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According to the reports it's only 1.1mm wider than the widest iPhone ever made, and since it's 4.6mm thinner it would likely be even easier to use one handed than the iPhone 3G/3GS.
Here's a review of the Gear Fit. 5.5 out of 10. I recommend watching the video instead of reading the article.http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/14/5612832/samsung-gear-fit-review
No, they aren't. I don't know how I can be any more clear on the well worn subject regarding sex involving having particular organs. I can't imagine anything more restrictive and insulting to a person than clams that males should all like some archaic notion of men and females should all act like some archaic idea of women. Humans are simply far too diverse for use to say that if you are an effeminate male or a cross dresser than you're defined as a female. You'll always...
Can CF be as thin and as strong as the thinnest part of the MBP chassis? What about the resin and heat dissipation since it's about the total material, not just one element.
Where do you get that idea? You clearly stated that it was a male was dating a male. Hetero means different and homo means same. They are either the same sex or a different sex. Your mention of gender roles is meaningless to your definition since you're only taking about the same sex (i.e.: homosexual).
I underlined a part where you're really going off the deep end. I have no idea how you have jumped to that conclusion. You don't get to tell people what their gender is so you believing that a stay-at-home-dad isn't a "real man" is just bigotry.Again, sex is determined by biology and gender is cultural. You're only seeing things in terms of your own heteronormativity but there plenty of societies throughout history and today with androgynes. These people don't identify...
Gender and sex are not the same thing. Genders are culturally defined and sex is biologically defined. A transvestite or transsexual can not change their sex but they can choose to be a different gender.
Of course Apple pays attention to them. They get most of their money from non-subsideized products. The US market for smartphones, while nice for them, is an aberration. Regardless, we should be looking the cost of the device, because even with a subsidization the vendor is still paying Apple an agreed price.Now there was talk about carriers not wanting to pay as much for the subsidization and Apple might be able to get them to finally advertise the iPhone in stores...
Since Apple typically has high-volume sales on very few model types and like to wait for technologies to mature they are almost always late to the game with new technologies so being accused of copying or stealing by the myopic and ignorant isn't a new thing. You can look at Neonode as a laughable example of idiots saying Apple stole someone's else IP.
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