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"The same quality for about the half the file size. This means your movie will start faster and will use less bandwidth to do it.* But today we're also introducing an option for 4K video which is 4x the image quality but less than twice the size of the previous 1080p videos."* I don't think they'd word that sentence anywhere as poorly as I did.** I would think the H.265 option would come first to iTS with 4K UHD as an option coming at a later event when there are more TVs...
For me that's the killer app and I don't think it's a battery issue because if the BT connection is no longer present, regardless of whether it's periodically checked or constant, it could still be beneficial to the user. On top of that, the iPhone or Mac auto-llocking when the connection is severed or gets too weak would happen on its end. If there is a technical issue I'm missing I'd love to hear it.
Just be happy it doesn't only come in 16GB or even 8GB.
I love it because it's easily represented by a single character. Even more modern versions of Windows will be able to see that character correctly since it's a part of Unicode (even though it takes them 5 steps to create it, as noted recently by @PhilBoogie). For me, it's that simplicity for Mac users that makes it a perfect choice for Apple.I'd also like to see an the Apple logo that isn't filled in. Perhaps that can use the L with other key combinations so they are right...
edit: Pipped by GG.
LOL I'm embarrassed that I missed that.
Now that mention it I've seen that, too. Good point.
I love it. I want the official i-branding to end.
Tim Cook candidly said exactly that in a recent interview.I agree, but not because it has a larger screen, but because it has a larger screen while being lighter and being less volumistic than many earlier iPhones. It was never about the screen size but the usability (which includes portability) of the device.For those that want to do the same here is a PDF you can print out. Don't forget to make sure the scale is 100%, not Scale to...
LOL that's bad. There is no excuse for that. I will say the Circle does look slick. I could see that in some polished sci-fi movie.
New Posts  All Forums: