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Last I heard, yesterday, there were no reviews for the CurrentC app on the App Store. My guess is that has changed.edit: Yep. So far, two are 1 star and one is 5 star, saying it will be an "Apple Pay killer." LOLhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/currentc/id912922036?mt=8edit 2: There are lot more comments than three.
I've been to a few places that use the iPad for their checkout station that will hand you the entire iPad to sign your card and it has an excessively large area in which to sign. In those instances I like to draw a picture as my signature. Usually something scenic.I use to save recipes but now I just use my yearly card statements to grab all the data from the comprehensive PDF they let me download.
I am definitely taking a conservative stance with my timeline and wouldn't be surprised to see merchants or banks are already saying Pay usage is higher than Google Wallet usage in its first week.In previous threads I've used the comparison of the iPhone being used to access websites, ad, and payments made via websites and apps analytics as a comparison of how I expect Pay to play out in relation to Google Wallet.
I'm certainly willing to accept that is a possibility and, frankly, would lo love to be proven wrong about the consumer's ability to make sweeping changes across dozens of companies so quickly.In a way, they have more right because those users surely have been using Google Wallet for awhile. That said, I would guess the sound of their anger is louder than the actual number of Google Wallet users. By the end of the year I'm guessing there will be more consumers actively...
That's just a one-way pull down for convenience. I kind of wish Apple didn't offer that because I do think it could lead to a wrong impression as to how Pay works when compared to the other server-based mobile payment systems.
Every card I added that had any sort of authentication used my info stored with my bank, not with Apple, for verification. As far as I can tell and as I understand it, your Apple ID isn't used directly for any of the setup. You should also be able to add someone else's card to your Passbook, which could be an issue, although easily remedied.
Pay is wonderful and its foundation is clearly the future of secure payment — not just of mobile payments — but I'm not going to inconvenience myself and/or spend more money because they will only accept the two forms of payment I've been using for decades now.Theses companies made a foolish investment and possibly even have a contract that forbids them from using other services, although possibly only now enforced because of Pay, but that really just shows the power...
Nothing says the future of mobile banking like QR Codes¡
Hence my comment about you doing something unusual.
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