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I underlined your wild exaggerated claims.Then you jump into a comment that isn't about all features, but the main ones, although that's still not accurate as there are features they demoed that are in the beta. If they demoed them I think it can be argued they are main features of Yosemite.You have now gone from saying none of the new features are available to saying none of the main features are available to stating a feature that is found in the 4th beta of...
I'd say it's into the trillions.
What I said was factual, just not precise. I didn't want to count every combination in the full keyboard and then figure what it could with who-knows-how-many-characters-you-can-use.PS: In previous versions of iOS — probably when you needed the Enterprise tool to enable the complex password — if you chose anything other than 4 digits, even if they were all digits the full keyboard would still pop up, which was a bit annoying. Now if you want a 10 digit passcode it will...
I do. Your comment states what mine states but I didn't attempt to figure out how many key options are available for the full keyboard. I am using a passcode that is much longer than 4 characters. Since I only have to input it after a restart it's not a chore.
NFC would be one reasonable explanation to those very wide bands breaking up the metal pieces on the back of the rumoured casing.Why it can't be placed behind the Apple logo...http://www.anandtech.com/show/6196/preparing-for-the-iphone-next-rumors-analyzed/4I bet they would still require a passcode before you can start using Touch ID because the passcode is something that can be kept to memory and not something that is literally at the tip of your finger.The benefit of...
But Oct 10th is the same as Oct 1st¡ Seriously though, I don't see Cook waiting or forcing a release to conform to such a date unless it's slated to be ready within a week before that date. It is a Friday; have they released a new OS on a Friday?There was many.
What happened to calling it The Scottish Play? Oh yeah, this is the 21st century and we're not superstitious idiots.
Jobsium? Jobsanthium? Stevium? Boomanthium? Onemorethingium?
1) You can reduce the transparency as well add some contrast to objects in System Preferences » Accessibility » Display. Note that I types in 'trans' for transparency to get the Preferences app to show me where it's located.2) A UI can be broken or unexpected, especially if the user interface isn't easy to use.
I'm curious as to why the insurance didnt cover it.
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