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Have you tried one? Are they any good? What version of Android do they run? If it's just eWaste then it's not really a savings. iDevices easily last a long time. My iPhone 3G still works fine. My mom uses her 3G every day. It sounds like Tallest still uses an original iPhone. I just don't see those bargain obscure brand products holding up like that.Making fun of the product name is so two years ago. If you want people think you're emotionally stable and thus willing to...
I think the real space figures are a lot more favorable than that. I have a handful of large apps like that, but my average app is in the 20 MB range, I even have a few apps that are under 1 MB. Unless you have copious photos in the book, books are often about 1MB or so. Your figures for movies is a decent average.
I don't see how it's anti-trust. Nobody has to buy an Apple product. In every market Apple is in, there are viable alternatives. Heck, Apple is in a minority of the computer market.
The company or just the team?I didn't put any stock in Apple buying the Color company or service, it failed in the market. I thought maybe they had some good backend service, but if they had great talent but were saddled with a poor business plan, then just buy the rights to hire the talent and Apple is good.
I don't know what the traffic is, much less relative to other sites with an Apple focus, so I have no comment on that.
I think we're OK on different viewpoints. What we don't always let slide is abuse from fandroids, telling us we're all iSheep or iTards, or parroting Android talking points while saying Apple products are junk. Sometimes we do get honest people that don't realize they're posting the same way trolls do.
It would work better if Apple enabled its function when showing the lock screen. On "auto" the lock screen is way too bright in the dark. I just don't understand why it has to be that way. I know it's only a few seconds, but that's for each and every unlock. It's also quite annoying where I'd rather just fiddle with the brightness.
Sure, we want third party accessories. All encryption would do is make sure the third parties pay the proper license fees and have proper quality control.
I felt Nokia mostly took design elements from various nano generations.The current nano face looks like a combination of a stretched 6th generation with Apple's home button added.
If you go back to watch the press conference videos, it's almost like the detachable keyboard was the only thing they could show you, and just the detach/attach feature. I think they showed the kick stand in passing too. It's a novelty, I wonder if Tupperware made any ads that only showed people burping the plastic ware, it's about that silly. It seems like an ultra book with a touch screen would have been a better idea.
New Posts  All Forums: