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if you wish to restate your point I'll gladly analyze it and be more attentive to it the next time, but I'm not going to look back through the thread to rediscover a point you're not willing to restate.
That's a good point. As much as I want the display to get close to the edge it could usability with a case as well as the effectiveness of the case if it needs to reduce some of the edge coverage to allow for proper usability.
I suppose that's possible since you're purposely trying to jack this thread by not following basic forum etiquette, but your premise was that Apple should only support VoLTE in their devices to force every carrier in the world to update their systems.
They eventually removed it once it was used by so few people that it wasn't work maintaining. What you want Apple to do is artificially drop all backwards compatibility from their baseband chips despite this being included on the chips so that Apple's iPhone sales will come to a halt. Did Apple drop SMS and email when they created iMessage? Did Apple drop Safari when they created the App Store? Did Apple drop 802.11n when they added 802.11ac? Why even suggest Apple...
Except that you're comments aren't about adding something but removing something that works well in certain areas and as a backup to newer tech that isn't yet universally available. Apple didn't remove 802.11b when they added 802.11g capability.
1) Availability with a wireless standard refers to widespread adoption, not a remote, isolated usage.2) Did GSM die the moment the first UMTS tower arrived? Of course! There is no mutually exclusivity to these standards so having '2G' with '3G" and '4G' are perfectly acceptable.3) This is an email so posting your reply above the comment you're responding to makes no sense.
You're the one who claimed that everyone hates iOS 7.
I was talking about the UI.
The 3D effect is neat on the Nintendo 3DS but I can't imagine that being a viable feature on a smartphone.
I'm certainly not a fan of it. It's not their fault I'm just one of an endless number of people they deal with so I don't think neither want nor believe their apology. However, since there job to resolve questions and concerns I want them to focus on that. I'd rather them say "Let me see what i can do for you." That still a boilerplate line but it tells me they are looking for a solution instead of just trying to coddle me, which I find highly insulting.I especially hate...
New Posts  All Forums: