thunderbolt.For integrating it into a...
I found a few articles stamped November 2010.This article claims November 2008:http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/take_control_your_apple_tv_your_universal_remote
I could have sworn it wasn't there when I bought it, but it does look like it was there since late 2010.
OK. How are the finished dies tested to ensure it actually works to spec before they are packaged?
Are the ChromeCast and other streaming devices on an HDMI stick considered to be part of this market? The article doesn't mention them.
Who manufactures the masks?
With that extra cost, one gets a considerably wider range of functionality. Also, if one has a game console, the need for a dedicated streaming device is minimized. Which makes it an interesting piece of information to compare usage and purchasing patterns, to see how the general public makes their choices of a range of options.Why not? I think it would result in more interesting figures. Slicing and dicing differentiations to narrow everything down to tiny market segments...
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