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That may not be a problem now. I'm all for a larger display on the iPhone but not a larger and heavier iPhone than I've used the past. Reducing the side bezels, chin and forehead, as well as the thickness, and rounding the edges could make this lighter and less volumistic than some previous iPhone models.
Aren't those distinctive, dark lines enough to distinguish the boundaries of the button?
Based on the previous setting I thought that was the case but I can't say I recall a single app ever changing to Dark Mode when I had it enabled.
If you are reinforcing your user base to prevent them from jumping ship it's not silly or irrelevant.
These ads aren't about winning new customers but keeping their current ones.
Wow! You don't have much space at all up there.One potential solution is to Show the Favorites Bar. The Favorites Bar in the new Safari organizes from the center, instead of left to right, so I have additional space on either side, but I see no reason why you couldn't also use a empty Favorites Bar.
Is that an iPad mini up to his earĀ”
Having the latest version of iTunes on a Mac used for being a digital media hub may not be an issue so long as it has the features you want. I am using an 11 year old iMac running 10.5 and iTunes 10 and it's perfect in terms of connecting to my Apple TV and modern Macs with the latest OS and iTunes versions for Home Sharing.
I just reverted back to iTunes 11.3 with the help of Time Machine. I find it interesting that the look of the contents of the Sidebar do look archaic by comparison to iTunes 12 even though iTunes 12 is less useful for my needs.Sure. Just delete the locally stored iOS apps in your iTunes Library.
I don't understand the icon complaints. It's just an icon and it can easily be changed on Mac OS X, unlike with iOS, if one so desires.This is an issue I've experienced. They simply don't have enough contrast between the foreground and background tabs.The transparency is kind of cool when another color goes behind it but it's more inline with what I expect from a sci-fi movie, not something that helps usability. It's a fluff feature I hope we can turn off.I'm not sure what...
New Posts  All Forums: