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I don't understand your questions. You might as well ask: Why get an education if you don't know if you'll live long enough to take advantage it?
But only for those who want hermaphrodites as children since they want a "no comprise" solution like their MS Surface.(My apologies to actual hermaphrodites if that sounds offensive)
How so? Typically having children a little later in life means you're more intelligent, mature, stable, and more financially secure. What is selfish about waiting until your 30s?Again, how so? We're not talking about a woman's eggs late in life but young, healthy eggs. It seems like the best possible scenario and I expect it to become more common. Save those eggs when you're young and then have the children when you're ready.There is also some reports that older sperm...
Why not?
That still leaves one question unanswered: How much will cost male Apple employees to be allowed to masturbate at work?
I also suggest not using real answers for the security questions. If you use a password manager it's easy enough to keep these organized, but there is also the Secure Notes in Keychain, or even physically written down in a booklet as one doing a physical B&E isn't likely the same person looking to break into your accounts.Of course, with security their is almost always an inverse relation to convenience so at the very least I suggest people use the same atypical answers...
These are all solutions with pros and cons, and there are many other solutions, but suggesting not having a unique password per site/account is not one of them. As for remembering, why do that? Use a password manager.
I'd like to read the opinions of @ireland and the other posters from Ireland on this matter.
From previous conversations on this forum there is a surprisingly large number of people that believe security to be non-existent to the point that they have stated they don't think it necessary to have complex passwords or to use different passwords for different sites.
You can see which browsers and IP addresses have logged into Dropbox, as well Unlink any devices, but I don't think a password change is in order with this alleged breach.
New Posts  All Forums: