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Those Handoff features are mostly done but there is still some odd, un-Apple aspects to taking a phone call on the Mac.You can't start a phone call on your iPhone then move it to another device like you can with other apps.The time it takes for the ringing to start/stop between devices is not fast enough.If you make/receive a call on your Mac you won't have a dialer option for tonal input.The app that opens is FaceTime despite it only being a voice call.
You're talking about the live stream, which is not the same as the event itself.
OK, so how can I use my Mac to make a purchase on Amazon.com and pay with my iPhone 6 via Pay? That seems like a convoluted setup to me. The only connected aspect is the bank will be aware of the representational CC and PIN being used for the purchase, but if you're using the same one for every online merchant you're really not adding any internet-based security. I'd think this would have to be unique to a site and/or merchant ID, therefore taking extra time to be...
It already has.Also bringing your Debit/CC with you doesn't means you're not going to use Pay. This is no different than when CCs first appeared and people also carried cash on them. Why assume it's an all-or-nothing carry situation? That's just foolish.Of course it takes time but the writing is not he wall. The paradigm shift is here and it's going to stick.
I have had many bad experiences with PayPal, but I'll gladly use them as an intermediary over giving some random website my direct card info. I think PayPal has shot themselves in the foot* here but I think they will limp along for a very long time just like AOL and MySpace.* Looks like this came from eBay's CEO and this foolish move is why David Marcus left PayPal for Facebook.http://bankinnovation.net/2014/09/missing-from-the-paypal-ipo-apple-pay/
Lonely Island comes to mind.
1) They did discuss that. You can either take a pic or manually input the data. I'm curious how they will do the CC design matching. Does it use the image to do a search for a similar design in an Apple DB after getting all of them from the banks, did Apple get the banks to keep a copy of every card design on file so it can have a generic design (which will then imprint digitally the last 4-5 digits to help differentiate cards), will the bank only have as little as one...
I really was trying to work off the word Yo!. It wasn't until after I had written it that the word Semite popped out at me.
Or try to be hip:Yo! Semite (OK, I didn't quite think that one through. )
The part I don't get is how Pay competes with PayPal at this time, or rather, in October when the update gets pushed to iOS. So far it's only a great solution for replacing physical cards where NFC payment systems are used. I wouldn't expect Apple to grow Pay into a more universal, internet-based payment system where banks can generate virtual cards per site/merchant until next iOS 9.
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