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I think it was helpful to ease the concerns of the uninitiated into the platform. If you buy a Mac and don't like the Apple platform, at least you have a nice computer that can run Windows.
PowerPC is more of a derivative of POWER. But it's complicated.I don't see why Apple would go back after closing out that chapter a few years ago anyway.
I recall someone suggesting that slapping the edge of the screen from the side could be set to switch workspaces or switch apps.I turn off that "shake to..." shit. It makes sense for shuffle or other randomizing actions. It's a stretch outside of that. Set something down too abruptly translates to a shake.
If it's just an incompatible offshoot, then it has even less chance of getting traction than Thunderbolt has.
The platform was a 3-way alliance as a co-development. It did have roots in the POWER architecture though.Motorola made the G3 and G4 series.IBM made the G5 series.I think they both shared designs in the 60x series.Both of these companies dropped the ball and that held back the Mac platform. Motorola didn't want to make the performance chips and IBM couldn't or wouldn't make a G5 efficient enough for notebook use. I think PA Semi probably came along a bit too late. They...
I think the problem was having chip design partners that had their own fabs. Apple might not have had the clout or money then to buy out those designs and shop them out to other fabs. Now they should have the ability to design their own chips and shop it to anyone with adequate facilities. They still would have to pay patent and licensing fees to whatever subcomponents they use, but it could give them a fair amount of freedom.I won't say this is likely, but there is some...
Apple has a $399 iPad. Are you suggesting it would sit along side it or replace it?Someone mentioned the $299 Touch, but that's 32GB. Offer a $299 iPad "mini" with 16GB and for all I know, I might buy a second tablet.
I'm just not seeing where even they can justify that.There is a place in the market for the eink tablet, but that doesn't mean Apple will offer one.
RMB was replacing an existing model at the same price. A smaller iPad at an even higher price than the current high end iPad, I don't know if that will work.I don't know if Apple would make a single-purpose ereader. Maybe when eInk is made without the inversion flash.
Apple is gradually doing away with built-in optical drives, so that's an easy assumption if Apple is doing a redesign.That might be why Apple is stalling on an update.However, the supply at launch can be constrained. It might take a few months to be able to supply quantities that Apple uses. Keep in mind that Apple changes an entire product line at once, so all iMacs would be switched over to a new chip.
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