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I would hate if the Mail app would shut down by simply closing the last window. I would also hate if Dictionary, Calculator, etc. would stay open by closing their only window.
I suspect that percentage will continue to drop as Mac sales and their profit percentage of the traditional PC market grows.
Please tell me you're not serious.
NFC isn't "a tiny sticker." You may be thinking of simply RFID.Yes! Real time isn't a concern.
That's what NFC is. It's magnetic induction between 2 loop antennas.For the same reason that having a CC swiped is inherently more secure than standing a fair distance away and yelling out your CC number with a megaphone.
That is all BS. You can filter wireless data and this "all you have to do" is as lame as saying as that bank vaults are inherently insecure because all you have to do is break into them not to mention that magnetic card readers have existed for many decades so "all you have to do" is install your own magnetic strip reader and yet we still use them today.
If they made the logo big enough, perhaps, but the current logo size isn't even close.No one said that encryption wasn't needed, but you excluded the magnetic induction that NFC offers when you stated that BLE can do what NFC can do and do it better.
How exactly is the secure loop created with omni-directional BT from two devices? You do know that NFC uses magnetic induction between two loop antennas located within each other's near field, effectively forming an air-core transformer, right?
That's not a shortcoming of NFC but of the transit system design. Any payment system will not be card-based, but will be centralized using the same systems that iTS and other payment systems use to authentic a purchase. It shouldn't be put there but the same could be done with a magnetic strip, BT, WiFi, USB, or any other form of networking if the transit system was designed to use those protocols with their insecure system.
BLE can create a secure local loop with single reader authentication with a range of just a few inches?
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