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You're right, it is splitting hairs, though I like it when people sound like they know what they're talking about and get the fundamental stuff right.If it's the sun that is in question, you absolutely must turn the camera to get the sun out of the frame. You would have to "slide" the camera at least the width of the earth to do it without rotation. You can demonstrate it for yourself with a simple experiment. Draw a sun onto a piece of paper, and tape it onto an opposite...
I would bet that most of that movement is an unconscious rotation. True linear movement does practically nothing relatively speaking. I'll have to figure out how to explain why this is.
Then I don't believe you understand what you're talking about. To alleviate the problem, you need to change the angle (orientation), not position.
Inches aren't a measure of angles. Should you be calling people retards when you can't get that critical detail correct yourself?Flare.
That happened much later though. Different subsidiary, unrelated industry, new management. Assuming there is revenge, there's no way it would hurt anyone that did anything to him.
Because a lawyer that served on a trial 19 years ago married a lawyer that's a partner for the firm in the Samsung trial? Do you have any idea how tenuous that sounds? That's a very weak motivation in my opinion
I think it was helpful to ease the concerns of the uninitiated into the platform. If you buy a Mac and don't like the Apple platform, at least you have a nice computer that can run Windows.
PowerPC is more of a derivative of POWER. But it's complicated.I don't see why Apple would go back after closing out that chapter a few years ago anyway.
I recall someone suggesting that slapping the edge of the screen from the side could be set to switch workspaces or switch apps.I turn off that "shake to..." shit. It makes sense for shuffle or other randomizing actions. It's a stretch outside of that. Set something down too abruptly translates to a shake.
If it's just an incompatible offshoot, then it has even less chance of getting traction than Thunderbolt has.
New Posts  All Forums: