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I'll see how the day goes.
I'm not sure why not, my desktop keyboard takes more desk area than a laptop. Even with a smaller keyboard, my monitor isn't going away. I could get a monitor arm, but I haven't found one that I trusted and liked.Also, a laptop can be closed and shoved into its carry bag, vs. needing to have a place to stash the monitor, mouse & keyboard
Most desktops really aren't anyway, because you really need to put the main unit underneath the desk or waste desk space on something that really fits better under the desk anyway.
Streaming what, exactly? How many simultaneous streams, and at what bit rates?
The closest equivalent is a mid-cycle introduction of additional models, such as a doubled-capacity iPhone, a Verizon model or another model of iPod with a bigger drive. I think iPod U2 was introduced a couple months later.I really don't think it should be a big deal either way. But if Apple actually does it, then I would take it as a possibility that Apple might update all iDevices on the early fall annual cycle.Unifying the technology isn't such a bad thing, and if the...
Have you tried one? Are they any good? What version of Android do they run? If it's just eWaste then it's not really a savings. iDevices easily last a long time. My iPhone 3G still works fine. My mom uses her 3G every day. It sounds like Tallest still uses an original iPhone. I just don't see those bargain obscure brand products holding up like that.Making fun of the product name is so two years ago. If you want people think you're emotionally stable and thus willing to...
I think the real space figures are a lot more favorable than that. I have a handful of large apps like that, but my average app is in the 20 MB range, I even have a few apps that are under 1 MB. Unless you have copious photos in the book, books are often about 1MB or so. Your figures for movies is a decent average.
I don't see how it's anti-trust. Nobody has to buy an Apple product. In every market Apple is in, there are viable alternatives. Heck, Apple is in a minority of the computer market.
The company or just the team?I didn't put any stock in Apple buying the Color company or service, it failed in the market. I thought maybe they had some good backend service, but if they had great talent but were saddled with a poor business plan, then just buy the rights to hire the talent and Apple is good.
I don't know what the traffic is, much less relative to other sites with an Apple focus, so I have no comment on that.
New Posts  All Forums: