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Edison probably would have been ruled out on trademark considerations. Naming a product or a company often has considerations not stated in the official story.
I'm sure Apple looked into it, I won't put any stock into rumors of any Apple CF-based products until Apple announces it.
In other words, several companies announced a product without knowing they can actually make one? I don't think there is a point in accepting any announcement without independent verification of functionality.
Ouch, that sounds like a potentially nasty security flaw.
The incremental selling point of the past 3 generations of Galaxy phones has been a larger screen, so one wonders what size they're going to pitch for a GS4.Then you're here to troll? Otherwise, it seems you're lost, because this isn't a Linux or Android site.
Channel stuffing can only get you so far though, you eventually have to pay the piper. It's an expensive way to shift numbers between quarters.
You're right, it is splitting hairs, though I like it when people sound like they know what they're talking about and get the fundamental stuff right.If it's the sun that is in question, you absolutely must turn the camera to get the sun out of the frame. You would have to "slide" the camera at least the width of the earth to do it without rotation. You can demonstrate it for yourself with a simple experiment. Draw a sun onto a piece of paper, and tape it onto an opposite...
I would bet that most of that movement is an unconscious rotation. True linear movement does practically nothing relatively speaking. I'll have to figure out how to explain why this is.
Then I don't believe you understand what you're talking about. To alleviate the problem, you need to change the angle (orientation), not position.
Inches aren't a measure of angles. Should you be calling people retards when you can't get that critical detail correct yourself?Flare.
New Posts  All Forums: