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One PoV is that it's shitty of Apple to simply not design a second board for this other socket.
I had seen the locked apps before, but recently it hadn't been there. And I am certain it wasn't there because I was in there looking at Photos as well as Settings (as I annoyingly have my iPhone 5S in there despite having wiped the device).I hope there isn't some odd security hole with iCloud.
Odd, I wasn't getting the locks over the apps, sans Find My iPhone, until I jumped into appleid.apple.com to make sure my two-step authentication was enabled.
Where do you see that? This is what I see at: http://www.apple.com/imac-with-retina/
My experience from these forums is that what we here want isn't want the the majority wants. My laundry list of desires (that I also think would be either very easy for Apple to implement and/or profitable) is long, growing, and only occasionally gets reduced. Such is life.
I find all of icloud.com (or in this case beta.cloud.com) to be rather spectacular. Attractive, smooth and functional.I only wish I could be notified if anyone tried to access my account via the website and have two-step authentication active for icloud.com.
1) The new Mac Pro is a fast machine, and the new iMac exceeds the new Mac Pro in single threaded performance at at 4Ghz speed so it's definitely worth noting.2) I don't understand the notion of "super computer" without a concern for power consumption when any company worth anything will also weigh the cost for powering the machine, as well as the airflow and other factors in cooling a server room that the machine resides.3) This is the future I see for the "super...
1) It doesn't do you any good, but you're wanting Apple to forego advancing the state-of-the-art to support products you've chosen to up update since 2010 or earlier. That's your decision and no company serving a world market should base their decisions on your specific buying habits (or lack thereof).2) What does the Apple TV have to do with this?
You mean how MS allows for decades of backwards compatibility to prevent fragmentation?
I wonder how secure the link is. Meaning, how complex is the link that it would be unlikely for hackers to download content you think you're sending to a private individual. Would I want to send private data with this method? Should Apple implement a passcode option?
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