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Centering it vertically hides the difference in an optical illusion way. Roughly a half inch taller and a half inch wider, it's quite a difference in person. It's why I've been calling the GSIII a mini tablet with phone circuitry. In person, it's just enormous. It's a clown phone in reality.Where do you get that factoid? I couldn't find very many production volume figures for plastics.Interesting history, thanks.That wasn't my point. I'm just saying it's not some junk...
That doesn't compute because Jobs said the iPad project was started first, then they pushed the iPhone out as a product first.
Damn you autocorrect? I think you meant attracts.
I realize you want to take it out on DaHarder, but PC is not just an overhyped word for plastic, nor is it ordinary. It is a chemistry that's known for extreme impact resistance. It's not cheap either, a few times more expensive than acrylic, for example, even though it often looks the same. This is one of those plastics that cost more per unit volume than aluminum.
And yet, the "Toyota" owners feel a compulsion to troll "BMW" forums. While some of them claim an insecurity of "BMW" owners. You don't think there is a fair amount of hypocrisy in that situation?
To be clear, is this tangential to the PC / Al discussion? Galaxy S III has a PC shell as well.Other than that, I don't know. The glass might be really thick to do the unusual curved look.
Now they do, now that we have several mini tablets with phone capability being sold as phones. Which is my point. Flog the bigger screen all you want, they keep getting bigger, but at what point is it where you'll say is a bit much?Dell Streak 5 couldn't get traction to save Michael Dell's live a couple years ago at a 5" screen size, but now fandroids are saying that you must have 5" or it's nothing. Also, note that Streak was promoted as a tablet/phone hybrid. So I think...
When you're talking about a field with near 5" and larger "phones", they really are mini tablets. What is the point in pretending they are phones?
You could be honest with yourself and just say that you want a tablet. Just skip the phone altogether.
I think it s because Samsung is the "big dog" in the Android arena. 12 of the top 20 models are Samsung. HTC has a distant second at 4 out of the top 20, 2 for Moto, 2 for Google, making the non-Samsung Android players small fry.
New Posts  All Forums: