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For comparison, AT&T announced 785,000 and Verizon 1,520,000 postpaid net subscriber additions for that same period. That's an amazing change and I foresee T-Mobile to continue to grow due to the way they are treating their customers these days.
1) Let them capitalize on the dwindling buggy whip market.2) What market are actually speaking, because in terms of a portable music player the iPhone trounces them all.
What part of "Your store without the iPhone in it is shit," doesn't imply all non non-iOS-based phones, which, at the time he said it, pretty much means Android-based devices if you're talking about smartphones, do you not understand?
I'm still not interested in Watch at this point but looking at the pic the fit and finish compared to all the other "smartwatches" isn't even close. There are a few concept videos that show something great looking but I don't think any of those startups have yet shown a physical product, much less announced a ship date.
Do you still see Wachovia Banks? I don't know if they've done all the migration.
@Rogifan, this is something else interesting Tim Cook said.
It only arrive last Monday so give it some time. I really don't think it will take too long for banks to update their backend to support Pay. There is simply too much extra profit to be had by reducing fraud over to the long term.This article is proof he had something interesting to say.Right?! He's keeping it classy, which is not something Jobs could really do. I'm definitely not a fan of the idea (forum commenters had) of removing CurrentC from the App Store to get even...
Probably the same way someone might feel when some goober is talking their significant other, but if someone attractive, smart, decent, and wealthy starts talking them there may some thoughts that didn't appear when the goober was talking to that person.
Let's get the wired version set first and the worry about the wireless version. Plus, when I'm in the car I want to charge my iPhone, and I was pushing a display via Wifi I'll really want to make sure it's plugged in. I suppose on very short trips down the block I wouldn't bother but those sort of trips probably aren't a priority.
I'm not sure what part of my comment or CarPlay isn't registering, but CarPlay is a UI built atop iOS. It runs on the iPhone which is why BT isn't feasible for running an external display. You seriously think Apple is going to not only license iOS to every car company and head unit maker in the world and then support and update their "firmware" for the CarPlay OS and UI?
New Posts  All Forums: