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I think it makes sense. The iPhone 5 essentially became the iPhone 5C when they put the same basic 2012 components into a new, colour casing and dropped the iPhone 5 from the line up. Those were both unprecedented moves, except for the original iPhone which they got rid of all together.Now I'm not saying they will do this as Apple doesn't seem to follow any pattern, at least not for long, but I can definitely see them putting the iPhone 5S's basic hardware into a cheaper...
If they are keeping the 4" version how can you say they are giving up on single-handed use. By keeping that size it would mean they simply adding another option, not letting anything go.
So what was the date Android was acquired if not August 17th, 2005?
Does anyone know someone that uses their pointer finger for the Home Button (and Touch ID)? These people are the slowest users. My aunt does this and she typically moves her hand in some arch that goes about a foot above the device when she wants to touch another part of it. It's ridiculous.
Did Google not buy Android, which had no shipping OS, in August 2005?Did Apple not announce and demo a working iPhone in January 2007?Did Forestall not state that he started the iPhone project in 2005?Was it not stated that before the iPhone project the IP was being developed for a tablet project?If you think that Apple took everything it did to make that iPhone demo in 2007 in under 1 year, 4 months, and 25 days I think you're nuts but that would also mean that Apple is...
Didn't you know, opposable thumbs are out, opposed to thumbs are in?
I didn't even get into Apple's long history of expertise in OS, apps, and mobile HW before the iPhone was announced that lead to such a great product out of the gate. They fold their IP back into itself to make a better product in a shorter time. I had thought by now that Android's SDK would at least be where Xcode for iPhone was in 2008 when Apple opened it for developers in 2008. The refinement and thoroughness just isn't there.
Not even close. Google bought a company in late 2005 whilst Apple was working to create a mobile version of their OS and apps years before that. Forestall stated that in 2004 that Project Purple, the iPhone project was formed, but they started even earlier with hopes of making the mobile OS a tablet. Who knows when they started looking into that HW.Investing in a company means nothing if Google wasn't actively developing for them and, in this case, actively developing a...
Are you sure the height of the device is the reason? It's only 0.37" (less than a centimeter) longer which when you divide by 2 for the top and bottom put it at only .17" (or less than 5 millimeters) longer on average hanging off your hand. And considering it's much, much lighter I'm not sure that there is any weight that can be attributed to wanting to take a tumble out of your hands. Did you consider the thickness, weight, or casing materials as potential reasons (in...
Considering Jobs did a long demo showcasing the HW and OS and apps of iOS on January 11th, 2007 I think there was definitely a roadmap in place at Apple well before Google bought Android just 1 year, 4 months, and 25 days prior.
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