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Having the same footprint as something else doesn't make it the exact same as something else. That rigidity, thickness and weight make considerably worse to have in your pocket than a gov't. isssued passport. Hell, even much smaller handsets are more uncomfortable in your pocket than a gov't. issued passport because it's has more volume, weight and doesn't bend when you clothing bends.
It does, but maybe they will see a need for a 4" device with updated internals to make up the mid-tier next year.
Doesn't qualifying "the same" with "basically" not work to his point? The iPhone 6 basically has the same stuff as the iPhone 6 Plus, which is to say that most of the specs are the same with some minor deviation.
That would mean Apple will change the size of the elements if they are going to deviate from their point system. My guess is they won't do that if they are keeping the display the same size. Now this mythical 12.9" iPad which could do side-by-side ≈7.9" windows is a different story, but the current rumour is that won't launch this year.
That's my point.
What bugs are you experiencing in Yosemite?
All beta updates are patching something.
1) Does that scale properly with the 2x and 3x designation Apple has for their iOS UI points?2) With the iPhone 6 the 401 PPI made sense because going to 461 PPI with 2208x1242 isn't feasible today.
1) Mea culpa. I see now that the iPhone 6 is also Retina HD.2) Links are helpful.https://www.apple.com/iphone-6/display/
I can see that coming.
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