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If you go back to watch the press conference videos, it's almost like the detachable keyboard was the only thing they could show you, and just the detach/attach feature. I think they showed the kick stand in passing too. It's a novelty, I wonder if Tupperware made any ads that only showed people burping the plastic ware, it's about that silly. It seems like an ultra book with a touch screen would have been a better idea.
The problem I see with Windows 8 is so many controls are hidden unless you have the cursor in the right place, this gets old quickly. Also, it's designed to be a tablet & touch-centric OS first that has such a poorly designed fallback mode for mouse and keyboard based computers, I don't know why they bothered to offer a desktop version of the OS. The new UI seriously gimps any large screened computer to a setup that's appropriate for a 10" screen at most.
Yep. Mice since Windows 1.0, I think. Then there's UltimateTV. They did network cards and keyboards. Zune. Plus that obscure XBox that nobody ever heard of and nobody ever played.
Mac Pro is not a consumer machine. Stuff it under a desk and no one sees it and no one really cares. I don't think Apple makes enough of them anymore to justify a redesign. Making it much smaller compromises the acoustics. Smaller workstations and servers tend to be loud.iMacs, I can see going thinner because the 3.5" drive and ODD are probably going away on the next update. Maybe 5mm thinner overall.It makes no sense when you still have a base that can't be made shorter...
I think you're really looking for a Bluetooth headset, the stereo ones have buttons to control music apps. A Dick Tracy super watch is still a bit much to ask, give that a couple more years.
Remember when the iPod mini was $50 less than the basic iPod with like 5x the capacity, and still made best selling iPod?
Aren't you? Unless you're forcing the Intel Mac to run legacy PPC code, the Intel counterparts generally bested the PPC version. The main exception is for the units that switched from discrete to integrated graphics, then the graphics performance did go down.
I'm curious about this myself. There is a plurality of reasonable explanations, some that can go either way, something that could stand a follow up survey to nail down a good explanation rather than resting on speculation.
There little point in an iPad mini exceeding the main iPad's dot pitch. The idea is to put pixel density just below perceptibility, not waste pixels just because specs are cool. I just don't see Apple scaling the exact same UI down to a screen half the surface area, it needs a smarter translation than that, much like how good iPad apps aren't just scaled up iPhone apps.
If it's true they only got the rights for layout purposes, then they didn't get the rights for this use, period.
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