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I wouldn't mind that but I think they are more happy with 10 hours of battery life than they are with the weight.
Come on! That's not helpful.I haven't had that issue once and I've tried to have it happen as that was the main concern with the thinning side bezel on the original iPad Mini.We're talking about a single quarter of sales needing nearly double the number of Touch ID components so delaying for 1 to 2 months of that 3 month duration isn't going to cut it. It's also going to affect sales and profits. They probably would have had to wait a minimum of 4 months (after the...
Remember these are yearly and now free updates. Getting changes isn't like changes in Windows where they take a couple years to do a point update.They might be doing a tick/tock method where one year they concentrate more on the sub-system and the next on the UI. That gives each a couple years to be ironed out before the next set of big changes.
1) I hadn't realized AI uses Gmail for mail but it makes sense. Secure, fast, reliable and inexpensive.2) I don't know of any other service that is better than Google when dealing with spam. I still get some spam from iCloud and I think their server-side spam filter is pretty good these days.
Have you used the iPad Air or Mini? That doesn't happen to me. The device is smart enough to know when you're holding the edges.Should have been? Why should it have been? Apple sold 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads in 2014-Q1 so you're saying they should they sold 26 million less iPhones that quarter so they could put Touch ID in the iPads. Why would anyone think that makes sense.
Google has a lot of paid services. I use their services for business email. Using their robust backend for email to my private domain is a great solution and it costs less than $5/month which includes all their business apps, which I don't want. I could run my own email server would be too costly and time consuming.
I did read the page.
Good, because that is a huge strike against it. I just hope it works the same way instead of each 3rd-party app requiring different commands for the same type of request.
So you lose the tracks when you stop paying for the service? That means it's not adding to your "personal library" anymore than bookmarking a YouTube video adds that video to your library. This sounds like the same old rented music system that has never been successful in the past. For that price I think Apple's iTunes Match solution is considerably better for the average person.
I don't get why they would let you steal as much music as you want from that to add to your private collection without paying for it.You can create as many stations as you want in iTunes Radio which I assume is the same as your playlist mention.iTunes Match is available in 116 countries while Google Play Music is only available in 21.iTunes Match will allow users to upload 25k sounds while Google Play Music only 20k.iTunes Match is $25/year while Google Play Music is...
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