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I just reverted back to iTunes 11.3 with the help of Time Machine. I find it interesting that the look of the contents of the Sidebar do look archaic by comparison to iTunes 12 even though iTunes 12 is less useful for my needs.Sure. Just delete the locally stored iOS apps in your iTunes Library.
I don't understand the icon complaints. It's just an icon and it can easily be changed on Mac OS X, unlike with iOS, if one so desires.This is an issue I've experienced. They simply don't have enough contrast between the foreground and background tabs.The transparency is kind of cool when another color goes behind it but it's more inline with what I expect from a sci-fi movie, not something that helps usability. It's a fluff feature I hope we can turn off.I'm not sure what...
There is a sidebar when you click on Playlist from the top-center menu. The real difference is that each of the segments (TV Shows, Movies, Music, etc.) have quasi-unique sidebars. Meaning, they show only the library items of iTunes menu icons you've chosen at the top-left, but they list all Playlists, even if they don't or can't contain any items of the Media Kind. If anything this seems like Apple is separating the various types of media which is what people have been...
I think this is very different from all previous versions of iTunes.
1) Yes, but I also didn't have that problem with beta 3.2) Do a manual backup via iTunes with iOS betas before updating.It's new as of WWDC. I'm guessing it's to help with Swift adoption.https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=07112014aI'm hoping it's just something they haven't included yet. If it's not I'll have to rethink my entire setup which likely means no buying a Mac mini once it's updated.
1) So far so good, but I didn't have any issues expect for audio in the last beta, which is now fixed.2) The Light and Dark Mode dropdown option has been removed and replaced with a checkbox to darken only the Menu Bar and Dock. I wonder if it was proving too difficult to make all the apps dark.3) I regret installing iTunes 12. When accessing a Home Sharing device there is no access to my playlists. That is the primary way I access my iTunes content.Why can't they do that...
Mea culpa. That said, there is definitely an argument to be made for having a wider range of Macs but there is also an argument to be made that it wouldn't increase profit and could end up costing the company money.
Your Harry Potter spells aren't going to work here.How do you get only 6 models? I get 27 just from what you've stated and that doesn't include the various colours or different cellular frequency bands for different networks. That's 81 different models without including any variance for baseband radio differences.
That probably won't change since that's what they said when Jobs was CEO. Only after he died did the asshats move the goalposts to say, "Sure, Jobs could do it, but now Apple will crumble."
I called this one. Nothing? Nothing at all has been released since Cook became CEO?Just in 2013 aloneā€¦13" MBP refreshed twice that year.15" MBP refreshed twice that year.21.5" iMac refreshed twice that year.27" iMac refreshed.11" MBA refreshed.13" MBA refreshed.The New Mac Pro was introduced after 9 years of the same design.iPad Air was introduced.Retina iPad mini was introduced.High-end iPhone was refreshed.Mid-range iPhone was introduced to tackle more markets and...
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