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Where is this evidence? Show me a single, uncut video of an iPhone 6 Plus (or the HTC One which performed worse in CR's tests) that is bought at a store, opened, placed in a front pocket, the person sits down, gets up, and the device is permanently bent.
It depends on what you're referring. If you're talking about a device eventually bending then every device will bend. There is no such thing indescribable CE. Now is the iPhone 6 Plus extra-bendy? According to CR, they say it's less bendy than the iPhone 6 despite it being a wider suspension in their testing limited testing parameter.All that matters is if it's too bendy (or anything else) for your intended usage and so far I've seen no evidence that any of these devices...
1) I personally would have liked to have seen a 4 to 4.2" device but when loon at the weight, volume and design of the iPhone 6, especially in comparison to even earlier devices, there is argument to be made the 4.5" is an improved 4". Is anyone still wanting the 3.5" to exist? They did for awhile after the iPhone 5 was introduced.2) it's hard to make an argument that Apple both panicked with the iPhone 6 Plus and is late to the large smartphone game.
My theory on Pazuzuvian Rules of Economics:If Apple stock goes up ignore it.If Apple stock goes down lock onto the first negative thing you can think of and declare that is the reason for its sudden demise.Pretend any long term gains will be short-lived.Pretend any short term drops are harbingers of its impending demise.
For **** sake, does the term editorial mean nothing?1) You mean that domination that had 0% percent of the market and never once has had anywhere close to a majority of the handsets units sold?2) It's on its 8th generation and you're surprised that a product make not have the same growth it once had? BTW, that growth was slowing when Jobs was alive.3) My prediction is the iPhone, whose APR, revenue and profits in the market were growing after Jobs' death will continue to...
@hillstones, I think your last sentence kills the rest of the excellent points you were making.
I need to make a conscious effort to not give these people any more page hits so they can turn quick profit exploiting the success of others. These are modern day Jerry Springer episodes.
And a sledgehammer is a lot less force than a car would face on an impact at top speed so it's clearly a design flaw¡
Can't you also do this?Code:if (☎️.™ == "") {println("👍")} else {println("👎")}
1) The original complaint is that the iPhone 6 Plus is weaker than the iPhone 6. This test says otherwise.2) The original complaint is that the iPhone 6 Plus will bend in your pocket under normal wear and teat. This test says otherwise.3) What evidence do you have that indicates the load on the materials is so incredibly low that the iPhone 6 is essentially modeling clay in your hands? Zero!
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