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Sure, but it uses your storage space. My understanding of Mail Drop is that you can send a file up to 5 GiB to someone and never worry about it again. If that's how it works that a convenience to which I look forward.
Mail Drop offers that. In fact, as @PhilBoogie notes, in some ways it now trumps Dropbox, Sugar Sync, et al. because it doesn't take up your allotted iCloud Drive space.For example, I'll be able to send people the iOS 9 beta (which I assume will be about ≈1.5 GiB) over Mail Drop next year with a simple link without having to setup a new folder in Dropbox, add the IPSW, share the folder with those that will need that IPSW, and then get back with them to see if they DLed it...
Thanks.That would be great, and would help with their security and "we don't monitor you" marketing which could help sell more routers, even if you aren't a Mac user.
At this point, you have no choice in sharing an iCloud folder with another individual.I'm not sure how to interpret your comment.As for fooling the symbolic links, things with Apple have a way of breaking if you try to get too clever with their core components. One (presumably) safe solution would be to make your boot drive the larger, external drive, or if your current boot drive is an SSD you could also create a Fusion Drive in Terminal with ease (but will require you...
I think that sounds great but I have doubts about the feasibility when you need certain Intel chips if you want to include TB. The options are Intel opening up TB (at least for Apple) and Apple getting rid of TB to just support DP(mDP).
~/Library/Mobile Documents, right/option-click, Open in New Tab.
What about mDP? How prolific is that with the cheap PCs? It's the same, free-to-license video protocol and port interface, so if the issue is about TB licensing then I'd expect mDP support would be high, and I haven't seen that in the cheap to midrange at this point.
No, but in their defense they tear things down for the purpose of figuring out how to fix it. Can't really do that with animals unless they are alive and I think there are rules in this country regarding DYI medical procedures.
The good news — and perhaps I'm being too optimistic here — is that I no longer have to read comments about missing iDisk which offered no encryption and uses FTP for the transport protocol so any interrupting in the transfer required the entirety of the entire file(s) to be sent again.
It doesn't, and while Dropbox has selective Sync I think it's still all based on a root Dropbox folder you can place anywhere. Sugar Sync, on the other hand, lets you pick and choose the folders you want to sync. If, for example, you want to have your Desktop folder synced as well as some folder on an external drive you can simply select those anywhere in your system.Pros and cons all around for each service.
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