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What happened to calling it The Scottish Play? Oh yeah, this is the 21st century and we're not superstitious idiots.
Jobsium? Jobsanthium? Stevium? Boomanthium? Onemorethingium?
1) You can reduce the transparency as well add some contrast to objects in System Preferences » Accessibility » Display. Note that I types in 'trans' for transparency to get the Preferences app to show me where it's located.2) A UI can be broken or unexpected, especially if the user interface isn't easy to use.
I'm curious as to why the insurance didnt cover it.
The technology wasn't there in 2007. It was barely there for the iPhone.
Good points. What we really need are the same set of robust questions and commands asked for the various tests (although perhaps not written out for us to see so neither company can dope their results artificially) and completed by many individuals using both devices each time so we can an idea for accuracy with various accents, dialects, and other speech patterns. I'd also like you see various languages detailed.
1) I am surprised to see Siri doing so well, especially where it bests Google Now in key areas. Perhaps the real-time-ish transcription will go a long way to alter that perception of it being slower than Google Now. 2) I'm surprised that iOS 6 and iOS 7 results for accuracy are so different when I assume this is all handled on the server. I wonder what devices they used for each.
My first advice would have been not to cold call these people but that clearly has worked out in spades.
1) Whom do you think puts that list together? Customer service reps? Apple Store retail employees? Paid Apple employees reading forums looking for otherwise undisclosed bugs? Do you think Apple's various developer teams are intimately aware of what is going on at the Apple Store in Chongqing, China or do you think they are focusing on the job they are paid to do? I'm guessing the latter.2) When Mac OS X Yosemite gets released as a public beta there will be a Bug Reporting...
“PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in."– Ed Colligan, Palm CEO, circa 2007
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