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To be fair there is a combative history between the English and everyone else in the world.
I wonder if it's the standard bigotry toward the Irish.
My store is typically only has a dozen or two people queueing up but today it's a good 250 to 300. The local college starts up next week, but these coincide with each other each year. My guess is this iPhone release will break all sorts of new records.When the store opens at 10am I'll go inside to check them out. If the 6+ can pass all my tests then I may get it. If not, then the other. I'm definitely going with 64GB, and likely going with Space @Marvin Grey but the latter...
Really?! I thought he was the one repeatedly saying it existed without being able to supply any proof to his assertion. I don't recall his position on whether he wanted one or not but usually when poster keeps posting a speculative claim as unwavering fact using circumstantial evidence they tent to want it, at least from my experience.
I'm upset by this. I invested heavily in construction companies all set to rebuild Hadrian's Wall.Are you serious?
Then I agree with Cook's words. Apple hasn't created a backdoor but it's certainly possible for anyone to find one. I also don't think Apple is not closing security breaches when they figure theme out.
Explain, please.
Most of humanity are reactive more than proactive. You and I can benefit from these lazy and/or ignorant and/or unintelligent people.
1) Picture 1 increased by desire for the 6 Plus by 15% and picture 7 (with the hands) increased it by another 5% for a total of 30% against the iphone 6 at 68%. I've holding at 2% for the new Blackerry designed by PorscheĀ” 2) The video was a great touch as I'm going to do exactly that (or at least attempt to) when I hit the Apple Store tomorrow. I don't wear skinny jeans but my suits are bespoke, but when wearing a suit I like to store my phone in the left jacket pocket...
I always wait for AnandTech's review before getting those specs. Since AnandTech seems to get them with other reviews now hopefully their have all their tested done by next week.I think it's likely Samsung (and others) will continue to suffer massive losses on their high end, something that was shrinking this past year already. Was that on mere rumours of a larger iPhone, a saturation of Android-based smartphone high-end, or other vendors stealing their customers....
New Posts  All Forums: