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They'd make less profit with a physical card, although I suggest the action that is most convenient for the consumer.
That really should be two separate statements:Everyone should do their part to protect the environment.Most won't do their part to protect the environment unless the cost-benefit works out in their favour.For the second statement, that could be making things either or it could be adding enforceable penalties that prevent people from making choices that have a negative effect on the environment despite the more myopic individuals being unable to see how their littering,...
It could be taken as a compliment. Maybe he has a really big dick.
Based on @Apple ]['s previous comments I'd say it's synonymous with liberal which is synonymous with anyone that thinks about societal issues past an area that extends further than their own dick.
I'd love to see something that backs up this guideline or at least something where other pharmacies have a stated policy that is less-than-strict on acquiring sufficient funds for purchases.
…upon hearing that @Apple ][ just invested in the company.
That's not a CVS issue, that's all for-profit companies wanting the correct amount for the purchase coupled with antisocial douchebags that probably also aren't intelligent enough to even begin to think what is the right thing to do in that situation.
Now that would be fraud as my drawing skills are inline with a 6yo with a box of fat crayons.
That all depends on what you're expecting to do. For example, I might now go for an extended bike ride without my wallet or a physical card, just my iPhone which I'd use anyway for music, knowing that I can stop at certain places to use Pay. However, if I'm going to other places I might also want to carry cash. I say that as someone that usually doesn't carry cash despite having at least change in my car for parking meters even though most (if not all) around me have...
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