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I keep forgetting, is it Beats by Dre or Beats by Ray Rice?
I don't Apple has to. With the additional security and increased transaction rate I think it would be easy to convince most retailers that it's in their financial interest to get as many people using Pay as possible.
I'm sure Apple looked at OLED. Looking at all the black on most of the screens it could be what they used, which could be a battery gain, help reduce display thickness, and give much deeper blacks which could make the bezel area to display nearly invisible, but it could affect daylight reading. I can't figure out what they used there.
I'm not following. Are you saying that Discover has the upper hand here and won't sign on with Apple at this point unless Apple caves? I, too, suspect Apple is so confident they have put their money where their mouth is by accepting substantial liability with Pay, but we can't know for sure.Even if Samsung creates a system as good (or better) than Apple's end-to-end NFC-based solution Highly doubt that Samsung or anyone else will get as good a deal as Apple at this point....
Apple could have made it $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB and it would have probably caused just as much crying as dropping the 64GB and 128GB models by $100 each.
And the reason for fraud is because it's no different than using the magnetic strip on a Debit/CC because it's still the physical card. I see no avenue how this will not adopted rapidly as the most secure payment system.(I know you know this but I fear many will not the difference if they are both NFC)They either support the old, simple RFID standard or it's NFC. If it's NFC then it supports Apple's system since Apple supports NFC. The token is unique here but that gets...
We really don't have any numbers or other info to start making a profile. Even moving a parameter of Apple's fraud responsibility from 10% to 50% to 100% if an iPhone is used illegally to make a purchase the interest by the financial institutions could vary greatly. In Apple's favour the sheer number of high profile financial institutions is impressive but I do wonder about Discover not bitting and that remaining 17% of banks. What was the issue there? With the 17% of...
I might be sounding like a parrot now but I want the Watch to pair with my Mac to automatically un/lock when I am x-feet away, as well as the iPhone to auto-lock when it's x-feet away (perhaps if it's snatched from my hands on a subway) and ring and/or vibrate on my wrist as a reminder once it's x-feet away as a gentle notification that I may have accidentally forgotten it.
Pay? No, but PassBook has this option and anyone that wants to allow an bar code can that works with their system can create one. Pay is specifically a local token representing your Debit/CC account and other data kept in their Secure Element and transmitted via NFC once you authentic with Touch ID.
Apple system is NFC. They chose the best communication standard for mobile payments. It's an open standard anyone can use… and do use. It's already supported in Europe, but instead of the insecurity of a card with your number, name, and other info printed on it Apple's system is a token that never transmits your card's actual data and is protected by their Secure Element.
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