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Year ____ called and wanted their stale joke back.
Ahoy, run-on paragraph!You can't wait and see what it takes to get inside? It might be as easy to get into as the 2011, which really isn't as bad as people feared.
Notice that it was a rejected concept. The brainstorming process involves working on a lot of ideas then refining down, so for every idea, ten to a hundred related ones are discarded.There is some truth to that, but you are remembering a soundbite of a larger statement. If you go back to the keynote on the iPod Photo introduction, Jobs explained that they (Apple) are not ready for it, and hinted that they need to put together a video store infrastructure, and they're...
I think that's like asking if a music download/streaming site really needs to offer 10 million songs on offer vs. 1 million. The long tail is going to have things you want that you'd miss with a smaller selection, even if it seems insurmountable. You just don't know from which section your favorite apps come.Not from Apple, anyway. Notice in the MS announcement PR and the ads, they didn't show the keyboard up close in use. They did show the click gimmick every instance...
Those are options shown on the current product page. I would hope the options on the final post are broader.
Part of my response is that the alternative IO, wireless, doesn't seem to be doing well enough. I can see storage going to Thunderbolt, but a lot of non-storage connectivity needs improvement to do away with the USB. Maybe if a hub was available or wasn't priced so silly.Wireless for data is pretty good now. But I'm having bad luck with the multitouch on Apple's Bluetooth products. I like Bluetooth audio for the convenience, but sometimes that just doesn't cut it for...
But that underlying motivation is still there, it is the sine qua non of the pro-life situation in the US, even if it's not discussed.
Not all IO is storage, so no.
I don't believe that Thunderbolt is a replacement for everything. They're great for RAID, most other things are just not practical, or is simply overkill.
But those labels are valid. Sometimes the pro life position might refer to even a zygote as a baby. That's false, and I consider that to be more dishonest. And the plain fact is that nature is the most prolific abortionist of all.In the case of rape, banning abortion amounts to an unfunded mandate to incubate in which the mother had little to no control over initiating.Another big thing I don't like is using religious doctrine to justify pushing their pro life agenda,...
New Posts  All Forums: