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Me, too. I swear it took less than 3 seconds before it had a match.
I had never heard of it.PS: If AI offered a paid account option that would allow me to use fully HTTPS encrypted site I would pay for it.PPS: I'm surprised a company, like Google, hasn't ever created a secure "portal" with Chrome so that all traffic goes through them but is encrypted on the local end. I'd use it for sites like this. I'd rather have Google reading my data for their analytics than some hacker on local WiFi hotspot looking to steal my identity.
I know Siri isn't specifically mentioned (which I think is odd) but it would be nice to say, "What song is playing?" and have Siri listen for a few seconds and pop back with an answer. Not often but every now and then I fail to get the app launched and working before a song ends. PS: Shazam seems much, much faster than it used to be.
It looks like they are going for a design that will match the new Mac Pro.
Safari on Mac flashes the HTTPS for a second before removing it again. The only elements I could find on the page that show up secure are the two lock images that link to: https://registration.excite.com/excitereg/images/key.gif
O M G ! ! ! ! That still exists: http://excite.comPS: Note that on mail page they offer a Standard and Secure login option with the default being Standard. If you click Secure it doesn't load any SSL. Is that just a dummy site?
I think that is more accurate now. I'm very jealous of that handsome guy I see in every mirror I passĀ”
How would that change if you can easily just set your default search engine back to Google?
This seems doable to me. All Yahoo! would have to do is pay Apple enough for this spot. They could probably even undercut what Google pays Apple for this privilege since it would probably help Apple to lessen Google's (default) control of search on Mac OS X and iOS.Very!Very!
I sincerely wish you the best of luck because that's truly your only defense at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: