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Apparently these Windows competitors aren't "engineering that quality in", unless you buy the business lines. I haven't seen a consumer Windows computer I was happy with, structurally.One was $400, the other was $900.That's quite a leap, what's the connection? Most tablets were using a desktop/notebook OS and hardware that wasn't well-adapted for that use.
Competing with Windows computers on price is not the way to go. You'll end up with a computer that's built poorly, like the other computers in that price bracket. I've bought Windows machines, but it's almost exclusively from the business lines. The two times I've bought the consumer lines, I've deeply regretted, and I still haven't found any of them worth buying.
I haven't tried them, but there are a handful, I think.Here are two:http://www.macblurayplayer.com/http://www.bluray-player-software.com/
brlawyer is a broken record of Anti-Apple doooomâ„¢.
Because it's almost unverifiable, any claimed history of Apple product ownership carries little weight.I get the desire for an enthusiast tower, but holding out hope for it is like the people that still hold out hope that Elvis is still alive. Apple is dumping the pro tower. As it is, even big box stores are gradually pushing out the tower desktops.I don't think it's correct or fair to say that the smart phone owners had to be smart to have them. You just had to really...
Thanks for the thread zombie for a pointless post.Take a look at the price without subsidy and tell us that's cheap.
It's negligible compared to the computational cost of decoding h.264. Drop-in-the-bucket negligible, if not drop-in-the-ocean negligible.
Scaling is very efficiently done in the GPU, it's not very computationally expensive. It would have been nice to do 720p though, to have a slightly larger screen.
Because it's the same turd they tried to sell at more than twice that price last fall?MS lost big on the product line, but they'll live.http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/492120/20130718/microsoft-takes-900-million-charge-surface-tablets.htmI know it's a faulty comparison (for example R&D costs money, but it's not a marginal (per-unit) expense), Assuming $200 per RT, that would have been 4.5 million of them. If it cost them $150/unit, 6 million, the same quantity the...
The switch could have an electronically controlled solenoid to keep its manual functionality. No batteries needed. Like how your car locks might have manual and remote control abilities.I much prefer Tallest's suggestion of making the switch smarter, a switch with WiFi or BlueTooth control means you don't have to throw away those wireless circuits when the bulb goes bad. There's enough circuitry in some of the "dumb" bulbs as it is. A smart switch would cost a lot less...
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