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1) Ah, I forgot about QT as I rarely ever use it expect to strip audio, make a clip, or combine clips, all of which I don't ever seem to do any more.2) Is that the movie Non-Stop with Liam Neeson?But what are the results of Disk Utility? I ask because I'd expect that kind of issue to be pervasive if it's not an issue with the file system.
If laws aren't good then politicians need to have them changed, but I don't think expecting companies to pay more in taxes because they are profitable is the right answer. I certainly look for all the tax breaks I can get when filing and I don't consider myself unethical or pro-planet effing as a result.
No issues with my widget order in Notification Center at any stage of developmentDashboard is deprecated. Do they even advertise it as a feature.No issues with a single Plug-In settingIsn't iBooks Author a separate DL?That looks like an iTunes bug, not a Yosemite bugHave you checked your permissions and disk to make sure it's all working properly. I say that because number 1 and 3 sound like issues that happen when permissions are fucked. If they are fine then I would...
Possibly, and if anyone can do it it's Apple, but there doesn't seem to be too many cases where that works out. Take the MS Surface wanting to be a great desktop and a great tablet, and the whole big.LITTLE attempts to offer fast performance and good power usage. Even on the Macs with the GPU switching between integrated and discrete there are issues that cause an app that doesn't use much GPU performance to force the dGPU to switch on.
So the question on my mind has been: Why only the iPhone 5C and 5S and up?Other iPhones support iOS 8 and Passbook so what is it about the iPhone 5 and older devices that make it not feasible for Apple to include when it could help sell more Watches? Neither of them have the Secure Element, and the iPhone 5C doesn't have Touch ID as well as the same A-series chip in the iPhone 5, as far as I can tell.
I think I might vomit after watching that. That appears to be a digital version of how we used to type with non-smartphones back in the day (unless you were using T9). You simply take the number multiple times within a certain time frame to select the right letter.
The part that gets me is that no less than 3 "leaders of the free world" have paid this guy $250,000 to own land on the moon.
There is no reason why Apple can own some land on the moon.http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/03/25/meet-the-man-who-owns-the-moon
(Was suppose to be a thumbs up, not a reply.)
Why are these chicken eggs?
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