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I don't think it's necessarily Amazon resisting. How I understand it, those kinds of cards are issued and protected by the financial institution, in this case Chase, but are still controlled by another entity, in case Amazon, or some other company between Amazon and Chase.For example, my card from the airline I usually fly is an MC issued by Barclay. Barclay Bank isn't yet supported, but when they are I'll see if my card is also automatically supported.
I feel transparency is better for Apple, and no reasonable person — which of course means no analysts or people with two-z's in their username — will comment that 1 million unit sales per quarter isn't a lot, but we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars and we'll still be able to get a general idea based on how their Accessories category changes from QtQ and YoY.How many $350 and up watches does the Swatch Group sell per quarter? Their entire market cap is $23B, and...
1) I can think of very few wars that "destroy, eradicate, and erase" their opponent.2) How many other OEMs are still making traditional "PCs" after 30+ years, not to mention succeeding at it turning a good profit?
I'm sure they do, but it's a combinations of right moves by Apple, which includes lower prices, more competitive prices, better integration with iDevices, being able to experience them in their stores, and, of course, the gateway effect of the customer satisfaction of their other products.
He just published that yesterday for today's Monday Note..
I think it will, to a degree. I certainly am not a heavy iPad user but I owned most of them for that odd time when they are the best tool for the job. The iPhone 6 Plus, while large, can help fill the role of two devices so I can see people buying an iP6+ and then not updating their iPad.But don't infer I'm saying the iPad will crumble. The iPad is a widely successful device that can't be disputed, even with the haters suggesting that the drop in unit sales mean it's a...
This never would have happened if Steve were alive¡ Did I do that right?
1) I don't know, that sounds like a BS answer to not being confident on how Watch is going to play out.2) JLG just touted Apple for their breaking out their unit sales and revenue.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting and why I don't expect it to be available out go the gate. That's the only way I can see it happening if the card issuer is to be in control without a middle-man like PayPal in the mix.
Maybe next year it will work on websites, but with a different represetnational card number for each site/company since they will be seeing our card number since it passes through them.
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