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I agree that it would ideally be less personal, like when Apple simply supported the sexual and genderl rights of others, and in a more perfect world Cook would never have to say he's gay. He could simply just be gay and no one would care just as Jobs never once had to say he was heterosexual. Unfortunately, we don't yet live in that world so perhaps this a foundational comment that will lead to Cook being seen in public with his significant other and/or getting a legal...
And yet this thread is unbelievably civil, despite the many "uh oh" topics being discussed. I say keep it open because change don't occur in a vacuum.
I'm glad you now see the benefit of supporting abortion during the first trimester.
As an investor you should welcome this because it will result in a positive for the company just as the other times when Apple didn't take a quiet, neutral stance on other cultural issues turned political (i.e.: labor laws, green initiatives, etc.)
@Dick Applebaum, I'm very surprised you didn't know about Turing, his homosexuality, chemical castration and death. For being such a modern story is absolutely Dark Ages for one of the world's most brilliant minds.On that note, the movie Imitation Game starting Benedict Bumberbatch as Alan Turning arrives in theaters this month. It looks bloody brilliant.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2084970/You wrote, "I'm saying many Atheist are Atheist because they want to do what ever...
You said atheists are atheists because they want to do everything they please. You make a lot of stupid statements but this probably the stupidest thing I've read on the Internet.
Oh, we're all well aware of your ridiculous definiotn, but as previously noted a tumor is a living thing. Neither are intelligent life and neither will remain to consist of living cells if removed.Now, do you think a fetus should be brought to term if it's very existence in the womb will ultimately cause the death of the mother?No it doesn't. That's like saying having car insurance makes people more likely to get into automobile accidents.No one says that.That's my...
Are you saying you don't have free will?(You really do suck at this.)
But your argument isn't against > 19 week abortions, but all abortions regardless of duration because "they can developer into a brain and heart and lungs."And neither will a fetus without the parasite feeding on its host.So here' the crux of the issue. You would rather there be an excessive amount of unwanted children and/or children that can't be supported by their parental figures, regardless of the circumstances in which the mother became pregnant, under the foolish...
What religious holiday celebrates jumping to conclusions based on a gut feeling?
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