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Those are all separate things. My Band would presumably be some other name you can choose.
I haven't seen that. Where did it beat the A8 in performance using the same power envelope. Or are you saying that the K1 was clocked much higher and beat the A8 without any regard for power requirements, which makes it a pointless test when comparing a mobile processor?
The most interesting part is that this occurred before there were even rumours of a 4.5" plus iPhone. Now that they exist I expect Samsung and other OEMs to see an even faster drop in the following quarters.
That means it shouldn't be noted when a company is losing ground? Plus, it's meaningless to make a comment about nothing lasting forever. There is no argument there. You might as well just answer everything with, "In about 5 billion years the Sun will be gone and life on this planet will be dead."
I presume all MS Bands comes with a label to get an MRI immediately because only someone with a severe head injury would buy an MS Band? (@Relic, It's just a joke, I'm not really saying that people shouldn't buy this product.)
I think that's a solid hypothetical to image.If I had to consider a contract with Apple this GTAT crap wouldn't be an issue, all I would concern myself were what Apple wanted, what I wanted, what specifically was in the contract, and if it could reasonably be accomplished for the timeframe, payment, quality, and quantity they were expected.
Then what do you call the penalty that merchants suffer by not abiding by their contractual obligations?The problem is Pay isn't so much a market than a means to an end for markets players. I expect there will be competitors living side-by-side with Pay but that will be a revamped Google Wallet on Android-based devices, whatever MS does win WinPh, and whatever other mobile OSes gain traction.Will Apple ever open up NFC to be used by third-party devs?Brilliant¡
This is just weird.
Huh? So you're saying Apple illegally used their power to coerce them into signing a contract?
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