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1) The numbers seem low for all the Apple TV models. Based on this Wikipedia page it looks closer to 30 million units if we assume the $1 billion in Apple TV revenue refers only to unit sales, and not from revenue gained from giving others a "channel" on the Apple TV home page or any rentals and purchases that may have been through the device, which we both believe is not the case.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_TV#Sales2) I agree that an App Store would be great but I...
Does that mean 7x the dividend moving on plus whatever the increase is per share or will the dividend also be divided by 7?
1) PCs can't restore themselves without access to a restore disk or disk image either. It's true iOS devices currently needs iTunes for grabbing the IPSW for a restore but there is no reason why that has to be always be the case. Apple could, if they wanted to, use the same techniques for booting the Mac into a recovery mode to download the installation files without needing to plug it into iTunes first. I don't think that will happen for a variety of reasons but they...
Nice chart, but I agree with others that it's confusing. That said, it's not your fault it's confusing it's Apple's for being all over the place with their iPhone model type naming conventions.
You've been busy making that game?
I think it makes sense. The iPhone 5 essentially became the iPhone 5C when they put the same basic 2012 components into a new, colour casing and dropped the iPhone 5 from the line up. Those were both unprecedented moves, except for the original iPhone which they got rid of all together.Now I'm not saying they will do this as Apple doesn't seem to follow any pattern, at least not for long, but I can definitely see them putting the iPhone 5S's basic hardware into a cheaper...
If they are keeping the 4" version how can you say they are giving up on single-handed use. By keeping that size it would mean they simply adding another option, not letting anything go.
So what was the date Android was acquired if not August 17th, 2005?
Does anyone know someone that uses their pointer finger for the Home Button (and Touch ID)? These people are the slowest users. My aunt does this and she typically moves her hand in some arch that goes about a foot above the device when she wants to touch another part of it. It's ridiculous.
Did Google not buy Android, which had no shipping OS, in August 2005?Did Apple not announce and demo a working iPhone in January 2007?Did Forestall not state that he started the iPhone project in 2005?Was it not stated that before the iPhone project the IP was being developed for a tablet project?If you think that Apple took everything it did to make that iPhone demo in 2007 in under 1 year, 4 months, and 25 days I think you're nuts but that would also mean that Apple is...
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