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I have no issue with you disagreeing with us forum members but don't take potshots at usernames. I'm pretty sure that falls under an ad hominem attack if it were tone reported.PS: if one is going to attack another poster I implore everyone to at least try to make it clever and funny for the entertainment of others.
There aren't many posters on this forum whose identity isn't more known.G&T?
Really? What Continuity and Handoff features has Google built for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux desktop so that you can seamless switch between devices?HA! Seriously though, you'll have show me what you mean by this Android sensibility that exceeds iOS.
1) I thought he recently rated the iPhone 6 as the best.2) It was weird that he ignored the iPhone 5S last year considering it's the best selling smartphone in the world.
I had the same reaction, but I think he means the iPads are general purpose device, as opposed to other companies that will focus on some aspect of HW because they are focusing on a specific user. That said, I'm not sure I know of any modern tablets that's general purpose, unless you count an eInk-based device as a tablet that focuses on reading books.
Is this really a shocker anymore? If there is a threshold for Apple's A-series chip designs we've yet to see it and I expect this gap to increase even further for a given power envelope for many years to come.As it's always been, benchmarks in and of themselves have never been important when comparing disparate platforms, but the relevance is that the company that has always pushed ahead with better performance and usability due to unity of HW and SW is now also raw HW...
I don't think kinetic charging is even close to viable in even a 7 day battery. I'd estimate that you probably need to have a battery that can last months before kinetic energy from every day motion would be enough to keep it charged.
No, not it's not the point you made.GTR wrote, "...see what plays out a year or so from now,' and you made a smarmy reply, "A year from now is meaningless."I'm candidly telling you that a year from now is not meaningless.PS: If people like you had better reading comprehension my post count would be much lower.
Perhaps it needs to be reiterated if you don't understand that 12 months time is not some meaningless timeframe in technology.
I suggest you make an appointment with a urologist right away.Which is why Apple's competitors have CEOs that can only think in 3 month intervals. Smart companies pan for the future.
New Posts  All Forums: