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For something persistent like a stadium I assume they would eventually run power, even for a simple iBeacon.That's how it appears to me.
Sure. iBeacons can be in anything. That includes making your iPhone into an iBeacon.
I didn't think it would check with Google to verify a URL is unsafe if it matches the local hash value in the database.
This falls inline with how I would assume the service is setup.https://discussions.apple.com/message/13247925
I assume it just checks against a database that Safari downloads locally. If so, it would mean Google isn't seeing what URLs you're wanting to go to, but they would be able to see what IP address you've used to download the database.
shoot someone/something down• crush someone or their opinions by forceful criticism or argument: she tried to argue and got shot down in flames for her trouble.
You don't want humanity to progress?
That's the only part of the video that seems wrong to me. I'd think a 1.6 tonne vehicle wouldn't be an issue especially since we're talking about it being 1/4 the weight with 50/50 load balanced car and the force spread out over the entire front panel area. Wouldn't that be force per square mm than a nail being hammered?
It could be faked but my gut is saying it isn't.
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