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I understand that, but there is a difference between "we can give a severance package or you can take a lower position at Apple right now with or without a pay cut" and "we're letting you go, here's your severance package." I think the moral thing to do is to not push anyone out if you have acquired them and they have been productive for the company you've purchased, no matter how high or low on the scale. I think mass layoffs, like what MS is doing with Nokia in Finland,...
I would have much rather read a story where Apple gives 200 Beats employees in obsolete positions a chance to least get hired on at Apple, even if they are support roles and have to move to Cupertino, than simply being shown the door. That reminds me of slick businessman Steve Castle who would dismantle companies like this before he was diagnosed with boneitis and had to be cryogenically frozen to wait for a cure. The only thing That Guy ever regretted was having boneitis.
I did the same thing but knowing it needs TB2/DP1.2 I knew I made a mistake. After a couple grueling seconds the frame rate hit me.
Thanks. I agree the US should be concerned about that and Russia, China et al. should be concerned about that possibility.
The original Apple TV almost failed because of the lack of content deals. This is important for this device to succeed.We don't, but since those that also have cable TV in an area are very likely to also get their internet from their cable company that means Apple has to work with them or risk being throttled, or worse, shut out, like what happened with the original Google TV. This is a very tricky nut to crack.
Not to me. I'm not familiar with this Huawei deal so the use of countries, some, similar, and other make for an unclear statement. I literally have no idea to what you're referring or how it would be compared but I'm interested.
Can you elucidate?
It can't. The total bandwidth of 20Gibps is fine, but it's only half that capacity, 10Gibps, for each direction, whereas TB2 bonds both channels so it can use the total bandwidth of 20Gibps for a single direction with DisplayPort 1.2 support. 3840 x 2160 with 24bpp at 60Hz is over 14Gibps of bandwidth just for display.For this reason TB3 is important as it will double the bandwidth to 40Gibps which will allow for faster data daisy chained over the same cables when using a...
This is what happens when you let Putin look at something… http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/sep/4/sen-john-mccain-president-putin-give-back-super-bo/
They have moved that options around in the Menu Bar so perhaps he just missed it.
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