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That seems wrong to me. A defective battery with relatively few full charges should not fall under the standard "bumper-to-bumper" warranty. I would try again and explain the issue as well as look irritated, be a little louder than normal and use aggravated hand gestures while also trying to get them to empathizes with you. Also, you may want to not wear nice clothes when you go in.
Unfortuantely people think that is a big conspiracy now that they own Beats.
Maybe not. When the cell reception is low the antenna is boosted in the device in an attempt to compensate. This can and will drain a battery much faster. Regardless, worth having checked out if one is or will be bear an Apple Store.
The 5 Stages of LossDenialAngerBargainingDepressionAcceptanceAcceptance is a good thing. They might ultimately fail but at least now they can work on potential solutions that aren't the same dead ends they've been pushing.
I hope not. The honestly and ability to see what is wrong with the company is the first step in making the needed corrections.
SW ribbons are digital toe tags.
If MS was going to trim to fat they should have started with their bloated SW.
That also works if General Motors Company were to ever buy BMW. In fact, I'd bet anything that how people would make fun of BMW if such a horrible thing were to occur.
Then prove it.
There is a huge divide between the original Beats and their latest offerings. They've had many years of classy designs. I posted many examples back when this the acquisition was just a rumour. As for sound, I have only read a few reviews. Certainly not from all the dozens of headphone models they offer. I read that the new Beats Solo 2 have reduced the bass considerably but I have neither tested them nor read an extensive review.
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