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I saw them for about a 4 month period on Facebook.
How about you look at the fucking pictures and/or videos of CR v Apple's testing methods.
Not even close.
1) I wouldn't have made any such statement as fact. I am even asking how they know it's AMOLED even though that is what I expected it to be for years now even though it (like NFC) have been curse words on this site.2) Note that Ive states "it's been laminated [..] single crystal of sapphire," which doesn't answer my question about that display being malleable by the user, especially when he follows it up with how hard sapphire is. his comment could be also be inferred to...
I disagree on making it free.1) That sounds more like a digitizer matrix than a display that is going to physically warp through sapphire or glass when pressed. I didn't notice the physical indentation of the display when pressed. Is there a screenshot to show it's being physically warped with a hard press?2) Again, Ive saying flexiblity does not answer any question I've asked. In fact, I'd say you two are being inflexible by not understanding how the term flex can be used...
I think it's easy for them from an engineering standpoint, but I think they like the symmetry and/or think that front is too iconic to change. Personally I'd like to see a major revision in that area.I think most people aren't considering how the diagonal measure and the changes in the rest of the device affect usability. I think most only consider a 0.5" or 1.5" change then attribute that to its width for their current device thickness, side-bezel, and edge curve.
I'm not seeing your point. How does the display flex when it's surrounded on all sides by inflexible materials? Again, there is a huge difference between a component that is flexible that can therefore be manipulated to fit a design and a component that is designed to be repeatedly flexed by the user.
No one expects the growth rate to be so high that the installed base for a brand new device with only one full quarter of sales is higher than devices that have been out for one or more years. The best metric to use is the quarterly sales numbers. If the iPhone 6 series is a market failure we would expect to see low adoption rates compared to previous iPhone releases for a give price point and/or capacity and/or capacity tier.
New Posts  All Forums: