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Amazon MP3 is still available. Netflix and Hulu are still available.Life moves on.
You're being needlessly melodramatic. Web/mail? If that's all you need, you get a five year old computer. Doing heavy engineering work on a sub $1000 computer is asking for trouble anyway.I use a quad iMac for my CAD/CAM work and it does better than the dual-dual Xeon it replaced, which was no old slouch either.If you're really into super grunty-grunty heavy lifting, then a Mac Pro is what you should have been choosing in the first place.
It turns out there is more ventilation than the small group of slots in the back: http://images.apple.com/imac/design/images/evolution_hero.jpg Some of that is speaker grille, but I'm betting that half of them are for air intake. It looks like they did make the whole unit thinner. I thought it was the same thickness but more rounded back. The back is slightly more rounded though. http://images.apple.com/imac/design/images/evolution_2005.jpg
Actually, iMac 2011 does have a mild antiglare coating. I can tell by the color shifts and by comparing it with a real, untreated glossy glass surface. By bonding the front glass to the panel, you are reducing the number of reflective surfaces by two thirds.The Retina MBP did indeed get a significant reduction in glare. To the point where I don't think it's a big deal anymore. Even matte surfaces get reflection, in reality, it's just blurred.It's trivial to boot from an...
That's nice, but the total thickness doesn't appear to be noticeably thinner, measure it from the thickest point, like the way we should measure Android phones. The back is clearly a lot more curved than the previous version. I also question the wisdom of the SD card in the back. That makes it a bit awkward to use, either turn the entire machine around or grope around for the slot. I really liked the side edge slot.
I think USPTO keeps the application fee. It's probably a case of inappropriate incentives.
I'll see how the day goes.
I'm not sure why not, my desktop keyboard takes more desk area than a laptop. Even with a smaller keyboard, my monitor isn't going away. I could get a monitor arm, but I haven't found one that I trusted and liked.Also, a laptop can be closed and shoved into its carry bag, vs. needing to have a place to stash the monitor, mouse & keyboard
Most desktops really aren't anyway, because you really need to put the main unit underneath the desk or waste desk space on something that really fits better under the desk anyway.
Streaming what, exactly? How many simultaneous streams, and at what bit rates?
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