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What part? You don't think there will ever be a sustainable and popular wearables market? You don't think there will ever be sub-dermal CE?
I don't see it that way at all. I see the M7 as being in the wrong place. Those sensors are best served by being on your person. I see wearables as a market segment I've wasted a long time for. The wrist is just the first step in intelligent wearables. Eventually I see subnormal implants and even a one-day-pill that monitors your vitals which will send to some wearable which then passes it on to your phone or directly to your private network for data collection. I then see...
All languages are fucked up and for more reasons than you can shake a stick at. Idioms are fucked up! English is really fucked up. All dialects! The number of stupid things in language are virtually infinite.I think it was Einstein that suggested that language be changed to be easier to read and write with simpler rules so children can focus on learning more important things (like maths and science) instead of wasting so much time and energy on learning archaic and...
I could see that happening, but not based on the iPhone you've purchased, but in the wrist-worn device. For instance, the more stylish device will have less than the sporty version you are to wear every day.One marketing method Apple could use is to get people to buy multiple iWatches. You have your everyday sporty version which you also wear to sleep and then you have your stylish versions for when you dress up. With this method you get more sensors for exercising and...
The problem with that is you end up with a larger charger for the the iPhone and iPods. I'm not sure I want a larger charger that will cost more if it'll still charge the device the same. The same goes for Mac notebooks. If you went to buy an 11" MBA would you want it to come with the charger for a 15" MBP? I wouldn't.
The only thing wrong I see in this thread is trying to assert how you think English, of all languages should work. The goal should be for better communication and I had no problem understanding what was written. If you didn't understand it then you can see it's not as good as it should be but you can't assert it's wrong outside of a narrow scope of an individuals specific desires. Language is probably the only thing that can keep up with the speed CE technology evolution.
1) Cool it with the personal attacks.2) I keep hearing this crap about the Google Play Services solving their OS problem. For starters, it should never have been a problem. Second, it's putting the APIs outside the OS. That's brilliant¡ Third, the OS still not updated which means any insecurities in the OS are still present. Finally, this move is about Google being able to regain some of the control it lost. None of these are things users should be applauding.3) And how...
Had been sounds better because the price reduction is still in effect.http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/164870/was-vs-had-been
Overall I don't care since I typically leave them plugged in and have many extra around but I think I would prefer it not to get larger… unless that means it will charge faster. I've noticed that some large Android phones with huge batteries have charging times that are lower than the iPhone. I'd like to see Apple improve in that area.
Did you know you can slide the message bubbles over to the left with your finger to see the timestamps appear on the right?
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