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Yeah, but does it play Crysis? (Does anyone still say that?)
I'm postulating it now. I'm saying you're a decent human being, but since I'm not going to prove it, it means it's a bald face lie according to your rationale.
This is one area Apple should expect the negative media to hit them. It is done from an iPhone 6 and it's called Pay. That fact that the issue is from somewhere else down the chain outside of Apple's control is not easily explained to others.I'd even say Apple needs to make sure their financial partners in this are well tested to prevent Apple from looking bad, although in the grand scheme of this paradigm shifting service I'm betting this hiccup is unlikely to be...
Is that a set statement from Apple, because I see no reason why all MC and Visa cards that are prepaid, corporate, or issued by retailers won't eventually support Pay.
It will work with any card issuer that has setup their backend to support Pay.
You're going to have to wait because I have no interest in taking the time to prove you are A) human, and B) decent.
You have that backwards. Why would you a dot to know where you are when there is no map to correspond to other locations around you?
I have no excuse of import, I just prefer to listen to upbeat music whilst lifting weights and oft listening to an audiobook, podcast, or some other form of spoken word when jogging, either on the street (which I dislike) or on the treadmill (which I dislike even more).With Watch you may see a drop off in iPhones being used, but they will still be using their headphones and a gadget for exercise. I don't think that will ever change.
That's what Google Glasses is for.PS: Remember Google Glass?
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