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I think you're the only one here that feels that Apple making a mistake reflects poorly on you as an individual. The rest of us were just annoyed with the situation that didn't allow us to watch the event we planned to see at the time we planned to see it.
OK, now I see it, @Suddenly Newton.
I never labeled you as either. You're the one that stated how it's, "embarrassing when they screw up because it makes me look bad, being such an Apple apologist." Go ahead and be an evangelist if you want but don't complain when the for-profit company you've admitted to worshipping has the inevitable issue. Do you not see how utterly crazy that sounds?!
That's exactly my point which is why you need to stop if you feel this connected to a for-profit company.
Again, then you need to stop giving advice if you're going to feel responsible for the actions of a company you don't operate.
The problem is you evangelizing to others. If someone asks you what you prefer or why, go ahead and tell them, but always conclude with some statement that they should get what suits their needs best. Unless you're having to specifically work on their devices there is absolutely no reason to tell people what to buy.
You think the next iPads will have ´ú┐Pay? My guess is they won't, like like they don't have PassBook.
In certain regards, they are. In others, they aren't.
1) I haven't gotten the trolling vibe as of yet.2) Their iTunes Store downloads are inherently different kinds of media. Only FaceTime's A/V would be comparable and that's a point-to-point connection which is also inherently different from their single-point-to-multi-point live stream (note: I'm not talking about multicast IP). This isn't easy stuff which is probably why there ware multiple conflicting reasons for why this issue occurred this last time while being a...
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