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1) They did discuss that. You can either take a pic or manually input the data. I'm curious how they will do the CC design matching. Does it use the image to do a search for a similar design in an Apple DB after getting all of them from the banks, did Apple get the banks to keep a copy of every card design on file so it can have a generic design (which will then imprint digitally the last 4-5 digits to help differentiate cards), will the bank only have as little as one...
I really was trying to work off the word Yo!. It wasn't until after I had written it that the word Semite popped out at me.
Or try to be hip:Yo! Semite (OK, I didn't quite think that one through. )
The part I don't get is how Pay competes with PayPal at this time, or rather, in October when the update gets pushed to iOS. So far it's only a great solution for replacing physical cards where NFC payment systems are used. I wouldn't expect Apple to grow Pay into a more universal, internet-based payment system where banks can generate virtual cards per site/merchant until next iOS 9.
Sounds like PayPal is punishing themselves. I think the term is 'cutting off their nose to spit their face.'
That's the different between having the mindshare and not having the mindshare. People care more about invented issues with Apple over real issues with a company that has no significant mindshare. You even see the media drawing lines to connect Apple just to make a story relevant.
Think about what you asked and the conclusions you're jumping to. Apple has already signed up with the multinationals and the multinationals are already working through PayPal in various ways, so for your query to be valid it means that PayPal signing up with Samsung means they the multinationals will either have to back out of deals with Apple or back out of deals with PayPal who is partnered with Samsung. That's not how the multinationals work.
Don't be ridiculous! Pay has nothing to do with laziness. Of course not.
If PayPal it's because of their actions, not Apple's.
Welome to the Microsoft Assembled Code Operating System version 10. If only there was an easier way to write that¡
New Posts  All Forums: