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I think that has to do with the USB controller on the board. I see no reason why it couldn't support it but would it make a difference if the read/write of the NAND is still so slow?What I've hoped would happen is for this simple NAND to be made into an on-board SSD. Basically two NAND chips with a small controller in a package. It doesn't have to be nearly as good as wha we see in the Mac, just better than what we have now in iDevices.
No, only WiFi gets knocked down when devices connect with a slower standard. Ports on a switch are isolated so only the connection to the Apple TV will negotiate 100Mbps and the others should be 1000Mbps if the other device ports and cabling support it.
They already honour him on their employment page.https://www.apple.com/jobs/
If the 12" MBA can't launch then perhaps they will just do an update to the MBA. Or perhaps they are bringing the basic MacBook brand back. I personally hope the 11" and 13" MBAs go away.
Or until 4K UHD videos or H.265 encoded videos are available on iTS which would mean a better GPU, better HDMI spec, and new decoder, but I would also like 802.11ac, more antennas, BLE or GigE added.
With the new design of the MBPs the 13" MBA is very close to the 13" MBP, and having just an 11" MBA, especially when it's 16:9 isn't a great machine. Making it 12" would seem to be a much better fit wit the 13" and 15" MBPs.
I think this device makes a lot of sense.
Note that some aren't actual letters, at least not in German.
Defective components don't fall under the standard warranty. We've seen with automobiles that they've had recalls long after the standard 3 year warranty was over. I'm not just talking about safety issues but other things like defective paint jobs.
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