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He's not saying that. He's saying that if an individual doesn't get the ad doesn't mean that Apple has failed to target the ad properly. I like the ad and I've read many positive comments so it's working on some level.
It's working fine. There are no avatars allowed on [desktop] AI threads[, which I assume is why you think it's not working correctly.]
Yes, I'm saying that whatever team puts the bug list together is not aware of any bugs for that release; anything else would be disingenuous. Whether there are people reporting bugs in their developer portal or if Apple's slow to respond to those is a completely different issue.
Yes, but it has to be someone from the Mac OS X development team.
I saw one recent report that had the 5S as Number 1 and the 5C as number 5 for the world. That's no market failure but it may be in Apple's eyes or in comparison to previous year-old iPhones by internal components.
You did. You said EITHER Apple isn't acknowledging it which implies they know about it or they are using sleazy language to give themselves plausible deniability, despite "No known bugs" being pretty fucking clear. You created a scenario that doesn't allow for their developers to not be aware of a particular bug. You did!
So your claim is that Apple is aware of every issue you've had before you've had it? Can you prove that?
It's a great display so there is no need to make artificial claims about the specs.PS: Going to Preferences and then change to BB Code Editor will prevent you having those weird formatting issues.
I see them all the time and know many people that own them. They stand out due to their high gloss colours.
Why do you think the LG 34UMP is 4K?
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