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I think the issue with Thunderbolt isn't so much licensing costs but logistics. In the consumer market Apple is top dog. Those $500 notebooks simply aren't candidates for having Thunderbolt. Only Apple has the volume to make this commonplace. When you get to the higher-end you do see plenty of non-Apple products supporting TB (and/or DP) but I don't their volume is high enough to make a dent in the total traditional PC market. But I don't think it really matters because it...
I haven't even heard of it.
That sounds like a chore, even when not comparing tit to Mail Drop. I don' even know what Hazel is.
I know when I've shared Xcode projects via Dropbox and one person would make a change it would change in on the other end, too, but perhaps that was more how the Xcode app was writing and reading the source data.
I'm very keen on Mail Drop because it achieves something that can be a chore to do with Dropbox. I often want to send people a large file that exceeds what can be done with a regular email account or iMessage so I setup a folder in Dropbox and then share it. An example would be iOS 8 IPSW betas. The problem with that is it uses up my Dropbox space until they delete it, I oft have to ask them if they've used it because they don't follow proper Dropbox etiquette (all of...
It might just be a poor choice of words on their part. Anything you see in iCloud Drive in Finder is on your Mac (just like Dropbox folders and files you see in Finder are on your Mac). If they specifically say they will make a copy in the current location on your Mac -and- create a duplicate copy in iCloud Drive (in the same manner than one creates a copy when copying to a connected network share) then that is not what iCD is currently doing for me.Since you really only...
Apple finally has Dropbox, unless you use Dropbox because you want to share files and folders with various individuals.
The new lower-entry price is great but with non-user-upgradable RAM I'd have to get the 16GiB to maximize longevity. I also don't care for the 1.4GHz processor. Since it'll be an Time Machine and iTunes Server (and hopefully a VPN server) I think my best longterm option for the price is a Mac mini with GigE and USB 3.0 which means I can get a Late-2012 Mac mini once Apple updates their Refurbished store.
I am going to pull a @sog35 and unequivocally state what will happen in the future without any evidence to back up my position. Discover is definitely going to jump on board soon.
@sog35, are you really not going to post for a week?
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