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The MP4 container is oddly missing both proper chapter and subtitle support, but Handbrake is suppose to support that just fine with the QuickTime container (which is a variance on the MPEG-4 container which it will end in M4V) for those that use iTunes for their media storage. If you don't use iTunes I see no reason to not use MKV exclusively.https://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/ContainersOne app I think is well worth it's price despite having some poor UI designers is iVI Pro....
That's not accurate. Computing has significantly reduced our dependence on wood-based product per capita. If computing didn't exist in those last 30 years as the world grew from less than 5 billion people to over 7 billion, we would have killed a lot more trees.
1) Apple has clearly stated they do not track your purchases through Pay.2) Yes, CVS tracks your purchases. With the CVS rewards card I don't mind because they give me coupons for things I buy and sometimes I may want to buy, as well as frequently giving straight up credit to be used in the store as well as 20-40% off coupons for entire purchases.3) Yes, CurrentC is designed to track your purchases. This is the nature of their service.
When you look at Apple's history of successful services that required partners most started off with one to just a couple partners but are now the de facto in their market category. Pay came out of the gate supporting 80% of the US' banking customers. I simply can't see a future where Pay-like services are available and in 90% of the businesses that currently take CCs in the US within 3 years.
That's not accurate at all. The multinationals and financial institutions (aka: credit card issues) didn't sign up for Pay because they were afraid to upset some rabid Apple fans. They signed up because it's the best way for them to make more profit. In this case, that means more profit from not having to reconcile billions annually in fraud claims. This is why Apple is able to get a taste of this while the fees despite it technically being a (physical) card not-present...
Thanks. That's the only the argument against CurrentC I need. Even Google Wallet has inherent fraud protection. If CurrentC wants to compete they'll have to cover fraudulent charges, which we both know will not happen.
Even if he does go full Ted Kaczynski (and then some) he'd still be consuming even if he isn't outright making a purchase with legal tender. One could even argue that to exist is to consume.
Then why not refuse to accept any cards with magnetic strips? If it's about fees and card-present fees are acceptable then Pay would be acceptable.This is about not letting their service be marginalized to the point of irrelevance, despite see no other outcome than CurrentC not working in its current form, if and when it ever starts.
I can see that as a possibility, but I can't find any info that backs that up.
What do you mean, how would that work? It works the same way that you would by swiping a business-issued card, a significant other's card, a friend's card, or a parent's card.The only way this is different is if your bank included an additional authentication method that would send a PIN to your email, phone as an SMS, or calling an 800 number that will require you to answer some secret question, otherwise you just input the card number, name, exp. date, and CVV.Remember,...
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