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So your claim is that Apple is aware of every issue you've had before you've had it? Can you prove that?
It's a great display so there is no need to make artificial claims about the specs.PS: Going to Preferences and then change to BB Code Editor will prevent you having those weird formatting issues.
I see them all the time and know many people that own them. They stand out due to their high gloss colours.
Why do you think the LG 34UMP is 4K?
I love that aspect ratio (2.39 based on the resolution, not 2.33) and at 34" it's only means the display height is only 0.1" shorter than the current 27" 16:9 displays Apple offers, but it's not 4K UHD. It's about 60% of the pixels found in a 16:9 4K UHD display.
iPad Shot The Sheriff–Bob Marley, circa 1973
Unless I feel that holding a 4.7" iPhone is all I need to make that decision then I might do that. That said, I don't think that's a big issue for Apple, expect for launch weekend and first quarter sales figures as the analysts might predict doom and gloom, but over all not a big issue for Apple since these customers are going to buy an iPhone either way.
So far I've found no way to alter it. I hope it turns out to be possible.
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