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I'm curious why you and @mstone feel that everyone in the world, regardless of religion (or lack thereof), should only use Before Christ and "In the year of our Lord." It seems very self serving to me and I dont think you'd be happy if the world used the Hebrew or Islamic calander.
To me it reads as if you are agreeing with his comment, not that you are quoting him.
I think BCE and CE should be used.
But that is more easily and reliably explained by economic issues and social deficiencies that can affect any "race" the same way under the same conditions.
You shouldn't be done with it because you do feel strongly about it. You have a position so defend it, otherwise it's just giving up.He's not making an excuse for suicide but pointing out the complexity of the situation that may lead one to see that as their only option.For example, we would all say that stealing and homocide are bad. But what if you stole to feed your family as a last resort and killed to defend your family from being killed. All of a sudden these...
Or assisted suicide for the terminally ill whom will just continue to suffer and get worse.
That's a very racist thing to say. What aspect of their innate makeup makes you believe that the categorization of all such people have this tendency? Why exclude the notion that impoverished children without a proper family structure might fall into gangs as a way of finding a family unit within the only culture that they know?
Could you detail these "always" problems they have?
That's an unanswerable question but one reason could be fear of killing himself in the past. Another could be having some hope to hold onto in the past. Yet another could be a further detonation of something that could be considered either nature or nurture that finally culminated into a perfect storm of despair. The potential reasons are excessive and to claim otherwise is an ignorant statement.
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