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When you form a statement using simplistic terms like legal v illegal you open yourself up for all examples.
Their economy can be hurt by smuggling. Not just the public sector but the private sector, too. Even in the US with the iPhone you have people like me waiting up to 8 weeks for a product because much of the supply is being diverted away from its intended market. This affects Apple, too.
He wrote, "Yes people helping with committing crimes are not doing anything wrong because they didn't do the crime. US law doesn't hold that view."So if US law doesn't hold the view that helping others to commit a crime is legal then, by his logic, Apple is culpable for supporting these black market iPhones in China. Apple certainly knows more about where these phones are going and how they are being used more than any of these poor line sitters.Bottom line: It's not...
So you hold Apple and their employees responsible for selling black market goods?
You wrote, "No its not necessarily legal to line up either."I'm saying it's perfectly legal to be in the line. What is illegal is other things you might do in the line (sleep, deal drugs, commit murder, defecate on the sidewalk, etc.). I assume your comment stems from that video of the line sitters going around and the comments black and grey market.Then you also wrote, "Secondly, these helping someone commit a crime which is in the US illegal in and of itself," which...
Having laws to obey (like not sleeping) does not mean being in a line is illegal. So what is illegal about these people being in a line?
It all depends on what part you're talking about. The line sitters aren't doing anything illegal, and it's not illegal to sell your properly after you own it. The illegally comes into play when either exporting from the US and/or importing to China. How could there be a debate about that?
So are Phone, TV and Watch, not to mention Numbers, Pages, Mail and a whole slew of other terms that are technology that have existed for a very long time.
So long as they work their humanized algorithm into their Genius Mix and iTunes Match I'll be happy.
Sure. It's just a medium. What isn't currently reversible if the mini-DisplayPort port and connector that Thunderbolt currently uses.
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