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So you're saying that SATA Express is the exact same thing as PCIe?
Deny what? Here go what? This is an image from Asia. We seem to get a few real ones and plenty of fake ones every year but the only constant is that nothing is certain until Apple makes it certain.
I can see it being more of an irrational problem for those against Islam in a post-9/11 NYC when a cube structure covered in black was erected.I recall when there was outrage when a mosque was being built too close to where the Twin Towers had stood. Ignorant on so many levels.
1) Even by your admission PCIe is faster. You're only now saying that the spec available for isn't yet out so it doesn't count. You made no qualification for a shipping product, hence my reply to your, "Except [PCIe is] not faster than m.2 and SATA Express."2) You said there was no latency. NVMe reduces latency considerably over ACHI but there is still latency with the protocol.
I'm glad you brought up the guidelines. Apple had guidelines to prevent developers from getting locked into a resolution because they planned for this change. What guidelines have they lined up to allow for one app to be run across multiple users in iOS that would prevent any change needing to be done to the app if followed?
The "Apple can do anything" mantra doesn't seem to hold up here. Sure, they could do it, but with everything else already in place I can only see a major disruption in order for that to happen. Imagine if you had a family of 5 that all used the same app and you had to install that app for every user until the developer updated that app to take advantage of new APIs that don't yet exist in iOS 8? That's a nightmare on every level, especially considering how they could offer...
1) Is Apple using the latest RAM type for mobile devices?2) Is Apple using the latest RAM lithography for mobile devices?3) Are there any other advancements that would allow for doubling the RAM without causing the RAM to use more power.4) With the PoP stacking the footprint could still be the same size even if the chip needs to be slightly thicker, which I think will still work in the iPad.5) OT: The A7 has 6(?) MiB of RAM on the SoC. What is that for?
I'll spell it for you this time.SATA Express - up to 16 Gibit/sPCIe - up to 256 Gibit/sM.2 is simply a interface standard that replaces the shitty mSATA interface for something that uses the Mini PCIe physical layout but is not Mini PCIe.So, again, where do you see that SATA is faster than PCIe? if you can't prove your statement they simply stop asserting it as fact.
1) I still haven't heard a solid solution as to how they would implement that securely without requiring installing apps for each user account or how they would use a single app installation per device that would infuse the proper user files as needed, or how they will prevent a major power and performance hit for keeping accounts and apps running on other users, like with OS X and Windows.2) Perhaps the new Family Sharing plan is a step in that direction. Perhaps the...
Is sex trafficking in Dubai still an issue? It's not documented like typical labourers so I think it could go unnoticed by GNRD and other groups but I have to assume it's an issue… as I assume it's an issue nearly everywhere in the world.
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