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My study of undersea fiber optic cables back-in-the-day detailed that the fiber optic lines were "erbium doped", meaning that element was added to the fiber optic line at specific intervals and when a specific wavelength of a laser interacts with it from the source end making the optical signal amplified.I thought it was only needed on one end with the specific intervals of erbium doping causing the signal to be applied again, but perhaps this is a one jump process thus...
Don't forget the iPad 2 with the 32nm A5 chip after the iPad (3) was being sold.
That sounds like an exceptionally compelling reason to me.
It does appear that way. This may be a Monster Cable Scenario. Meaning, Monster Cables may have slightly better impedance, slightly better shielding, or even be made slightly better but it doesn't warrant the cost and you're not going to get a better experience from them, so I wonder if the chances of a severe hurricane hitting Curaçao is so slight that it really wasn't a concern for Apple.So what is the reason? Taxes? Protection? Cost? Some major trunk line? Something...
But that's only based when you know the power usage of the handset. For example, the current iphone 5S has a 1560 mAh battery, so if we were to increase it to 2915 mAh that's an 87% more usage time gain with all other things being equal.Hopefully all the new iPhones will have longer usage times but if they are getting larger screens and if they are getting higher resolution and potentially higher PPI displays, along with a faster processor with more RAM, 802.11ac, and any...
1) Wow, there really are no hurricanes in Panama according to that map.2) That map looks like a kid got to it with their crayons.3) We should looking at this report as being accurate to determine why Apple would choose Curaçao over Panama (or anywhere else).
I know nothing of their stability as a nation or tax laws but just looking at their submarine network cable map it's definitely not a bad place for a DC. http://www.submarinecablemap.com/#/landing-point/balboa-panama PS: I've never been to Curacao. I'll have to check that off my list at some time.
That's a problem for being an Apple product. I doubt Apple will go that route for waterproofing their devices until you don't need to do that to make it water-resistant. Even then I would expect them to advertise it basically being splash resistant without any claim for being able to be submerged to specific depths to 1) protect themselves, and 2) under promise and over deliver as their tech will get tested on Day 0 to their limitations.
What the **** is up with you?
Yep, the only time I've ever had a good question¡
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