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I doubt I've seen them. Could you link a couple here?
That's an interesting argument. Let's give your theory of "you can't prove it [therefore] proves you are lying" a go. For starters, I claim you are a human being with the ability to act in a decent manner. Now I'm not going to attempt to prove that so I guess that means I'm lying and by your own logic proves you are not a human being nor able to act in a decent manner.
Nor am I going to waste my time. The cost-benefit doesn't work out in favour so i stopped scouring a poster's history awhile back. I may still do a general scouring, not poster specific, unless it's blatant hypocrisy within the same post or thread.PS: I technically had internet for the entire flight via cellular, I opted not to use it for reasons that probably don't have to be mentioned.
You are correct. I can turn off Personal Hotspot and it will still show up on my Mac as well as connect. I'm certain that was not the case when these were still in Beta, but that was Beta.
Not far from the truth. It's a Cessna so you do need to make a slight jump up and in (and out). Flying lesson.
As noted, between prolonged uses you had to turn if OFF and then turn it back ON again to get it to resend a signal that your Mac could see. Now you can simply leave it enabled and it will show up in your Mac's WiFi
Someone else will have to take over. I'm jumping on a plane and I won't have WiFi.
You wrote, "but it doesn't show up as described in the article if I leave Personal Hotspot turned off. "If you turn OFF your personal hotspot on your iDevice running iOS 8 then your Mac running Yosemite (or any other version of Mac OS X) won't be able to see it because you explicitly turned it off.
I think it will go differently. Despite what some Android users say about not caring about security, most people do, and in light of all the breaches at major corporations I think Google will see that they need to include this ASAP or they will risk losing even more customers to Apple.
Considering the Google's own analytics and what Apple will presumably sell by the end of the year I think it's possible to have more iPhones with NFC working than Android-based devices. This will probably work out to be like app and data usage per device when compared to all Android-based devices.I'm curious how the other OEMs and Google will proceed. My guess is Google will get the same setup as Apple with the banks, which means Google will no longer store your card data...
New Posts  All Forums: