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I don't think it's feasible. It doesn't dissipate heat, it can't be milled to the precision that a block of aluminum can, nor can it be milled to allow for special structural features, like mounting areas. I also don't think it can be as thin as milled aluminum which means that to get a particular strength it would need to be bulkier.
I think a lot of people are unable to separate the two. Same goes for pretty much all innate desires v the action of satisfying one's innate desire.
They paid taxes in their appropriate countries based on those country's laws but bringing back to the US will be an additional levy which is why they aren't bringing it back. Since Apple makes more from the US market than any other there is likely no need to move it back to The States.
Why aren't pens made to be used by two hands at once? You have two hands, right, so they could be bigger? The simply answer is they don't need to be and you can perform other tasks with your free hand.It'll be interesting if they don't use 16:9 as that adds an additional wrench to the mix of changes needed to be performed. I'm guessing 16:9 is the one thing they will keep.
1) I don't recall the Neonode having any slide-to-unlock functionality. The demo below clearly demonstrates a primitive swiping mechanism for proceeding, not for unlocking. This includes three dedicated buttons at the bottom of the screen that would allow you to swipe from bottom-to-top to access those menus, as well as as swiping left-to-right and right-to-left to answer Boolean questions Yes or No, respectively.2) The LG Prada was not a multitouch capacitance device....
Wow! Apple's tax is more than all of Google's income.
If the widest iPhone only had a 1.1mm smaller width and this one (according to the rumours) would be even thinner than the iPhone 5S which is already the thinnest iPhone ever then I would think that it wouldn't be an issue with one handed usability.
It doesn't matter if an educated guess it's still an estimate without sufficient information to be sure of being correct. Apple's earnings are to be taken as factual statements.guess |ges|verb [ with obj. ]estimate or suppose (something) without sufficient information to be sure of being correct.Of course I'm hung up on the use of direct. If it's direct it means that any additional sales made on a given day will mean that the stock will go up as a direct result of those...
That gives it a PPI of 269.4 if they use the same 1136x640 resolution display and a resolution of about 1380x770 if they stick with 326 PPI displays.
It's all guesses on what they think will happen and not based on what has actually happened. If it was based solely on the latter Apple's valuation would be much higher and Amazon's would be much lower. Again, none of it is direct because it's all about predicting an unknown, uncertain future.
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