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"…at this point."? Are we talking about what has occurred in the past and up to this point or where the future of wearable technologies will go? I don't think I can make my comment any more clear.I agree, it will be very different. It will be considerably more intelligent than a fitness monitor, but not try to copy features from a smartphone that simply make no sense (which is what most of these "smartwatches" have tried to do.This seems like it's hard than the iPhone...
Possibly but my guess is the technology that created the massive textile industry in the first place will diversity greatly because fashion is so diverse and finicky. First we'll see the wrist-worn device, then the face-worn devices, then shoes, and eventually other parts of our attire get connected in some way.It looks like we might see Marty McFly's power-lacing Nikes in...
You test positive. You now have iAIDS.
I have a feeling you're very wrong. I think wearables are going to be an exceptionally large and profitable market.
I think @ascii makes a great point about at least staying in the wearable game with R&D. This is an area that is only going to grow, and few companies have experience with shoes, clothing and electronics. Nike seems pretty poised to be the top contender for a large variety of connected and/or intelligent wearables… whatever they may be.
Samsung (and others) finally moved in a more reasonable direction this year with the "smartwatch" market by not trying to recreate features found in a smartphone but so far all are still lacking in duration of use between charges, simplicity of design, and ease of use with included and synced features. IOW, to paraphrase Jobs, "the current crop of [wearables] are going to be DOA, dead on arrival."
As opposed to when it's inconvenient for them? Do you really expect any company to say, "We use open source code when we think it will make our products worse"?
LOL Timothy D. Cook did not register with me at all. Talk about going over someone's head. That does give some credence to the hypothesis that Nike is getting out knowing that Apple is ready to dominate this market.
That's one big Nike Swoosh right over your head.
Doesn't look like. Google says the Nike CEO is Mark Parker.Here is a list of their current board of directors.http://www.apple.com/pr/bios/edit: And no one on Nike's board appears to work for Apple.http://investors.nikeinc.com/Investors/Corporate-Governance/Board-of-Directors/default.aspx
New Posts  All Forums: