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No one expects the growth rate to be so high that the installed base for a brand new device with only one full quarter of sales is higher than devices that have been out for one or more years. The best metric to use is the quarterly sales numbers. If the iPhone 6 series is a market failure we would expect to see low adoption rates compared to previous iPhone releases for a give price point and/or capacity and/or capacity tier.
That's the odd part of this story, no mention of a new Apple display. Can the current DisplayPort(Thunderbolt) handle 5K resolution with one port interface or will they have to use two ports like the old DVI setup?Personally, I'd like to see a wider aspect ratio but the same height so about a 31.5" display.
Installed base or marketahare for that quarter?I find it hard to believe that in Apple's first fiscal quarter of 2013 the iPhone 4S was selling more than 2 units for every one model of the flagship iPhone 5 for a given market.
So far the only thing I think I can predict with relative certainly is the iPhone 6 series will be the best selling 4.5"+ devices on the market.Samsung was already showing signs of declining smartphone sales so I expect this to hit them hard over the next year.PS: I could see the 4" returning next year. Sometimes removing something can make people realize how much they want it. This worked splendidly for Coke Classic sales.PPS: My roommate just moved from the iPhone 4S to...
I have no proof, but NO NO NO WAY!.
That guy doesn't look small and yet that watch seems very thick on his wrist.PS: You can add an image to this forum without first uploading it to AI? I hadn't realized that before.
That would be interesting, and frankly not completely unexpected since the phablet category of devices have not been widely popular according to Google's own Android analytics, and the 5S is still the flagship device in many countries right now.
It's definitely the part I find the least attractive. As for changing it, Apple tends to keep their "Home" designs for a very long time.
1) I've suggesting for a couple years now that AMOLED would likely be the best choice for a wearable because of the deep black that would meld into the border nicely, as well the ability to have very few pixels lit up for the clock or other tasks to help conserve battery life, and the demo we saw definitely points in that direction, but how does NPD DisplaySearch know this as a fact?2) How can NPD DisplaySearch make this prediction down to the penny but then not be clear...
Assuming you bolded the quoted text, as that is what I read, it doesn't contradict itself. There is an interesting phenomenon that I think many can attest to when going from the 3.5" iPhone to the 4" where it didn't seem like a much bigger display, but going back to the 3.5" display it did seem much, much smaller. This is about perception. The weight also didn't feel that much lighter but going back to the 3.5" the weight different felt much more extreme. With the the...
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