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Google has nothing to do with this. DED's odd use of "Google's YouTube" like this is early 2007 is only there to full the fire but means nothing. If you want to post images of the Nexus being bent go for it.
You mean like an image at the beginning of the article title stating it's an EDITORIAL? I agree, that would be useful.Performance is an important metric when determining the best CE for one's needs. Add being thinner, lighter and stronger than the HTC One M8 and you have a case for the iPhone not being a pathetic device that is all about marketing and no substance despite what HTC et al. want you to believe. But there are plenty of decent devices that will suit your needs...
This test by CR doesn't prove anything. Note the variety of ways you can gauge the results: when it starts to bend, when it stops working, when the display and case separate, when the screen cracks, etc.For a consumer device where is the cut off for a minimal level of force required for bending or separating? Does bending mean it's not a quality product with precision design? What would happen to a Fabergé egg under those same conditions. Sure, you don't carry those in...
Copying Apple is not giving "Apple kduos when its[sic] due."1) Where did Apple flat out dismissed the Galaxy Note?2) The Galaxy Note was not the first smartphone that had a larger display. If you're going to go that route you need to go back to 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone and people like you were saying it was too big and doesn't have a physical keyboard.3) You should look at Google's very own analytics for Android to see that 4.5+ displays are not very popular...
I wonder if there is a way they can test various "pocket force" for different people in their various pants. Meaning, I wonder how much force is applied when sitting down with a phone in your pocket.I don't get this use of the term bodybuilder. These are people that work their body to define it, not to make it powerful. Wouldn't power lifter be a more apropos term?
I'm hoping for a refreshed Apple display that is Retina. If they do that then I assume the Mac mini would get a much beefier GPU.
It's interesting how the iPhone can be independently tested to best other devices and yet these "issues" only arise when it's with an Apple product. People are actually out buying the hard-to-find iPhone 6 Plus just to destroy it, mostly in highly unscientific ways. How does that make any sense?What should it be?
Hard to say but I think you're good if you don't have the web server, telnet, or any other WAN accessible features enabled.Does the default shell make a difference if Bash is still installed?
Concerned, yes; worried, no.
I don't think that's likely to happen.
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