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Intel does not guarantee performance beyond the part's rated spec. I don't think anyone has proven that happens at a given part's rated speed.
I think USB 3 is a big deal. Thunderbolt is a nice concept, but the peripherals are prohibitively expensive for consumers and pretty scare. A Thunderbolt cable costs as much as a good USB 3 hard drive enclosure, which also includes a USB 3 cable.Ivy runs cooler too.
Lawyer speak really is its own language. It doesn't take much to realize that I don't care enough about the subject to read any further.
The previous iPhone standard was 3:2, so Apple hasn't officially moved anything away from 4:3 yet.I'll just think of it as a hobbyist with too much time on their hands in both cases, to hoax people. There's no reason for us to believe either of them are intended to be mockups of a real project, much less both.If a project is far enough along for Apple to provide physical test dummies to a case maker, they're almost certainly not going to make such a major change to the...
I just came back from a road trip across my state and a bit into the next state and back. I used both Apple maps on iOS 6 and iOS 5 maps with Google services. While both routes would work, Apple gave me a better route. Apple avoided a traffic snarl where the road crosses an active rail yard by taking a recently built overpass instead. I don't know if that was luck or not, but I think it shoes the upstart service can be competitor to the apparent incumbent gold...
You haters are so insecure, you troll Apple forums.
I don't know myself, I was just going by what an Apple exec supposedly told David Pogue;http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/150635/apple-exec-suggests-new-imacs-may-not-come-till-2013Apple's computer updates aren't set in stone, so it could still be this year, even next Tuesday if the timing is right
I didn't realize that 17 months was almost two years.But yes, I got annoyed that a new model supposedly wasn't going to be released until 2013, so bought a reconditioned model in June. They could have at least done a refresh to the latest chips, in my opinion.
Preface an attack on Apple with "As a stock holder..."
Google Maps has the same thing. Copy and pasted from the bottom line of their direction results:By your metric, doesn't that mean that Google Maps is a beta product?
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