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Why would you want to create an image when you can just back up all your files without the OS and boot partition(s)? A backup means you can restore to any device with the same OS, regardless of the HW.
What does the memory have to do with it? The Retina iPad had the widest memory lanes AnandTech had ever seen in an ARM processor and that was only 32-bit.Why can't Apple do the design have someone else fab it, Apple does the testing, and tells them what they need to change?And with the Samsung label on the previous chips and these chips being complex SoCs how do we know if Samsung was involved with dabbing all aspects of the chip?
I think Apple would not get their money either way.but it's going to those that are creating an unnatural void in the market which pushes typical customers get annoyed with ridiculously long lines, being turned away for not having the model they want, having to wait longer for the model they want (even with an online purchase), or buying at an inflated price from another source. This hurts Apple's image for those that have to deal with this. Imagine living next to one of...
Possibly, but some of the most expensive apps I've ever bought were through Cydia (or whatever the store was called). The most expensive app I ever bought was for Apple's App Store. It was TomTom (and I bought 3 copies of it, three for myself, 2 as gifts).Perhaps ironically, the only app I ever pirated when I did jailbreak to get additional features was the TomTom app for iOS. The reason I pirated it was so I could test it out since Apple doesn't offer a trial period...
They did. In fact, you could even say Verizon has been long term on the evolution of GSM.
Being the devils advocate:I'm Jack Bauer and I'm trying to stop a nuclear bomb that uses a cell phone as a trigger.You're talking very loudly on your phone during a movie.
That's where you lost me.
When do you look at them? it's the display you look at.What is your suggestion? Don't use NFC or make the back out of plastic so it's one giant plastic band?
I decided to go with T-Mobile to trade in my 16GB Space Grey iPhone 5S from AT&T. They are giving me $352 (locked in since I won't receive my new iPhone for 1-8 weeks), as well as paying my ETF to leave AT&T, so about another $220-$240.
But if you don't need to carry a wallet it could lower your total pocket bulge.
New Posts  All Forums: