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Gun fingers are a Compton thing?
I have no such reasoning. I feel as though we're on the cusp on this being able to happen. I feel this way based on looking at other products that are on or coming to market. So far none of them are very good but they all have parts that are decent. Once you add Apple to the equation I can see it happening, which is not unlike all those rumours of an "iTablet" with a crapload of crappy craplets at CES right before Apple demoed the iPad.I can also see how early 2015 might...
I don't know how I can be any more clear.
When it's the right time. This means the technology is here at the mass market level and the market is ready for it, which includes the price point being correct. Look at the history of the tablet market to see how Apple nailed this in 2010 despite decades of attempts.
1) You're talking about a couple different things but you're conflating them into a single clump. Your previous comments sound like you don't think these APIs should exist unless Apple is creating their own HW. That hasn't been the case with the many thousands of APIs they've created so far so why assume THESE have to have HW from Apple or else?2) Of course they working on other projects but because you can't see past some simple rumours doesn't mean that nothing else...
You're not getting it. Apple makes money off their iDevices. Creating ways to make their iDevices more valuable to the customer, especially if they become more integrated with your life helps keeps a customer in your ecosystem thereby helping to ensure future sales. The iPhone and iPad not being *new* brand names has absolutely nothing to do with your question about how they can earn money by creating new APIs.
Can you prove that PCIe isn't faster than M.2 and SATA Express?
The iPhone and iPad come to mind.
I haven't had any issues with iOS 8.0b5 so I can see how they would be close to a GM.
Or… Kuo needs a way to back out of his earlier claims without it being his fault.
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