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They stated the card info is either typed in or photographed, and then stored into the Secure Element. I guess they do the initial data input with an older iPhone which then sends the data via BT to the Watch which then stores it in its own Secure Element.
1) This info about being able to reverse the bands and display for left-handed use only came out later in the day and still isn't common knowledge among tech site readers as far as I can tell.2) Rolex et al. don't have a crown that needs to be used often, hence the concern.
My assumption was with other NFC capable devices, mostly running Android, would be able to use those 220,000 NFC terminals.
1) But the aluminium with GG will be lighter. I think that's fine and what I'll probably get for Gen 1, if I do get one.2) I think the back of all of them are ceramic for the induction charging with sapphire covers for the four sensors.
I'm saying over the next 12 months there will be about that many sold on the new iPhones.No. But more importantly there is no NFC so no way of communicating with that protocol.
1) It's the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.2) Based on last year's iPhone purchases there will be a couple hundred million iPhones 6/6+ sold over the year. The only chance of markets that don't embrace are ones where the iPhone is not a dominant handset.Perhaps, but there is a financial benefit for retailers that accept Pay which means at some point that tips into a situation that one could lose more money by not investing in NFC.
I sort of agree at first glance, but if you look at it from the standpoint of the original iPhone it does seem like a monumental foundation for the future. The original iPhone is heavier than the iPhone 6 and has more volume than both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, if I did my maths correctly. And the original iPhone had no '3G' yet everyone said it should have had it. And if you look at the SoC it was pretty weak, which is made even worse by not being better the next year.
I keep forgetting, is it Beats by Dre or Beats by Ray Rice?
I don't Apple has to. With the additional security and increased transaction rate I think it would be easy to convince most retailers that it's in their financial interest to get as many people using Pay as possible.
I'm sure Apple looked at OLED. Looking at all the black on most of the screens it could be what they used, which could be a battery gain, help reduce display thickness, and give much deeper blacks which could make the bezel area to display nearly invisible, but it could affect daylight reading. I can't figure out what they used there.
New Posts  All Forums: