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All beta updates are patching something.
1) Does that scale properly with the 2x and 3x designation Apple has for their iOS UI points?2) With the iPhone 6 the 401 PPI made sense because going to 461 PPI with 2208x1242 isn't feasible today.
1) Mea culpa. I see now that the iPhone 6 is also Retina HD.2) Links are helpful.https://www.apple.com/iphone-6/display/
I can see that coming.
You should never have paired a debit card to anything online because it does directly tie into your bank account. A credit card, either the one with the best points or one with a low credit my preferred options online and when I travel abroad because it limits the level of inconvenience if compromised.
How exactly do you get "Retina HD" on the same size display when the term "Retina HD" just means a higher pixel density than the current Retina branding?
1) Nice to see the iPhone 5S in top of 2 slots on the last 3 quarters after it's no longer a new device.2) Glad to see LG and HTC getting a little taste of the top 3 positions.Perhaps, if they feel pressure to have the unbendable device even if it's well past what normal use bending like it is now. Personally I hope they don't waste their time, money and effort to essentially add strength to something that needs which may result in a heavier device, smaller battery, and/or...
I'll be surprised if the iPad resolution jumps this week for the 9.7".
From the way I understand it the Secure Element is encrypted on each device so that would need to be decrypted to get the "token" value. That value is then sent to the POS terminal which is then forwarded to the bank, as you state, and the bank then checks that representational card value plus PIN as a 2-point check for the sale.It's late for me and I'm exhausted but I don't think the banks will be sleeping the same encrypted data on the Secure Element on their servers.It...
I agree, but I do wonder if there will be a noticeable time diffference between the Watch and iPhone because of the vast performance differences, despite the extremely minute payload that will need to be decrypted.Sure. The same way your debit/CC gets read by the POS terminal which then contacts your financial agency.1) I haven't read anything about that. The only industry standard I'm aware of is the NFC communication.2) Is Apple the the first to implement it or the...
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