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Go back and reread what you wrote before you start placing labels on people or you'll end up digging yourself a deeper hole.
I do get on TS for making those "go away" comments but in this case I don't think he's out of line. I think his comment to ratthed was incorrect, but not to your comment.Where is your argument? All you did was make rhetorical questions which you answered with the world "Yawn," then stated that iOS 7 is only a "paint job" and then concluded as a fact that "Apple has lost its mojo." You don't come across as a reasonable person. You don't come across as someone that is open...
Yes, you should address a specific individual or individuals you feel are incorrect. You know, actually read a comment, think of a rebuttal, and then respond to them like a mature, intelligent individual, not as someone that is so closed-minded and ignorant that they need to create artificial bubbles that allows them to use terms like "you people" to disparage an entire group without any evidence that everyone they've placed in that construct feels that way.And you wonder...
1) It's hard to take anything you say seriously when you address others as "you people" and "you Apple followers."2) In your post all you've done is bitch and whine but stated nothing useful or thought provoking. How the hell does "I've fallen out of love with Apple. Sorry…" help move a conversation. There are plenty of regular members here that have plenty of things they wish Apple would change but they haven't been banned and their comments are respected (at least by...
You chose to quote Willie Sutton.
There either is or isn't a law in place. You can't have both. Choose one.For states that don't have a law preventing sexual orientation discrimination you want Apple to be for such discrimination because those in favour of that such a deplorable act could sue Apple for choosing to discriminate. I disagree with your stated fear.
In whatever way you expect them to since your claim was that Apple shouldn't be against discrimination because it would open itself to lawsuits. IOW, since they hasn't been discriminating the only way to take your comment is that you want Apple to start discriminating.
So you agree that people will sue Apple regardless thereby making it pointless for Apple to start discriminating simply to prevent some from issuing lawsuits against Apple for choosing not to discriminate.
That is correct but his point is more generalized. It's simply about someone of one sex sleeping in a room of a sex they are attracted to. He didn't say anything about them being attracted to any one person or being attracted to children. Unfortunately there is wiggle room on what is considered pedophilia. We can all create a scenario that is definitely fall into the "WTF! This monster should be killed" category but what about an adult who is 18yo dating a child that is...
Why do you think Apple would be part of sexual orientation discrimination lawsuits? Just because they stopped using the rainbow colors in the Apple logo doesn't mean Apple is now anti-gay.
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