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There is a button in the app to report problems. If the old app had such a button, I wish I had known about it, because updates happen all the time and businesses do move.The Android image showed the satellite view, the ad seems to suggest that iOS doesn't offer them, when they clearly do.
Dude, posting on a forum isn't an instant message.For most people retina is a nice luxury. If you work on any drawings, images, video or publishing, it's beneficial to show the added detail to make problems less likely to to be hidden by aliasing errors.
It's really absurd for anyone to assume a lot of Android users are changing their user agent strings. Desktop users can do that too, but most don't. I don't see enough reason to do that except for odd corner cases. I did it once, but the novelty and motivation wore off in a couple seconds.
Is it the address for the vacant lot? Just because it falls in the range for the lot doesn't mean it's the lot's address.Both Apple Maps and Google Maps are try to search in your area unless you specify another locale. Nationwide, I would expect there would be a lot of West 15th Streets. You need to narrow it down by being in the general area or specify a city or state.
Sounds interesting. Does it work without adapters if your device has a built-in wireless charging coil? That would be ideal, provided the added weight and device thickness isn't too much.Having to borrow (or rent?) and adapter has an unneeded amount of awkwardness when an AC jack plus a pocket charger is all that is needed. Last I traveled, I did not need to charge any of my electronic devices.
I just realized I forgot the Lumia 920 has a wireless charging system.
Unless the charging loop can be built into a surface unobtrusively, I really don't see much benefit. When you use a cord to charge and you're done, the cord can be set aside easily and it doesn't bother anything. With a charging mat, that matt takes up space on the table, desk, night stand, etc. The mats are not as portable either.
You probably have a point there, I didn't think too much about the optical disc waste. It turns out that they are recyclable, but in practice, I think it's pretty clear that most are just tossed.
I would probably still use the Apple software and use the Google maps as an alternate. Actually, I can right now, just enter maps.google.com into Safari and everyone has it.I understand others are having problems, but the new program is really slick so far.I've had Google throw me off with outdated information as recently as last month, so I don't know if it deserves the pedestal it is placed on.Most other blogs, the author responds under the same name as the article. I...
But you do eventually look at the photos you take, right? I'm curious what the point of that aside was. If it's a photo in the camera roll, you're going to stumble across it soon enough if you ever use the camera.Anyway, you're right, there is an exchange period, and it's not as if that photo voids the warranty either. If there is actually a problem, it's most likely going to show up in the first year or not at all.
New Posts  All Forums: