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When you're talking about 10s to 100s of million of iMessage users and billions of messages a few hundred individuals isn't even a handful. That isn't to say that Apple shouldn't work to prevent it but it's not a "problem" at that fraction of a fraction of a percent. That said, I bet the number of people that have received iMessage spam are at te very least in the tens of thousands.
1) Years ago they announced Resolution Independence as a major new feature for some version of Mac OS X before silently dropping it from their website months later. I'm sure there have been other incomplete features they had to adjust for whatever reason.2) if they were going to include it then why take the time to alter the System Preferences title a few betas back? I agree that Apple doing a "sike!" sounds un-Apple but so does changing the setting just to rename it again...
I thought you were talking about Lightning.
I have no idea what he wrote but of course he believes they'd sold at least phone. He's seen at least one Samsung handset. What I assume he's questioning is the number of handsets, which can't be verified simply because they don't list units in a transparent manner.
That would be nice but it seems a little late in the game to start implementing that now, especially after they changed the wording to specifically mention the Menu Bar and Dock. My guess is that it's not going to happen with Yosemite.
Or even the zoo animals in Gaza getting hit and/or not being fed food or water. It's all fun and games until someone loses and aye-aye.*http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/18/world/meast/gaza-zoo-destroyed/*Yes, @GTR, I've been holding onto that one.
And Nokia wasn't far behind with nearly 22% of the internet traffic? Seems a bit off to me. Since they are talking about devices, I wonder what the per device average is. It clearly has to be much lower for Samsung as they sell a lot more units than Apple since they mostly sell in the budget range.
I'd like to think Apple is smarter than to create a new port standard that would only last for 2 years. Their 30-pin connector lasted nearly a decade.
This is one of the features in the Automatic app. I find it to be useful as I oft use street parking and rarely remember in the morning until I see my car and think, "Oh yeah, now I remember parking there."
Looking at it it seems like it would wear faster and be prone to breaking more than the current Type-A connector. I think the new Type-C connector looks like a better design, of course that should since it's not trying to be backwards compatible with the tried and true Type-A port interface.
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