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I haven't been able to pinpoint a reason. Perhaps ironically, I have two family members whom I would consider to be "techtarded" that took to eBooks with no problem years ago. One with a Kindle and now iPad and the other straight to the iPad. This isn't just an acceptable alternative to them but how they prefer reading.
There is nothing too buy. That's the truth. Google is to blame for the initial delay and for setting up this shitty system in the first place. The carriers and vendors are to blame for all the other aspects you mentioned. No matter you split the blame, Google started it.
The fault falls to Google first. It's not as if Google starts building their Nexus updates at the same time they give the builds to the carriers and vendors. Google has a huge lead as well as other advantages. It's only latter when the carrier makes a promise they can't keep or decides not to do it because there weren't enough sales to warrant the cost that some of the blame shifts, but the initial fault will always be Google.
Of iPad purchasers… maybe, but of people that are still very heavy traditional PC users (aka: physical keyboard and pointing device) we're* still very much in the majority.* I've rarely ever used my iPads and I've owned all models except the iPad 4 and original non-Retina iPad mini. I'm ever very mobile so I use my iPhone or sitting so I want my MBP. On a flight the iPad comes in handy because seat-back trays aren't suitable for a 15" MBP. Even in First/Business Class a...
Then you have my sincerest apologies as my intent was to be humorous, not attack you.
You can't tell me that the difference between your MacBook and a latest 13" MBP are just some tweaks. There are innumerable radical changes that make it perform better as well be a much better experience.
At this point there is zero communication between you two that is moving the conversation forward and I don't think that's possible now for this thread.
So the English you speak is then lazy English by virtue of definitions, spellings, pronunciations, and sentence structures having evolved to your point? Chaucer may agree you but he'd then also say you're not speaking English.I thought my footnote was funny and my use of a smiling emoticon should be evidence of my humorous intention.
If it's your primary (or only) computing device at home I'd think the 12" would be very appealing. Me, I'm sure I'll buy another iPad but I'm not sure I'll ever need one. I've never really needed one to date, but my usage habits are very different from the average consumer.
Has it been years of decline? I thought that just started this past fiscal year, which isn't surprising considering how unbelievably successful the device was from the start. It's growth rate far exceeds the iPhone.
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