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I don't those screen protectors either. They only seem to make the screen look less bright and more hazy.
Sure, but does it still use Java?So if Samsung wants to leverage Tizen it's wrong? Does that make Apple wanting to leverage their OS wrong, too? I at least support a company wanting to be more independent and frankly I'm happy to see Google and Samsung duke it out.
For a wearable it might be a better fit than Android. The iPod Nano with a touchscreen still doesn't use iOS so I even wonder if Apple would use iOS in the rumoured iWatch.
1) Does that make it right?2) Google losing Samsung is a major hit against their Android adoption. If they can't get Samsung to offer Android in wearables then Android may never have a chance to gain a dominate marketshare. For that reason I want Samsung to successfully offer Tizen in all their devices that might otherwise run Android.
They use iDevices perfectly fine and Win8 Metro buttons are much larger than iOS icons. I think it comes down to be convenience and functionality which results in usability.
I thought typical sandpaper uses artificial corundum which means they are the same hardness.That front panel has a thinner side bezels than I've seen on any knockoff device.
1) I agree they should have labeled the image. If they don't want to spoil the default engine use a mouseover that will change the image to one with annotations.2) Here is better angle of a similar component in the iPhone 5S. You should be able to see the Lightning connector in the center.3) You can edit your posts.
I think that has to do with the USB controller on the board. I see no reason why it couldn't support it but would it make a difference if the read/write of the NAND is still so slow?What I've hoped would happen is for this simple NAND to be made into an on-board SSD. Basically two NAND chips with a small controller in a package. It doesn't have to be nearly as good as wha we see in the Mac, just better than what we have now in iDevices.
No, only WiFi gets knocked down when devices connect with a slower standard. Ports on a switch are isolated so only the connection to the Apple TV will negotiate 100Mbps and the others should be 1000Mbps if the other device ports and cabling support it.
They already honour him on their employment page.https://www.apple.com/jobs/
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