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Do you have citations for any of those comments because I don't recall Jobs saying any of those things.
Who the hell figured out that you can eat something that you've left rot for a year and smells like cat pee? I assume that only comes from a dare or desperation.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hákarl
He doesn't seem to know what a slur is, as he confuses it with a stereotype that is no different than saying Americans eat hamburgers and Italians eat pasta, but he did get ethnicity correct.ethnicity |eTHˈnisitē|noun (pl. ethnicities)- the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.It's a very broad term that is most defined by the culture of a nation even though we seem to be using it more and more to define one's race...
1) And here I thought it was Earth's scientists. 2) The term hole is another misnomer. It's a hole in the same way anything with a gravitational pull can suck things into it but the shape is mostly spherical, right? I assume that because of the high rotational speeds it does have an equatorial bulge despite it's gravitational pull.
I think it's Iceland that has some fish they salt and leave under the ground to rot for a year before eating at a festival.(All that info could be wrong so I'll see if I can find more info.
1) Seriously? You really should learn to be better at choosing your battles. Furthermore, I bet you never considered my ethnicity. Why do you think that is?2) Can you prove that Scotland doesn't export haggis. It sounds gross too many but it's quite good, albeit not good for you.
1) I agree that's in unnecessary, especially why they allow macrumors to be linked which is say is inarguably more of a competitor. So why that one site? Maybe they just don't care enough to change it or have a beef with the 9to5mac guy (forgot his name).2) The U.S. is a "free" countey which gives the owners of AI the right to block whomever they wish, providing it doesn't fall into certain categories. Regardless of how I feel about this annoyance they do have the right.
Even your first Q&A contradicts your last sentence. You should have said "surrounded by space" but you said they are in space. You're using the same word interchangably to mean different things. Imagine the word soup meant the entirely of the contents in the pot or the space between larger ingredients being suspended in the soup. We are part of space and we are surrounded by space, depending on your usage.Note the name isn't called outer space grey. You've made two...
Of course, no one is debating the reasons for sapphire for Touch ID, but I'm responding to a comment that states the 2nd year of the iPhone styling will have all the same exact materials of the 1st year styling simply because Apple doesn't ever change that up. Since the iPhone 5S came out with a sapphire Home Button while the iPhone 5 had glass(?) it shows his statement to be untrue, so one must accept the possibility that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus could have a sapphire...
I'm pretty sure haggis exports aren't that significant.
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