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Why no mention of the $10 they're giving to those that use Pay with their Wells Fargo debit card?
Way to go, MCX, you just gave everyone the focus they need to help make Pay successful at your expense.
What head units offer WiFi? Are you thinking Bluetooth has enough bandwidth for a secondary iPhone display?
Not necessarily.If you have no internet access you're not going to have Internet access, but remember that once you set a destination the maps for that route will be cached and the GPS will track without an Internet connection.Also, CarPlay is an oveay so if that is an issue you can get a head unit that also comes with navigation. If you don't currently have a head unit that offers navigation the concern is immaterial.Finally, there are plenty of App Store apps that offer...
1) I didn't notice that but I also can't recall changing back this time. I'll look for it next time.2) It would also change iMessages on the Mac to the phone number. Personally, I don't even want my phone number as an option but that's the one "address" you can't unselect.If they know people are disabling on purpose, regardless of whether it's battery life, security, or some other reason, and they purposely turning it back in just to get people to use BT then I would call...
I haven't noticed that because I use it, but it might not be a sinister act. It could be something that requires BT to be activated as part of the upgrade process and Apple overlooking that some users want it off by default.One thing I have noticed is that after every iOS update I have to go into Messages to change my sending "address" from my iPhone's phone number to my email address. Frankly, I don't want people to know my phone number buy many people I do message now...
It's perfectly legal.edit: I think the confusion comes into play regarding a statement about settling debts, but remember a company has the right to refuse you business which would mean you're not indebted to them. So if, for example, you go into a coffee shop, they make you a latte and you want to pay with a $100 bill they can simply choose to not sell you that drink.
That does suck, but that's certainly not a deal breaker for me at this point and I wonder how many iOS 8 users really even know what the Health app is for.On the one hand I would certainly pay an extra $100-$220 for Watch but FitBit's new products do have some features that aren't yet advertised for Watch.For me, one major feature is a stated battery life of 5 to 7 days, and from having a FitBit Force that battery life isn't an exaggeration. Furthermore, that length...
I'm pretty sure these are the head units he used.
It's a phone. That's it? It offers no other utility than to make and receive calls?
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