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When is the cut off? End of August making 3 four-month sections for early-, mid-, and late-year?
Is Haswell realistic for a mid-2014 release or are you waiting for something next year?
The best concept* I've seen is the Kairos that @Relic posted awhile back. It offers elegance of a watch with the functionality of modern wearable. There are definitely downsides that make me think Apple would have scrapped this as an option. For instance, being mechanical added, cost, complexity, weight, and thickness (as one would expect) but being mechanical makes certain modern computing functions, like wireless charging, much harder, if not impossible, to...
More baseless assumptions.
1) The people that write for the site do read the comments.2) I have made such a request and even proposed that if they hire people to create unique mockups of rumours they may generate even more traffic.3) Why would assume that I hadn't made such a request? What does that say about you?
Go to google images and type in iWatch.
What I dislike more than these rumours of an unannounced product rumour being pushed back is AI always using the same crappy mockup images.
i'm curious as to why they settled on 12 seconds.
I get emails about that nearly every day.
Adding to that, an estimate can be from a source that one considers principled, ethical, trustworthy, reliable, etc. but by definition an estimate is not a fact, although the results may turn out to be factual once they can be verified.
New Posts  All Forums: