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I'd be OK with that if they came at it from the position of Apple doesn't offer me what I want/need in a desktop PC or I really love to build my own machine, but they never acknowledge the design and engineering, and oddly rally against notebooks, smartphones, and tablets as if they really have any control there as a DIYer.
1) In 2012 a hacker was sentenced to 10 years in jail after posting nude photos of Scarlett Johannson and Mila Kunis and hacking a number of celebrity email accounts for more than a year. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165249/Computer-hacker-leaked-nude-photos-Scarlett-Johansson-ordered-pay-actress-66-000-troubles-sentenced-years-prison.html 2) Call me a hypocrite but I've looked at the photos gleefully but hope the bastard that stole them goes away for many...
At 14 years old! He's 32 now.
Keep in mind that AnandTech has been getting pre-release products for many years, not just reviewing them after they can buy them in the stores like us plebs.
If we're talking about 100 celebrities and it's an actual hack of Apple's iCloud servers then it's likely there is a whole lot more user's information that was also stolen. If not, then it's most likely directed hacks targeting week security.
Or completely fake since Victoria Justice says the photos aren't really her.
1) You have/had a choice.2) Note he didn't say you were a douchebag, but he stated what he thought someone else was saying. I'm not sure if that was a veiled insult or not.
What do you have to replace it because a world wide web without JS right now would suck big donkey balls.
As @Blastdoor notes, there is no molly-coddling but there was plenty of Katie Cottoning. 😎I have no idea what he'll be doing but I 1) think his systematic and scientific approach to breaking down a product to test fits in perfectly with Apple, and 2) could see him eventually groomed as an exec and even Cook's replacement years down the road.
That's my point. There was this feeble, halfhearted and shortsighted attempt to make the tech feasible. What has happened up until now in the US was bound to fail, but the technology itself has always had promise, the problem is way too many think that if technology has promise everything else will fall into place; and perhaps at one one point in human history that was true (Clovis blade?), but not today, and not when you need HW, SW, partners and a complex infrastructure...
New Posts  All Forums: