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I don't follow. As far as I know SIM locking takes place solely on the device in the baseband components, whereas Apple's activation locking requires access to Apple's servers for authentication.
Whether you are for or against what Apple is doing here the one thing the anti-Apple crowd can't deny is that Apple is going a completely different direction than any other "smartwatch" attempted at this point.
So your theory is because you have two hands both should be using a device at the same time. Two handed pencils and pens. Two handed mice. Two handed rock hammers.In absolutely no scenerio you can't see how one can could be doing something else (or be free to do something else) as you use one hand to access information on your handset?
You say that as if the iPad was a laggard. The iPad is Apple's most successful HW product in terms of unit sales growth for a given time frame.
That's like putting then iPod numbers against the 2007 iPhone. Jobs stated he wanted 1% (10MM) in the first year which I believe they did but not by a wide margin. I think it's best to look at this from the standpoint of the watch market, not a handset.
That's only valid if we're talking about a device not yet in production.
I haven't seen anythjng about Pay being specifically included in the iPad 8.1 betas but I'm asking you about Apple specifically stating and marketing Pay for "ITunes, Online Shopping and In-App Purcahses."All I've seen is TouchID being used for authenticiing those purchases, but TouchID is not Pay. The expansion of TouchID uses your Apple ID and whatever payment system you have no file, which is NOT Pay.
Can you point me to anything that would offer up Pay's other HW features, like the SecureI keep hearing this but I have yet to see any evidence of this.
Some fucking people. From the comments on that article.Those are just the very first two comments that appeared. There are a lot more and a lot worse, mostly talking about how Android has had this EXACT SAME FEATURE FORE YEARS. :sigh:BTW, I stopped reading the article after the first sentence because it was so poorly reasoned. There have been plenty of purchases made; they should have stated the service has not officially launched yet.
I think you're the only one here that feels that Apple making a mistake reflects poorly on you as an individual. The rest of us were just annoyed with the situation that didn't allow us to watch the event we planned to see at the time we planned to see it.
New Posts  All Forums: