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Exactly, dinosaurs. Adobe was always behind the curve. Slowest to move to OS X, slowest to Intel, slowest to downloads, you get the idea. Using MS Office is like celebrating being a dinosaur.OK, I was reading the optical drives from when I was looking to replace one on a Mac laptop. On OWC, those really are $99.I don't think you understand how Time Machine works. It's not making a lot of copies of the same file.I'm sure you'll save a lot of time, space and money with an...
A slot loading internal replacement drive costs $100. An external DVD writer $30, albiet a tray loader.Backups are best done to external hard drives. Optical is just a needlessly slow, small and wasteful way to keep a backup. I keep a cold spare bootable backup drive. Probably a lot faster than writing to and booting from an optical disc.I just don't think the DIY CD rippers are notable portion of the market, I bet they fit under the margin of error.I don't think I use a...
Maybe not the WalMart consumer, but that's not the breadth of the consumer market.A business heading too far down that scale risks extinction. Making peanuts per computer means your profits can be knocked out to oblivion by any wiggle of your supply chain or the market.I don't expect it to be a problem, but I'm interested in how it works. My 2011 model isn't hard to open, I don't even need suction cups, just fingernails.
It's also possible it is to keep heat manageable.By several accounts, the Fusion Drive is actually two separate drives logically merged by the OS, somewhat like a tiered cache, but it's more complicated than that. Ars Technica has an article on this. So it's not a hybrid drive like the Seagate Momentus XT.
It's probably the case at Detroit Public Schools, but other schools do have computers now.
With waldobushman ignoring that it was four months from Surface announcement to shipping.
They still haven't learned from the old Windows Phone debacle. One UI rigidly applied to all devices must short change some devices, somewhere. One size doesn't necessarily fit all.That's the thing. The only reason it needs a kick stand is because it's supposed to be taking the place of laptop use, but it's not really a laptop device, hard surface required. I get that they're trying to differentiate their product, and they should, but I think they could have made better...
Does your hypothetical kid know what a USB stick is?
We'll see what the BTO options are. They already say that 21" iMac has an available Fusion Drive option.Please don't spam your blog on us.
You didn't confuse me, I was trying to inquire about that other person's comment. I find it best for people to be clear about they're responding to, and that was the technique I was testing to help illustrate that.I know you mentioned they weren't for sale or preorder, but I don't remember any mention by anyone about release date or month.I don't fully get that either, but then, it means they don't have to take back nearly as much product.Anyone have a chance to look in an...
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