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I found a few articles stamped November 2010.This article claims November 2008:http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/take_control_your_apple_tv_your_universal_remote
I could have sworn it wasn't there when I bought it, but it does look like it was there since late 2010.
OK. How are the finished dies tested to ensure it actually works to spec before they are packaged?
Are the ChromeCast and other streaming devices on an HDMI stick considered to be part of this market? The article doesn't mention them.
Who manufactures the masks?
With that extra cost, one gets a considerably wider range of functionality. Also, if one has a game console, the need for a dedicated streaming device is minimized. Which makes it an interesting piece of information to compare usage and purchasing patterns, to see how the general public makes their choices of a range of options.Why not? I think it would result in more interesting figures. Slicing and dicing differentiations to narrow everything down to tiny market segments...
Sounds like you're replying to the wrong story.
Yeah, $2k is in the range of the low end professional SLRs. Might even find a full frame at that price, and that's simply not necessary to get some practice.A digital SLR kit can be had new for $500 if you look around. Good old manual lenses are a decent thing to start with.
I was hoping that Apple could push the price down just by getting the volume going.There's astronomical winter and meteorological winter.Is that really any different from any other era?
Apparently, you can't tell or know the difference between resistive and capacitive touch screens. One isn't built on the other, it's a completely distinct technology.
New Posts  All Forums: