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When iTunes Store content is finally updated I am sure they will not keep quiet.
I just ordered for someone tonight (Verizon, Space Grey, 16GB) with a shipping date of 9/19. I'm guessing the 16GB models are not very popular with a 48GB bump for $100.
Nice catch.• 1280 × 720 = 921,600 pixels × 240fps = 221,184,000 pixels per second• 3840 × 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels × 30 fps = 248,832,000 pixels per secondClose. Very close.
If the iPhone 6 can en/decode H.265 next week then I would expect hope everything to start getting that capability going forward.
Maybe but that would be a huge load on the Intel processors. My guess is that they are setting it up now so they can list their devices with H.265 for getting smaller files (at a faster rate) for current content encoded with H.265 and then offer 4K content in a couple years. Frankly, I'm surprised the iPhone 6 doesn't have 4K@30fps video which is more data than the per second data needed for 1080p@240fps video*, everything else being equal. Of course there are many other...
iTunes 12 could support it because without a HW decoder it's pointless to offer it. I don't think we'd not know it existed so Apple is probably just setting this up now.1) I've been expecting this, too. I think I even stated I expected it last year as the Galaxy S4(?) had an H.265 decoder in mid-2013.2) It might not say it plays back H.265 video — when it clearly does through FaceTime — because there is no H.265 on the iTunes Store or any appreciable content on the...
Is it in "conjunction" insofar that your iPhone needs to be linked to Watch at time of purchase -or- that you simply use an iPhone (with the proper type of BT or WiFi) through the PassBook-like Pay app which will send the info to Watch to be stored on its Secure Element so you aren't having to type in your CC info using its display and digital crown?
Also, there is no such thing as a fish.
1) I thought my qualification (without taking up much room for it and the requisite battery capacity) was sufficient. Yes, I know these exist and have existed for many years. Even before the iPhone there was this monstrosity from Samsung(?).Then in 2006 this actually gave me hope but the way we interact with CE has evolved so much that a basic cellphone in a watch (read: not a smartwatch) isn't going to cut it for the future.2) I am not a big fan of the Watch either. It's...
That's the surprising thing about Best Buy. It allows faster payments, which isn't really an issue for them as they dont seem to ever be busy (except perhaps Black Friday). I'm guessing they will on board by then due to faster payments, getting Apple customers in the door, and, most importantly if the rumours are accurate, lower than "card present" merchant fees.
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