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I don't think an ad can establish that. Frankly, using a tablet as a camera is still awkward and goofy.Yeah, those ads didn't really tell us what it did. They might as well have been ads for dancing props.Surface is a pretty nice product, but it's a bit inscrutable. It wanted to be a notebook and tablet and going about it in an odd way. Can't even use it as a lap top device because of the flexy keyboard and kick stand.
You said revenue and profits.
I think the real number is considerably closer to 30% than 3%.If it really were 3%, then I'd probably say that dropping the product line would be the way to go as a business decision, unless there are some other strategic reasons for keeping it.Edit: It's roughly 12% of revenue based on the filed 10-K for last year, so not nearly as high as I thought it would be.iPhone: 54%iPad: 18.6%Mac: 12.5%iPod: 2.6%iTunes, software, etc. 9%Accessories 3.3%Page...
Yeah. That was kind of a shock. In the past, it just seemed like they were looking for reasons to dock points from Apple's repairability ratings. In this case, I don't know, it seems almost generous in comparison. One can easily get inside and swap parts, but many of the parts have no alternative source, at least not yet.
Then I'm lost on why some apps keep the notification in the pull-down and not others, when pretty much all the apps in question have badges, yet, some clear the notification, some don't.That would be much more deterministic, though I think that's awkward.Or, it could be the set of assumed operating parameters that doesn't allow for seemingly minor variations in human interaction resulting in significant variations in outcomes. Generally, it seemed that Apple is about being...
You misunderstand. For several programs, those notifications are totally removed from the pull-down tap once the screen is unlocked. I don't think this is good.Also, the power on behavior is odd, spanning the range. Sometimes it unlocks before I even release my thumb. A few times, rejects thumb scan attempts and I have to key code it.
A mini might be worth trying. Mavericks can use Intel HD4000 GPU for OpenCL. I've seen a computer with HD4000 graphics do some very powerful things.
I've had notifications that get cleared from that screen too. Messages is one of those offenders.
The super quick login is a bit undesirable, because the phone then clears the notifications (or really, makes them harder to find) before I've had a chance to read them.I don't mind touching the button a second time.
I don't even remember if mine has USB.I think the MK808 stick runs off HDMI power.
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