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[/quote]And I'd guess tapping the screen to accept any charges.
1) I'm usually posting on the go so I usually don't have the luxury, time, or desire to go back through multiple comments to find some deeper point. This means I oft respond to posts as they are stated.2) I'm still not getting what a week or two has to do with anything. This is going to take awhile, but from what I can tell it looks like Apple will have more NFC-capable devices on the market in the US than all other vendors combined by the end of the year. Combine that...
1) It's well known that none of those three types of businesses are allowed to take cash but you can't prove it's true? 2)http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+rent+a+car+with+a+cash+deposit&l=1http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+buying+a+plane+ticket+with+cash&l=1http://lmgtfy.com/?q=book+a+hotel+room+with+cash&l=1
You're saying it's literally impossible to use cash to rent a car, cash to get a hotel room, and cash to book a flight? Can you point to any of these laws that say that none of these types of establishments are allowed to accept anything but a credit card?
You can do all those things with cash, even shopping online.Retailers at B&M stores will take cash (unless that retailer has specifically chosen not to but I don't know of any that have gone that route), even at airports, but airlines are likely to add a booking fee if you do pay with cash.Online you can just use PayPal and tie it to your bank account without ever being connected to an MC or Visa card. Or, if you want to refer to physical cash, not simply funds from your...
Why would those services in the future not be able to use Pay but be fine with taking a less secure plastic credit card?
Not the same. The iPad needs a digitizer to have the same features of the Surface, Galaxy Note, and other touch devices on the market.
I don't get what you wrote. I think Apple will have sold over 15 MM iPhone 6 series in the US by the time it goes live.
Personally, I'd get new friends. I'm not saying that because they aren't in Apple's camp or whatever as I couldn't care less about that, but because they are wanting something to fail so they can "rub it in your face."
Sure, no one is saying that we'll stop carrying cards with us tomorrow, but look at how you carry cash these days. Do you always have cash on you? I rarely ever have it on me and I never write checks anymore, either.Plenty of people still do, but they aren't going to the bank on Friday before they close to get cash out for the weekend or signing up for a check cashing card at their local grocery store so then can write a check to get cash at night or on the weekend like...
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