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Sure, but I think there are more than enough reports to assume that not everyone is purposely bending their iPhones then posting pics of them on the internet.
Why call this bendgate when bendgahzi is right there? The 6 Plus is also thinner.edit: I was mistaken.
I would love for Apple to get a better spam filter for their iCloud mail.
Why are people calling it bendgate and not bendghazi?
Hey, Samsung, the positive reaction isn't because of the screen size, but because of the level of conscious design from the HW to the SW.
I fully expect the new iPhones to cannibalize a fair amount of iPad, but that's a good position to be in. Plus, it appears people update their iPhones more frequently than their iPad (I certainly fall into that category) so this could be a net win for Apple for those that really don't need both.That makes no sense. Perhaps you should focus on what you would say instead of trying to pretend you know what others would say.
So the iPad is doomed because their unit sales slowed?
Note his phone was clearly bent before he started to purcposely bend it.
The most interesting thing is Chrome OS-based devices on a much faster rise in the market over the last two years.
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