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The 6+ passed all my hand usage and front pocket pants tests. I even took a seat on their table to make sure it wasn't pressing anywhere uncomfortably when in my pocket.Because of the longer battery and my infrequent use of my Retina iPad mini I opted to give it a whirl for the next year.I settled on the T-Mobile, 5.5", Silver/White, 64GB purchased through T-Mo with their 0% financing and no contract.I'll be switching from AT&T which unbelievably is showing LTE in my area...
Not so fast. All we can determine from this information is that the CPU and RAM aren't fabricated by Samsung. There could be other components not yet detailed, components that go into a component that Samsung makes (e.g: an amp in the included PSU), or a facility or machinery leased or sold by Samsung to another company to build their products. I bet money that Samsung is involved with this iPhone in some way.
In the previous betas when you had a small music icon near the center of the screen that you could press to have it give you the song info via Shazam. They removed it a beta or two ago.
If they have a proper type of curvature and are as thin, sure.
I have no idea what is going on in this thread.
I'm curious about the digital card branding for ´ú┐Pay. It's definitely a convenient way make it easy to tell which one is your car while giving the bank their branding, but I wonder if you can change it on your own.For instance you have two cards that are very similar looking and you don't want to have to memorize the last four digits shown.I also wonder how it's set up. Does this card image identifier come from the bank, Apple servers, built into every iPhone 6/6+ (which...
To be fair there is a combative history between the English and everyone else in the world.
I wonder if it's the standard bigotry toward the Irish.
My store is typically only has a dozen or two people queueing up but today it's a good 250 to 300. The local college starts up next week, but these coincide with each other each year. My guess is this iPhone release will break all sorts of new records.When the store opens at 10am I'll go inside to check them out. If the 6+ can pass all my tests then I may get it. If not, then the other. I'm definitely going with 64GB, and likely going with Space @Marvin Grey but the latter...
Really?! I thought he was the one repeatedly saying it existed without being able to supply any proof to his assertion. I don't recall his position on whether he wanted one or not but usually when poster keeps posting a speculative claim as unwavering fact using circumstantial evidence they tent to want it, at least from my experience.
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