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I'm not a fan of gold but the design looks nice. Note that Apple has made gold colored products in the past, under Jobs; none of which I thought were very attractive.
1) Thanks on the time frame. I did only guess on that.2) I suspect we need to see H.265 decoding HW to be available at or before we get 4K UHD video from iTS and playback on Macs and Apple TVs.
We need to keep in mind this may never get launched. Does anyone else remember the smaller than the 3rd gen AppleTV that ended up at the FCC a couple years back that never went on sale?
That's correct. iBeacon was designed to be a simple protocol. I can see some additional features being added in time but I think it works because it is meant to be a simple "lighthouse" type device.
Why not? I thought HomeKit was designed to work with other vendors and I see no reason why iBeacons can't be added to pretty much anything.
If it's a dumb device it wouldn't, but a dumb device could still work in a smart home.For example, you walk into a room and your iPhone detects you're within a specific proximity to an iBeacon that you set up in that room. You get no notification on your iPhone/iWatch, it just registers the iBeacon ID which it then forwards to your Home Hub. This could be for adjusting lights, just keeping a database of movement patterns for some complex algorithm for temperature control,...
Is that a type of French pasta?ยก
For something persistent like a stadium I assume they would eventually run power, even for a simple iBeacon.That's how it appears to me.
Sure. iBeacons can be in anything. That includes making your iPhone into an iBeacon.
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