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BTW, those that don't want to buy a new head unit will probably be able to use an iPad Mini that is hacked to show CarPlay on the main display. Just a hunch but it doesn't seem like a major feat to get that to work.
How is putting buttons on the steering wheel (and as a knob in center console) close to your hands natural resting areas a bad thing?
CarPlay is a secondary UI built into iOS that is pushed over the Lightning cable to your car's head unit.No carrier should be aware of when you use this feature although it's possible — although I believe highly unlikely — that Apple would ink deals with carriers to preent you from using this feature without a carrier-supplied profile, like they did with tethering. Unlike tethering you're not breaking the contractual obligation because it's really just a secondary display...
And yet profits for mobile phones surpassed profits for televisions in 1989¡
1) I have no interest in an aftermarket unit but I'm glad to see this is moving quickly. This shows that it shouldn't be too hard for vendors and that some existing devices and cars should get access.2) I can't wait for a auto maker to have this ready as I'm considering buying a new car for this ease-of-use feature but I definitely want to test it out first.Is that a serious question?
One of the harshest places on the internet is Twitter and a quick search there can locate an insurmountable number of tweets that praise iOS 7… Or maybe I created millions of accounts years ago and posted to them dozens of times a day each just so I could lie about other liking iOS 7. MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAhahahahhahaha
Based on that image that phone looks too big for my needs. The footprint is bigger but the rumours are that they will make it thinner thereby reducing the internal volume. If it's under 7mm it'll be about 6mm thinner than the thickest iPhone so perhaps that will work for one handed operation.
1) WHY DO YOU MAKE SUCH IDIOTIC COMMENTS?!2) There have been many reasons stated as to what technologies Apple need to wait for in making an iPhone with a larger display. Your refusal to acknowledges any of them has no barring on Apple's reasoning.
Yes, but a corporation can't take the stand. Apple can call Samsung employees and Samsung can call Apple employees who, if caught lying would suffer personal consequences and might harm the respective case for Samsung and Apple but neither Samsung nor Apple can take the stand.
Could you explain what the terms horizontal and vertical mean in this instance?
New Posts  All Forums: