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1) Where were the 20nm ARM chips in 2012?2) Very few people stated they want a physically larger device. Again, it's about balance and trade-offs and the tech in the iPhone 6 series WAS NOT POSSIBLE IN 2012 SO STOP SAYING IT WAS!3) Here is the 2012 Galaxy Note you're now trying to compare to the iPhone 6 Plus…So the the iPhone 6 Plus is much smaller, lighter, and faster than the Note 2, yet it has nearly 3x the pixels to push and a battery life that far exceeds the Note 2...
The irony of all this great technology making our lives easier is that we now have more time to bitch about the technology we don't yet have.
Psychologically I can see that, but I think the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPad mini has the largest percentage jump of all iDevices right now.(I've run enough numbers today. I'll let someone else figure out the percentages.)
None of that makes sense. You can't possibly know what it takes to manufacture a 5.5" display over a 4" one. Did you even consider it has over 2x the display area? Did you consider that Apple sells more in the first weekend than Samsung sells of the Note in a quarter? Did you consider any logistics before commenting?It wasn't possible back in 2012 to have the exact iPhone 6 series we have today and that's a inarguable fact despite your attempts to say otherwise.For me the...
I don't think so, because the screen size different very different.Note: The 9.7" iPad isn't even shown.
Every single way? No.iPad mini is lighter than the iPad (Air).iPad mini is smaller than the iPad (Air).iPad mini has a much higher pixel density than the iPad (Air).iPad mini is less expensive than the iPad (Air).
Not necessarily. If the DLs are coming from various partners servers around the world it could very well be slow (or fail completely) for a variety of reasons while working perfectly and quickly for others. And that's without considering all the ISPs between the Mac App Store Server for Yosemite and one's last mile ISP. Without extensive testing of a route a network is taking there is simply no way to tell where the fault might reside, and rarely does own up to a problem,...
I think i've only changed the shortcuts for the shortcuts to save a picture of the whole screen and selected areas. This may seem like a minor change to some but I use it often so not having to hold down a third key (I think it's the Shift key) saves makes it a smoother experience.
Your iPhone 5/5C/5S won't need to be gathered via BT for Pay to work with your Watch. The older iPhone will simply need to be used to set up Pay that will then transfer to the Watch to be stored in its secure element.I'm not sure if this negotiation on those devices can be done without the Watch present or if those devices are simply acting essentially as wireless hubs save for some UI input from the Watch to your bank, nor am I sure if the Pay info on the iPhone 6...
I'm disappointed Apple didn't include the NFC antennas in the iPad, not for making Pay payments, but for accepting them. I think that could have helped drive even more iPads used as registers, as well as boosted the number of places that accept Pay, which is something that will take longer with the Mom & Pop shops, as it is.
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