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To be clear, you're saying they could have come up with the same resolution devices, with the same lithography, with the same size batteries, offering the same battery life, with the same CPU and GPU performance, within the same external design casings and weights back in 2012? So Apple has been being lazy up until now?
It's not bout beating Samsung, but rather Samsung is the only one I can recall that has stated their APRs are dropping due to a saturated of the higher-end (Android-based) handset market. If HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei or any other handset market has made the same statement I didn't see it, which is probably because their effect on the handset market is comparability too small compared to Samsung and Apple to make any waves. Anyone pro-Samsung should take that as a...
People like larger displays, not necessarily a larger device. What Apple did would not have been possible years ago.
I can see that.I also think the increase in NAND by 48GB instead of 16GB is going to cause a lot of mid-tier purchases, so between both the iPhone 6 Plus and the mid-tier option of both devices I think we'll see an APR for the iPhone rise considerably this quarter. I didn't notice if this happened for the previous quarter with about 10 days of iPhone 6 series sales. I think this is even more interesting as Samsung had been reporting a drop in APR.
Do you literally mean you have a book that explicitly states that or should I infer the use of the idiom "in my book" even though it could be taken ambiguously?¡
That would have been less ambiguous, but the other is also correct.
He wrote, "Welcome, new iPhone owners", not "Welcome, new to iPhone."
New TO iPhone ≠ NEW iPhone.
I think the usual cycle will occur. The bottom feeders will denigrate Apple because 1) it makes better headlines, and 2) they want to short the stock, but ultimately Apple will continue to rise, save for nature ebbs and flows of the market.I don't see Pay ever been a leg, anymore than iTunes Music Sales are a leg among their Services category, but it will bring in a lot of "free" money over the years as criminals have to find easier ways to extract money. Within 3 years I...
New Posts  All Forums: