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I believe that teeters with an ad-hoc BT connection to an iDevice.Again, in what scenario would use Near Field Communication to make a payment from your iMac or AppleTV to a merchant. The link is only a few inches.
I agree, but remember Apple can change it up next year. There is no reason they can't adopt transparent display tech to overlay any number of mechanical watch face designs. What I'd love to see is Apple standardize a watch face size (s) with a x*y*z and sensors on the bottom using a standard interconnect so that one could potentially get certain multi-thousand dollar watches that have can still be Watch as well as have either the S-series chip, sensor array, and/or ...
I think we're at least another 10 years away from a smartwatch being able to have cellular HW without taking up much room for it and the requisite battery capacity.
Yes. I watched all 6 back to back, which is something I don't typically do with new Apple ads that comes out in groups. I was entertained. I laughed, and despite all the complaints here these are very much like the Mac v. PC ads, especially the one where the guy keeps freezing up, in they aren't directly attacking Apple customers, but rather Apple's choices which is new ground for Samsung.
1) You specifically mentioned encryption is poiness because HTTPS was being used, hence my comment.2) Apple not using that unsecured version of SSL doesn't mean there aren't other security issues so never assume that an acronym is impenetrable because one hole was plugged or a vendor isn't accepted by a particular hole.
How quickly we forget HeartBleed.
If your ApplePay device also has to be online, not just the mercahnt's syatem, when making a payment then that is a horrible system that will not stop CC and/or cash from being carried.
Are you saying that's how the standard Pay on the iPhone 6 will work? If so, then how do you make a payment if your device isn't online? It sounds like Pay creates a one-time token per card per device that is synced with the bank, not a one-time USE token that needs to be synced from the device end every time to get the token.
That sounds horrible to me. If I'm making a purchase in my browser I want to complete it in the browser. At least with sites that take PayPal it opens up a portal that connects to their back end. I don't want to have to use multiple HW devices in order to make a simple purchase online.
They already have a 13" MBP that has no HDD or ODD any more so it's gotten very thin and light. Once the MBA goes Retina there will be even less reason to have a 13" in both sizes. That tells me that getting rid of both MBA sizes and replacing them with a 12" MBA would make the most sense.
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