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This I agree with, at least the microphone part. I'd think the Speakers connected via the Apple TV is how you'd want Siri to respond.
Which is another way of saying these newer APIs can't be used without a lot of retooling.
Like with Find My iPhone's location option it needs to be piercing enough to be emitted though couch cushions and whatnot.edit: Because I can't any evidence to back up my assumption I have to concede that I could be wrong, perhaps these don't exist, but I also don't think I'm using the right terms to look them up.
Look at the API levels to make an apt comparison of version numbers.
It creates sound but my understanding is it's not a magnetic-driven speaker, but a semiconductor diode that creates sound through a vibration when power is introduced.
That's what I thinking. You don't even need a speaker for that, as noted by the sounds mother board make, especially where there is a HW problem. (I forget the name o those types of electronics)PS: But now I'm wondering if my BT-based remote finder idea won't work because it would be too power inefficient to have the BT in the remote active 24/7.
Solid black for so-many-years-now-I-can't-remember and counting.
How the hell do you come up with these conclusions. Galaxy phones does not mean just the Galaxy S and Note series.That's a big fucking phone alight¡edit: I see, you oddly didn't write Galaxy S which completely altered your statement.So how do you explain the iPhone having sold twice as many units as the Galaxy S, that smaller cellphones trump all larger cell phones in unit sales, and Google's very own stats about the number of users with devices over 4.5" (and I'm giving...
With today's technology that shouldn't be too hard. For instance, let's say the next Apple TV, which already has BT, uses a low-power BT remote. Apple could put a small physical button on the Apple TV so when depressed it would cause the remote to beep for x-seconds.
Something doesn't seem right. I'd do a Time Machine backup, then boot into Recovery Mode and reinstall the OS.
New Posts  All Forums: