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Dont confuse the desire for belief with a scientific mind being open and objective about a universe he can't knows he'll never fully grasp in his limited corporeal existence.
That would depend on how far along she was in the pregnancy, but I find it odd that you're focusing on this collection of cells that could be even less than a few weeks old and not on the women beaten so badly as to have a miscarriage. I think that's a miscarriage of concern.So you're argument is now that the potential to be a human being is enough to call it murder, even though by your statement it does have a brain, heart or lungs at that time. You just lost the argument...
So was this a misunderstanding, or Apple making a decision then pulling back on it back on it because they didn't quite think it through?
Never heard of him.
That's why he choose it. Your point about Catholics v Protestants is a good one.
Buddhism is better classified as a philosophy. Note the lack of an anthropomorphized creator.How do you feel about Judaism and Islam, both of which are sandwiching the other Abrahamic religion you practice?
So you believe that removing a clump of living cells that form within the first trimester is considered murder? Then you must also believe that removing a tumor is also murder because those cells are living and have likely been forming for a lot longer than 3 months.
I respect the choice for someone to choose their religion, but all others religions look stupid to those that practice something else.
People who believe in Pro Choice are against murder, too.
Don't you have to purchase cellular internet access from them so your vehicle can be a WiFi hotspot, and because of this the signal goes through the internet to the vehicle, not over WiFi locally?
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