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1) NFC and inductive charging? Two things I'm told that will never exist on an iPhone. Not that this is proof that it will, but it is proof that Apple is at least spending time trying to come up with unique ways to incorporate these technologies. 2) Each of these are potential reasons why the rumoured leaks show thick, ugly bands.
Which seems like a perfect fit for Touch ID.
There is plenty of data out there with most of it being very digestible. I've stated the clear benefits more than a few time despite seeing comments like your and being told it's a dead-end tech for years.
That's the problem with their fragmentation and lack of order. Developers who want to target the highest number of potential customers have to focus on the APIs available for the highest number of potential customers. A developer could use the latest API for newer devices with a fallback for older OSes but that's a lot of extra effort.I think Google uses that versioning system to make it seem better than it is, but each primary version number should be unique to a whole...
That sounds like how Windows is designed and why it's such a mess.
1) I certainly called it vapourware and questioned their ability to launch in the time they stated and with a round display.2) It is vapourware because what they teased us with back in March is not the product they shipped. Back in March the display was a full circle — no flat tyre design — hence my comment about it actually materializing in some way that can be demoed.
1) Just imagine how long it would probably last and how much smaller it would be with the Cellular and WiFi, and what seems like a very powerful processor for its size.2) Note the IP67 rating. That means it has been certified to work without issue for at least 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.
It's a kind of camera but that is specifically used as an input device for a biometric sensor.
My idea is to work it into the edges of the band going curving around each clasp end and going alongside the face in a full circle so that when tossed on the charging pad it syncs.
It's vapourware until it materializes as something solid. That means an actual demo, actual specs, and a price point. Saying "This will be available in Q4" is as much a legitimate a factual claim at this point as me saying, "I will invent a perpetual motion machine that will be available in Q4."
New Posts  All Forums: