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That's one big Nike Swoosh right over your head.
Doesn't look like. Google says the Nike CEO is Mark Parker.Here is a list of their current board of directors.http://www.apple.com/pr/bios/edit: And no one on Nike's board appears to work for Apple.http://investors.nikeinc.com/Investors/Corporate-Governance/Board-of-Directors/default.aspx
Sure, it's still 5k people but the big difference is that there are 5k that didn't just happen to be up and at their computer reading tech news the moment it hit so they could be one of the 5k people to sign up in the first 1 minute and 11 seconds. ONE minute and ELEVEN seconds for 2013's WWDC.We can say both sets of groups are lucky, but is really an equal chance? Depending on where you are in the world you may never get a shot at attending WWDC because you're sleeping,...
What about a health-related device, not necessarily about fitness?That definitely crossed my mind when I heard about this.
Could Samsung's deal with the Swiss be a defensive measure for their current court case? Meaning, Apple points out licensing deals Apple has made and Samsung says they also have them? I know, that sounds really weak but I'm trying to find an alternative to simply using that clock face in the Galaxy S6.
According to a recent thread on AI the solution is do absolutely nothing to protect your valuables because no security is guaranteed.
It seems odd that Apple make such a statement when they haven't announced an Phone 6. Could you be making shit up in your head by taking an unsubstantiated rumour and then contorting in your head until it becomes anti-Apple rhetoric you now see as an unwavering fact?1) The iPhone 5S already contains a "tiny sliver of man-made sapphire" and it didn't go up by $100 so may want to try to find a better argument.2) The Note 3 has a "super-huge display" and it's price is more...
Is there a Ouija board app for the IPad? If so I think some of these people are dealing with gremlins or perhaps a demon that goes by the name Bezelzebub.
Since when are you allowed to delete trailing digits in a whole number? I'd think it was clear that a system that can use two or more periods (as well as letters) are not using them as decimal points like in math but as simple separators; so I honestly don't understand why people have such a hard time with using a period as separator the way it's commonly used with phone numbers (800.555.1212) or dates (2014.04.18) but can't wrap their head around for it a version number....
What if it's not possible at any price right now?
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