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Your personal attacks aside, this is what I don't get about your comment. You're perfectly fine with the mental imagery of 9/11 attacks on the WTC using Galaxy phones but you're not fine with AI using a photo of tsunami after Samsung mentions it. That sounds pretty fucked up to me.
What image of a tsunami would be acceptable to represent Samsung's words? Am I to assume that no image is acceptable but the language of an overpowering natural event is perfectly fine? I've never seen that image before but I can't imagine any image of a tsunami or hurricane or lightning strike or tornado would affect me if there were no people being shown in the image.
1) There is no proof this is accurate.2) Have you ever played Blackjack? Doubling down only means you're investing double, it doesn't guarantee results. The colloquial usage by Tim means that Apple will be investing more and working harder to prevent leaks (which may be more or less than exactly double a previous amount) but it also doesn't guarantee results.
1) Where the hell have you been?2) A website that lists the automakers and models that offer CarPlay, along with requirements and costs, like buying the navigation package since that's the only way to get the 7", colour, touch display on most cars, after-market units with prices that include CarPlay, and I don't see why it couldn't also include MS's Windows in the Car and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance on the site as those will be coming down the line now that Apple has...
Unless I'm mistaken it's not adding anything to the current prices. That's how much those after-market units cost before CarPlay was ever announced.edit: Three of the 5 listed on Pioneer's compatibility page were for sale before CarPlay was even announced and none of them on Amazon even mention any CarPlay support at this time.http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/CarPlay/
OK, I see what you mean. The only negative experience I have with my car is hitting the End Call button accidentally whilst driving but I can see how needing to look at the screen at all can be distracting. I think the solution is better voice activation, which is something Google should be able to best Apple at with their current state of Siri and Google Now, but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple has a big demonstration on Siri improvements that include Eyes Free usage...
if you wish to restate your point I'll gladly analyze it and be more attentive to it the next time, but I'm not going to look back through the thread to rediscover a point you're not willing to restate.
That's a good point. As much as I want the display to get close to the edge it could usability with a case as well as the effectiveness of the case if it needs to reduce some of the edge coverage to allow for proper usability.
I suppose that's possible since you're purposely trying to jack this thread by not following basic forum etiquette, but your premise was that Apple should only support VoLTE in their devices to force every carrier in the world to update their systems.
They eventually removed it once it was used by so few people that it wasn't work maintaining. What you want Apple to do is artificially drop all backwards compatibility from their baseband chips despite this being included on the chips so that Apple's iPhone sales will come to a halt. Did Apple drop SMS and email when they created iMessage? Did Apple drop Safari when they created the App Store? Did Apple drop 802.11n when they added 802.11ac? Why even suggest Apple...
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