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You mean design people claimed was flawed because it was stupid to make an antenna part of the frame and have it exposed despite still using that design over 4.5 years later which zero recalls to the iPhone 4? That mistake?
1) It's been days and Obama still hasn't come clean about Bendghazi. Is there a cover up, Obama?ยก 2) Apple is the only manufacturer that makes a smartphone that conforms to the user's pocket. 3) For antenna-gate Apple showed us their testing center. At this point we can't rule out Samsung et al. inventing these issues to get a look into how Apple makes such superior devices.
I thought the Bash flaw affected all the latest versions of Mac OS X, too.
If the MS Surface was doing well and was truly a "no compromise" device the such statements wouldn't be necessary. Has Tim Cook ever issued a memo telling employees they can't use Android, Samsung or Google products?
What were you expecting? A phone with a larger display and more internal space to have worse specs for a higher price? Do you think that scoring better on some stats means it's a better option for all buyers?No.No.Again, your assumption of the issue being cost is not valid. The problem for most is that it's too large. This why even among the Android-based devices the 4.5 and larger devices account for only a very smaller percentage of all Android-based smartphones despite...
I agree. Use a tool that can use gauge the exact amount of force needed for each device, in each direction, and from multiple spots.edit: And then figure out how much pressure is exerted by carrying the device in your pockets under different conditions.My guess is this is a non-issue, even though possible, like with other iPhones.
You are correct. I thought it was the other way around.
The new iPhone warps space and time.
Any app could potentially be recording what you do within the app. I don't think he's excluding Google from that list.
Hence his comment about racing to the bottom.
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