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Then why didn't you quote the fucking text where he states he's gay? Why do you still now refuse to cite or at least link where the quotation can be found? Why didn't you cite this when I've asked for proof in the past?edit: You pulled that quote from the comments he just made. Where is the proof he made his sexual orientation public to the world years ago? Show the proof.What do you think started this thread. Take your time and think about it carefully.
I'm amazed that anyone still thinks it's a choice.Also, the world is not flat nor is it the center of the Universe despite what certain doctrine may say.
I asked for documented proof in the past but received none. Where is the proof that existed in the past. Your quote doesn't say he's a homosexual. I've been open with my sexual orientation since I started on this forum and I'm a heterosexual male who loves the boobies nom nom.
I'm not feeling this at all, but I am liking the Fitbit Charge HR over Watch at this point and time.
I agree with both your comments, I just don't think we should say Samsung isn't still profitable nor say with any certainty any employee at Samsung was unaware. Perhaps that division of Samsung is actually ethical, as odd as that is to write.
And it's not like they don't let people who can't support children get married¡
I imagine that would affect @Apple ][ most of all. Does he not support Apple or does he support a dirty liberal?
I love this thread.
I consider > $1 billion in profit for a year "a lot" for any company, even if it's diminished "a lot" or if it's "a lot" less than the compan[y|ies] above them.1) It's still Samsung, and they are still making chips for Apple.2) We don't know if Samsung knew or not. All we know is that there were no public leaks. Why would Samsung want to announced how much further ahead Apple was the rest of the game. What they likely couldn't know the code Apple had written to leverage...
Ye old quote a clichéd term when out of talking points defense.So many young girls who had children at 15-17 years old have had to deal with emotional scares for decades.
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