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Hence my comment about you doing something unusual.
Then you should try making a fair balance comment that isn't filled with sophomoric emotions. That would be unusual for you.
Call his comments insane, not him.
Ah, you're using novelty to mean new, not a mostly pointless feature with fleeting amusement. The latter is how I most often see that term used with CE features.Yes, Pay is new, but it's a raging success even before it launched.
And people still carry cash, does that mean the magnetic strip paymebnt system is therefore a novelty?And yet they are spending the time and effort to disable all their NFC ubt they can implement their own? When something has no impact it won't even register, which is why Google Wallet never caused their NFC terminals to be disconnected before despite a contamract for a competing service that will help them capture more user data. M
1) How do you get to that option? When I go into Settings » General Background App Refresh I can turn it on/off without that warning.2) That doesn't look good, but it also looks like the text size for the system has been increased.
The best answer I've seen (I think in this thread but not sure by who) is that Apple doesn't want to be in the payment processing business at all, and by including the NFC antennas for that specific purpose they would have to, unless they want to open up the NFC components to developers, which seems risky. If Square will jump on that soon enough anyway I'm sure Apple knows that, so perhaps Mom & Pop stores will be offering NFC soon enough… (segue) although Rite-Aide and...
Shoes are a great example. If I'm trying on new shoes and the clerk says, "How do you like your shoes?" I know very well he is referring to new shoes I am trying on, and probably not asking about the old shoes I came in with unless there is some reason likely made obvious through other cues that he is asking about the cues I already own. Again, his comment was ambiguous, but in the context I felt it was very easy to decipher without being confusing to the reader. Although,...
Once we get a review from AnandTech on the iPad Air 2 we'll be able to see exactly how much more improved it is.
One thing I liked about the iPad mini, and a big reason why I compromised on the display quality last year was my ability to slide it into my back pocket when I left the house to walk downtown somewhere. A better quality display would have been great, but the size was important. That size, the resolution on the original iPad mini was a deal breaker which kept me holding onto my iPad 3 for another year.
New Posts  All Forums: