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That was a part of it, but a minor part. It surely wasn't the driving force behind the switch, but it definitely was an additional FU to those that make stupid comments about caring about post count. Just a couple days ago some asshat was saying that about me as his only defense when I answered some lame comment he made.
Go to page 27.http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AAPL/3563742208x0x789040/ed3853da-2e3f-448d-adb4-34816c375f5d/2014_Form_10_K_As_Filed.PDF (PDF, ≈550KiB)edit: Mea culpa. That's net sales, not net income.
Interesting that this this 65+ post isn't yet updated. I had thought I had around 30-somethign Thumbs Up in a comments from within the last month but I can't remember what they post would be so let's just say my memory is off, especially if this shows up in the Top 10 list tomorrow.
No one convinces themselves, they convince others, and your rationale breaks down with the inference that people convince themselves they are homosexual when they are heterosexual.That might be your problem in accepting this, because I had no choice. My interest in women came by least the time I was in the first grade. The fact that you didn't have any interest in either sex until you hit puberty and had to a make a conscious choice to go with societal norms means are...
Oh, I know the names of all my young crushes, which include countless girls on the small and large screen. It's funny, there are girls I've been "in love with" whom I've lived with who ultimately didn't make as long of a lasting impression on me. I know this because I either can't remember their faces or names without a lot of effort.OT but...
The Thumbs Up top 10 for AI.
@muppetry, where did you find those results?
To be clear, you were entering into puberty when you made a conscious decision to choose not to be gay?My life — and I think I can speak or the majority of humans in the world — is very different from yours. Most of us know the general sex we're attracted to as a child even if we don't understand why.
I don't buy the premise because I don't consider having better products than your opponents in a free market is going thermonuclear.
New Posts  All Forums: