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Are you missing an /s? A 7" to 8" tablet is still a bit big for that in my opinion. I would buy that argument for Samsung's Galaxy S III, but that's a 5" tablet.
I don't think such skinny bezel edges are a good idea. Makes it hard to hold it by the sides in portrait mode without touching the screen.
Already seen them. Not sure what relevance they have here.
Seems like a tenuous chain of connections. How likely is it that he knew about the lawyer from the old case being married to a partner of the law firm in the new case? Is this man currently employed? What was his cost to be on the jury? How much length and cost would he go over that amount of money 19 years later? Did Samsung only do this spelunking after getting a verdict against them? Seems when you're on a billion dollar case, one investigates jurors before the case...
Intel does not guarantee performance beyond the part's rated spec. I don't think anyone has proven that happens at a given part's rated speed.
I think USB 3 is a big deal. Thunderbolt is a nice concept, but the peripherals are prohibitively expensive for consumers and pretty scare. A Thunderbolt cable costs as much as a good USB 3 hard drive enclosure, which also includes a USB 3 cable.Ivy runs cooler too.
Lawyer speak really is its own language. It doesn't take much to realize that I don't care enough about the subject to read any further.
The previous iPhone standard was 3:2, so Apple hasn't officially moved anything away from 4:3 yet.I'll just think of it as a hobbyist with too much time on their hands in both cases, to hoax people. There's no reason for us to believe either of them are intended to be mockups of a real project, much less both.If a project is far enough along for Apple to provide physical test dummies to a case maker, they're almost certainly not going to make such a major change to the...
I just came back from a road trip across my state and a bit into the next state and back. I used both Apple maps on iOS 6 and iOS 5 maps with Google services. While both routes would work, Apple gave me a better route. Apple avoided a traffic snarl where the road crosses an active rail yard by taking a recently built overpass instead. I don't know if that was luck or not, but I think it shoes the upstart service can be competitor to the apparent incumbent gold...
You haters are so insecure, you troll Apple forums.
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