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1) WHY DO YOU MAKE SUCH IDIOTIC COMMENTS?!2) There have been many reasons stated as to what technologies Apple need to wait for in making an iPhone with a larger display. Your refusal to acknowledges any of them has no barring on Apple's reasoning.
Yes, but a corporation can't take the stand. Apple can call Samsung employees and Samsung can call Apple employees who, if caught lying would suffer personal consequences and might harm the respective case for Samsung and Apple but neither Samsung nor Apple can take the stand.
Could you explain what the terms horizontal and vertical mean in this instance?
It's perjury to be caught lying on the stand. Also remember that Samsung isn't taking the stand, but rather is the defense.
And yet Apple is the one that certain people claim is only successful because of marketing.
Here is AnandTech's squencal write speed for an iPhone 4 and 3x iPhone 4S's:Now compare that with the same type of test for those newer devices:Only the Galaxy Note 3 seems out of place but since it's a phablet something else could be going on. Everything else is at or below what the iPhone 4 was back in 2010.
I use it practically everyday. It "magically" shows up on my iPhone when I get near particular retail outlets. My only request is that if I actively ignore or use it that it won't keep letting me know that it's there whilst I'm still in the area.
That is sarcasm, right?
Having Apple screw over their entire customer base just to get to MNOs to spend billions on furthering their LTE rollouts is not a sound solution. It would hurt Apple and customers. Even if this did cause MNOs to take immediate action it would be years before the rollout would cover every are at that '2G' GSM and CDMA now covers. On top of that, the chips are small, inexpensive and power efficient that that they cause amuck bigger downside for not being included than being...
1) Here is AnandTech's new review of Windows Phone 8.1. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7940/windows-phone-81-review 2) Here is Apple's developer's guide for PassBook passes. https://developer.apple.com/passbook/ 3) Here is one of their sample passes. Code: { "formatVersion" : 1, "passTypeIdentifier" : "pass.com.skyport.boarding-pass", "serialNumber" : "gT6zrHkaW", "teamIdentifier" : "A1B2C3D4E5", "webServiceURL" : "https://example.com/passes/", ...
New Posts  All Forums: