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I can't imagine a more remarkable feature. My habits changes so quickly after its inclusion that I very often instinctively try to unlock my iPad as if it had Touch ID. It's allowed me to have more security on my device while simultaneously have more convenience.Can't you do all that using Siri?
I think this sums up the Jobs focus when he returned to Apple. In fact, the whole Q&A gives a lot of insight into Jobs PoV.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3MrpLyUOo8&t=9m30s
With Automatic that isn't the case. It's not altering your car's electronics; it's just reading some of the stats.
That is true but so are our comments on this forum and this place hasn't saved me money over the past year.
Who are these "people" you speak of? You and John C. Dvorak?http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1923144,00.asp
Good question. I assume they can read them but ignore most of them. They have added some additional codes like engine check and the app can call people automatically if it detects an accident.The app will sit in the background and auto connect the Automatic when you turn on your vehicle. You can do whatever you want on your phone. If you do kill the app it will remind you that the app needs to be on (not in the foreground) to work with Automatic. Since we've had that...
You lost me. What wasn't apparent with their database of supported vehicles?You lost me again. What supported automobiles are more fuel efficient higher than 70mph than under 70mph? I'd think that physics of wind resistance would be the deciding factor there, but that's neither here nor there as that only affects your score as Automatic will read what your car's computer says about fuel efficiency. It will not make anything up. Also, as of the most recent update they have...
I figured it out: Mac OS/2¡ (not gonna read all the posts so sorry if someone already posted that)
How could that ever get annoying?¡PS: I had an issue with Watson on Jeopardy. It was impressive but the human contestants had to firat visually read or listen to the answers before they could process the data whereas as Watson has neither a microphone nor camera. Instead Watson got the answers directly loaded into it. I'd like to see a rematch when Watson can use the same "senses" as the human contestants to play.
Nah… but Apple will change their Lightning cables to Token Ring.
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