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How quickly we forget HeartBleed.
If your ApplePay device also has to be online, not just the mercahnt's syatem, when making a payment then that is a horrible system that will not stop CC and/or cash from being carried.
Are you saying that's how the standard Pay on the iPhone 6 will work? If so, then how do you make a payment if your device isn't online? It sounds like Pay creates a one-time token per card per device that is synced with the bank, not a one-time USE token that needs to be synced from the device end every time to get the token.
That sounds horrible to me. If I'm making a purchase in my browser I want to complete it in the browser. At least with sites that take PayPal it opens up a portal that connects to their back end. I don't want to have to use multiple HW devices in order to make a simple purchase online.
They already have a 13" MBP that has no HDD or ODD any more so it's gotten very thin and light. Once the MBA goes Retina there will be even less reason to have a 13" in both sizes. That tells me that getting rid of both MBA sizes and replacing them with a 12" MBA would make the most sense.
To me that means it needs an entirely unique token for each site, which is cumbersome, otherwise you can just input your CC number. You could do a unique token that is the length of a CC number but still representational of your original number (think: email alias) which will protect you from losing the original number and having to redo your Pay cards again, but that's still really solving the issue of complexity or security.
That's what I don't get. How can you use NFC if there is no NFC device next to you to create the short-range magnetic loop? You're using WiFi or Ethernet with TCP/IP to communicate with the retailer. NFC is completely useless and you aren't going to bring your Mac into a brick-and-mortar store to use it.
1) Does it? It's still your account being used so even with a representable account number it's still tied to your account. If they can get lower merchant fees from using Pay it seems like a no brainer for them.2) I don't quite see how Pay can used as-is with Amazon and other online entities. How can I use my Mac to buy something on Amazon and then use my iPhone or Watch to send make the payment? That representational number will not be put into Amazon's system for...
I need some elucidation on that point.
I understand but when I think of space I think of everything in space. If one were to say the empty space between space that would mean a different thing to me.
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