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Just as iOS/iPhone opened up the way for Android/Android-based OEMs to exist, Pay will open the way for mobile payment systems on other mobile devices to exist and gain marketshare in a modern computing age. As usual, Apple paved the way, and the rest will follow.Perhaps in 5 years or so Android (or something else) will have a higher install-based with their modern, copy-cat version of Pay that puts the financial institutions in control, but with the OEMs and Google...
It's not a dark comedy, like the others mentions. I say that because it's often considered too depressing for most people's tastes, which is probably why it's not well known.Another, lesser known film of Bale, but mostly because it's low-budget, is dystopian, sci-fi film Equilibrium (2002). Although I have to assume that most here have not only heard of it but have seen it multiple times.
Makes sense. The average person really only know about Apple and Jobs after the iPod became popular.
Is it an Amazon Rewards card or an Amazon Chase Visa? Did you verify all the info and try again?
I hate people like that: attractive people with no awkward stage¡Seriously though, most of us seem to have those awkward years. In film, what first comes to mind is Anthony Michael Hall who played Rusty Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), who coincidentally played Bill Gates in "Pirates of Silicon Valley" (1999).
1) Definitely a good year for movies.2) A bit of a segue, but have you seen other films with Bale? Most notably, The Machinist (2004), where Bale lost an amazing and unhealthy amount of weight which could be useful for playing Steve Jobs towards the end. Coincidently, he reportedly llost all that weight by only eating apples.PS: Does anyone remember Christian Bale as a child actor starring in Stephen Spielberg's Empire of the Sun (1987)?(edit: Added images)
I don't see any reason for Apple to include those options, but if they are important to you and the only two reasons to stick with Alfred you may want to consider using Automator to make a simple command that will permit this to happen. Just name them Sleep.app and Restart.app, respectively, and you'll be good to go.
I've seen that card, but I've been waiting for several of my hard inquires* to drop off before getting it.* Stay on credit for 24 months exactly or 24 months plus the remainder of last month, depending on credit bureau.
The main benefit is the 3x points via Amazon.com. I also use it for pharmacies (which includes everything in that pharmacy store, not just medication or, specifically, prescriptions) for 2x points. I used to use it got fuel but I now get 5x points from a different card for gas stations.
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