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iPad Shot The Sheriff–Bob Marley, circa 1973
Unless I feel that holding a 4.7" iPhone is all I need to make that decision then I might do that. That said, I don't think that's a big issue for Apple, expect for launch weekend and first quarter sales figures as the analysts might predict doom and gloom, but over all not a big issue for Apple since these customers are going to buy an iPhone either way.
So far I've found no way to alter it. I hope it turns out to be possible.
What?! No known issue ≠ no issues. Have you submitted this bug? I assume you must have if you're telling us about it here, so what is the status of it?
When Apple's competitors stop taking potshots at Apple is when I'll be worried for Apple's future because that will mean Apple's mindshare and position in the market is no longer seen as threatening.
iPhone mindshare is focused that that even closing in a year after the flagship model was last released it continues to sell well. China Mobile's recent quarterly reports show that half of their 4G phones, about 5.5 million, were iPhones.
What bugs are you talking about. Each Mac OS X point update has several betas that list "No known issues" before they are released.
So Nicole Brown's family were the bad ones for suing OJ Simpson?
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