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I've seen plenty of great uses for iBeacon but I do think you just envisioned an excellent use for it. I was thinking 1) geolocation, like with my Passbook cards, or 2) the NFC terminal sends a general retailer type and company code to your device so it can determine the right card (or ask you), but I think your method is better.Willful ignorance is not an excuse when talking about how technologies differ on a tech forum. He should know better.
My guess is because the official name is Apple Bank for Savings*, it wasn't a trademark that could be confused with Apple Computers, and if Apple Computers went after Apple Bank it would give a whole lot of ammunition to Apple Corps long litigation against Apple Computers.* Founded in 1863 but the current name was created in 1983)
Computer says no.That's interesting because Amazon VISA is only used for fuel and, of course, Amazon purchases because that's where I get the extra points.
Yeah, but that's the appellate court. I'm sure the virnetellate court will go the other way.
1) NFC ≠ RFID.2) So these "NFC" cards you have in your wallet. You had the multinationals, banks, and retailers all scrambling to support NFC for years now, eh? What country do you live in? Clearly not the US.
1) I read that it will be slightly different. Most of it is the same but there will be a PIN you have to input after putting the watch on in order to activate Pay. Because of the sensors facing the wrist this will lockout Pay as soon as it's removed. Whether you have to use the PIN every time you make a purchase or whether they feel that is safe enough (certainly more safe than a CC in your wallet) I don't yet know.2) Since the Watch doesn't have a camera — thankfully!...
When there is a secure solution for payments that will save you tens of millions per year in lowered fraud claims (and potentially push some of the financial burden off to Apple if there is a Pay-specific breach) it behooves you to shove this down as many customers throats as possible.
1) I think I'd put Swift higher on the list even though we really don't know the long-term benefits of it at this point as it only just reached version 1.0 status.2) Pay is definitely number 1. In fact, I'd start the rest at number 5 to show just how amazing I think Pay is going to be.
I'd like a more sophisticated solution to be adopted next year.I tend to use different cards with different retailers, which is almost always based on the points obtained from shopping at different type of companies. For this reason I'd like my default card to be retailer type and/or retailer name specific. Something you can basically favorite based on either of those criteria for places you frequent. They could even make is location specific, like with Passbook, but I...
Because you don't want a 13" MBP or larger.
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