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1) I still haven't heard a solid solution as to how they would implement that securely without requiring installing apps for each user account or how they would use a single app installation per device that would infuse the proper user files as needed, or how they will prevent a major power and performance hit for keeping accounts and apps running on other users, like with OS X and Windows.2) Perhaps the new Family Sharing plan is a step in that direction. Perhaps the...
Is sex trafficking in Dubai still an issue? It's not documented like typical labourers so I think it could go unnoticed by GNRD and other groups but I have to assume it's an issue… as I assume it's an issue nearly everywhere in the world.
Does that include all the reports of labourers brought over from other countries with the promise of good pay just to have their passports held and wages garnished or not paid at all because of bait and switch tactics? I don't know if those reports are true, but I've certainly read about them.
No wonder it's so tough to find ice cubes in the Middle East¡ 😜One of us is misreading @monstrosity's comment because to me it sounds like he was backing up your statement.
1) SATA certainly does add latency.2) I asked because everything legitimate shows that PCIe speeds are faster that SATA.
1) Remember that there fewer paid Mac developers than paid iOS developers, which is probably why Apple has done a public beta for Mac OS X and won't ever need to for iOS (at least not with its current developer popularity).2) Yes, as well as just between iDevices if that's the only setup you have.
I get that, hence my comment.
I didn't. I just assumed based on the release dates that it would match up with my developer betas. I was shocked to find out that the public beta is still at the same level of the 4th dev beta which doesn't have Handoff working properly.
I care not for any labels or even being right, I only care about being correct. I state things incorrectly and misremember things all the time. When I do, and you can show how or where I am incorrect I want you (and everyone else) to let me know. Make me look like an asshole (if that's how you see it) but I want to know what the correct information is.
You clearly stated they didn't use it.
New Posts  All Forums: