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But that underlying motivation is still there, it is the sine qua non of the pro-life situation in the US, even if it's not discussed.
Not all IO is storage, so no.
I don't believe that Thunderbolt is a replacement for everything. They're great for RAID, most other things are just not practical, or is simply overkill.
But those labels are valid. Sometimes the pro life position might refer to even a zygote as a baby. That's false, and I consider that to be more dishonest. And the plain fact is that nature is the most prolific abortionist of all.In the case of rape, banning abortion amounts to an unfunded mandate to incubate in which the mother had little to no control over initiating.Another big thing I don't like is using religious doctrine to justify pushing their pro life agenda,...
It's what the pro-life stance boils down to. This does extend to the pro-choice stance a bit, especially if government funds are used to pay for elective abortion, or when government regulation requires elective abortion to be funded as health care.You're quite right on that. To avoid too much generalization, a lot of US conservatives and US liberals have contradictory beliefs. No one really seems to want to admit it though.
"I want government out of my life, but I don't mind government interfering with other people's lives." "I want religious freedom as long as I can use law to impose my religious beliefs on others."
I spoke against the misguided SD card slot location. I believe it's possible to have a slot in a more reasonable location if they wanted to, but it doesn't seem like they care.I'm not happy with the drop in ports. Needing a special adapter for everything gets old.But at some point, you need to let go of the optical drive. I don't know where it's cheaper to buy a CD and rip, unless you buy used. Then I'll grant that.
The Seagate Momentus XT is a hybrid drive in a single chassis, and it didn't really pan out because it uses a turd of a caching algorithm. It's not even smart enough to lock OS and apps to the flash. The Apple technology is two separate drives in a layered cache arrangement, and it sounds like it's smart enough to keep OS and apps on the SSD, and intelligently tracking and deciding whether a data file is used enough to merit being on the SSD.
Exactly, dinosaurs. Adobe was always behind the curve. Slowest to move to OS X, slowest to Intel, slowest to downloads, you get the idea. Using MS Office is like celebrating being a dinosaur.OK, I was reading the optical drives from when I was looking to replace one on a Mac laptop. On OWC, those really are $99.I don't think you understand how Time Machine works. It's not making a lot of copies of the same file.I'm sure you'll save a lot of time, space and money with an...
A slot loading internal replacement drive costs $100. An external DVD writer $30, albiet a tray loader.Backups are best done to external hard drives. Optical is just a needlessly slow, small and wasteful way to keep a backup. I keep a cold spare bootable backup drive. Probably a lot faster than writing to and booting from an optical disc.I just don't think the DIY CD rippers are notable portion of the market, I bet they fit under the margin of error.I don't think I use a...
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