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I don't see that happening unless Apple gets with the car manufacturers to create something akin to Pay as I don't think they''ll be opening up their NFC any time soon. That said, I don't think NFC is a great solution due to the range required. BT with Touch ID seems like a much better fit for this technology, although that does mean the BT HW has to be receiving constantly in the car for this to work. Is that feasible?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCO0jFoJ1xY
We now a confirmation that Tim Cook is gay, even though many feel they knew it already even though it was just speculation.I've need seen 50+ Thumbs Up on AI's forums. Well done.
Demand is still high in the US, too.http://www.seaturtle.org/idevice/iphone6_grid.shtmlI know it's a lot of work but I'm surprised Apple didn't have several countries on the ready for Pay.
@NasserAE was saying something similar. MS is definitely getting a pass here. Even the similar looking Samsung device was scrutinized more.
40 kids who literally use it for one day before choosing something else does not inspire. Seriously though, I really can't imagine there being a resurgence for such a limited device among teenagers. If BB is to survive they'll have to do better.
Oh, I absolutely expect that to affect them, but I don't know how much business the new iPhone would have done for their entire chip line or the profits they would have made from it.To be clear, I am saying Samsung will still make the older chips for Apple for at least a couple years.
"Normal running speed" is a pointless metric for a chip. The only way that term is viable is referring to the Nexus 9 whose normal running speed is 2.4GHz and the iPhone 6/6+ whose normal running speed is 1.4GHz, but even just stating the clock rate is worthless without other metrics. In this case, Geekbench showing single and multi-core performance to show that the A8 has better performance at a much lower clock rate, but we still can't figure out the power cost for a...
So that means they haven't made any profits up until this point? That means they can't possibly make any profit in the future? That means another Android-based OEM will become the dominate player for this current quarter? Finally, that means Samsung isn't currently making chips for Apple?That is everything in my comment. Now please explain to me which part(s) are not accurate that would lead to you being so sure I don't understand the term "a drop in profits," which is not...
They have made and are still making a lot of money using Android. I don't expect them to stop being the dominant Android OEM anytime soon. They also didn't stop making chips and are still making millions of chips per quarter for Apple.
If you mean purchased by at least two teenagers, then I'll agree, but I don't think it will be a success among teenagers.
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