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1) CC and debit info I can see, but not general bank info since that's not what we use to make purchases.2) I wonder if it's better to store specific card into on the device or use a referential value that can check with Apple's servers for the purchase so even if your device is completely compromised you actual card data is still safe. This would mean having the card data in Apple's cloud which i don't think is better than the secure enclave.I've read that even the actual...
It's been a year and I haven't heard about anyone being able to break into the secure enclave. Even if they were able to do by having the device, it's certainly much safer than having a wallet where your full name, expiration date, CCV number and full CC number is printed directly on the card. In that time it would take them to access that info (assuming they had a way) you could wipe the device, or at least cancel your cards.
I don't want that. It's not like you put your thumb on the screen for Touch ID to authorize a payment and it gets sent. You'd have to move your wrist over the NFC sensor which, if flat on checkout table probably means flipping your wrist over to make the connection. Maybe the magnetic loop would work around the wrist but that's still seems awkward to me.
I took CompTIA's test for Healthcare IT. They cover and ask you questions about the various fines for various infractions. Even an accidental leak can be subject to a fine and potential jail time.
So were tablets. How did that work out before the iPad?You're not thinking like a futurist. You're basically saying, "this is the way it is and this is the way it will always be."Again, this is very limited thinking on your part if those are the ideas you have for a wrist-worn computing accessory or the wearables market in general.That sounds a lot like all the complaints about technology people had before Apple entered the respective markets.I'd like to see this device......
I don't know that. I also don't understand why that would need to be pointed out since it's clear that there have been many awful attempts at smartwatches over the years.I agree, but I do think they will drastically alter how they were going about if Apple drops one this year. Apple is rarely is the first to any many product category but they do have a long history of being the ones everyone else follows.You think CE on the wrist is dumb or that wearables are dumb? I see...
No one is copying Apple because there is yet nothing to copy. That could all change in less than 2 weeks, just like it has for PCs, PMPs, smartphones and tablets.
Thanks, but where is the "not a solution to any current problem" quote and why is it some how hypocritical after two full years to now have the technology be where they need it to be. Remember that NFC is absolutely pointless as only HW or only HW and SW on your device if there are no partners in place to make it convenient feature to useā€¦ and that's before you even consider security, which may require the 2nd generation of their secure enclave on the A-series chip.
If you consider that most(all?) of Apple's major new product categories didn't launch for months after they were demoed it could explain why there are no iWatch components filtering up through the partner sources.
It's an evolution of RFID but it's vastly different. Two devices create a secure, wireless local loop with a range of only a few inches. This magnetic field and short loop offer many security benefits over an omni-directional wireless signal.
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