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To whom are you replying? The quote feature is great for making easy work of that for you.
That would mean there is no accountability in the 2nd term, and since the first term is meant to not rock the boat and has excessive time wasted on campaigning it's simply a bad design in this modern world of near instant communication.
No, but I haven't seen an argument that would show how it's good for Apple.
I guess Monday is starting off with a troll. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the week. It wasn't clear to me? That doesn't even make sense.
OT: I'm not a fan of the two-term system. Too much of that time is spent weighing action against what it might cost you in the next election and the direct time spent in rerunning. I propose a single 6 year term. You get in you work your ass off and then you leave.
So where exactly am I trying to rewrite history? I thought my comment was clear. Since Apple only has one CEO I thought it was clear I was referring to Cook and the naysayers that claim Apple hasn't released any new products because they haven't released any new product categories. My initial comment may not have been as clear as it could be but you also made an erroneous assumption, which is something you have yet to admit.PS: You've edited your last two posts. Does that...
He quoted exactly what I wrote. I edited my comment after I read his reply to make my comment more clear.
Not entirely. They want you to be silent if you you decide to question the word of God or talk about civil liberties.
I'm not talking about Maestri.
How is this possible when Apple hasn't updated anything since Cook became CEO¬°
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