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So… this is happening.
Note that iOS had multitasking from day one and background app APIs for years now. This is split screen, which, as you say, can have some useful aspects but mostly it's just going to be an annoyance on a small display unless it's designed well… which I have yet to see.
QuickPay, which was started in 2011, is designed to do just that.
Mentioning politics, especially when the article has the name Obama in the title, isn't bad in and of itself. I don't agree with several of the positions taken by posters here but they aren't attacking a forum poster. Your comments are attacks on the person. If you had said, 'Your position is so nutty you just triggered my peanut allergy," it would be fine.
I've been using a Menu Bar-based RSS app for many years. It not what I would call a great app in terms of the developers' abilities but it's exactly the type of un-intrusive yet always in view RSS app that I want.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rss-menu/id423069534
@Splif, that isn't civil discourse.
I agree with that. Are there any for Safari's Extensions?
Browser support isn't the only place to support RSS. I think every developer I know still uses them despite Twitter being a common place to announce new articles. Personally, I found Push Notifications in the browser for sites that offer articles to be annoying so I disabled it.
Isn't the end result a complete shutout? If one is unpopular and you should ignore them because they are unpopular don't they then become more unpopular? How can one correct their unpopularity if even good things are to be ignored?
Based on the comments, "Apple needs to be a bit more aware that there is "not a lot of love left" for this president, this administration and anything to do with Washington right now," "They need to not be so closely tied to an administration that has so many negatives associated with them," "It's aligning Apple too closely with an unpopular president that I take issue," it reads that Apple shouldn't do anything that Obama wants simply because he is unpopular. I don't see...
New Posts  All Forums: