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I'm just not seeing where even they can justify that.There is a place in the market for the eink tablet, but that doesn't mean Apple will offer one.
RMB was replacing an existing model at the same price. A smaller iPad at an even higher price than the current high end iPad, I don't know if that will work.I don't know if Apple would make a single-purpose ereader. Maybe when eInk is made without the inversion flash.
Apple is gradually doing away with built-in optical drives, so that's an easy assumption if Apple is doing a redesign.That might be why Apple is stalling on an update.However, the supply at launch can be constrained. It might take a few months to be able to supply quantities that Apple uses. Keep in mind that Apple changes an entire product line at once, so all iMacs would be switched over to a new chip.
In all fairness, it's hard to tell from those photos / renderings, and I work with both materials. I found one photo where it was clear it was stainless by looking at it. I did manage to dig up their page where they said it had a stainless housing.But you would be right to suggest that a material shouldn't be stated unless it was known for sure. Assumptions shouldn't be made in a news article.
Are you missing an /s? A 7" to 8" tablet is still a bit big for that in my opinion. I would buy that argument for Samsung's Galaxy S III, but that's a 5" tablet.
I don't think such skinny bezel edges are a good idea. Makes it hard to hold it by the sides in portrait mode without touching the screen.
Already seen them. Not sure what relevance they have here.
Seems like a tenuous chain of connections. How likely is it that he knew about the lawyer from the old case being married to a partner of the law firm in the new case? Is this man currently employed? What was his cost to be on the jury? How much length and cost would he go over that amount of money 19 years later? Did Samsung only do this spelunking after getting a verdict against them? Seems when you're on a billion dollar case, one investigates jurors before the case...
Intel does not guarantee performance beyond the part's rated spec. I don't think anyone has proven that happens at a given part's rated speed.
I think USB 3 is a big deal. Thunderbolt is a nice concept, but the peripherals are prohibitively expensive for consumers and pretty scare. A Thunderbolt cable costs as much as a good USB 3 hard drive enclosure, which also includes a USB 3 cable.Ivy runs cooler too.
New Posts  All Forums: