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So why do you have a problem with a woman who is 30yo using an egg she harvested a decade earlier?
I came up with this from reading. There are innumerable reports by every sovereign nation on the issue of resource need and resource renewal. Our growth rate is simply not sustainable under these conditions. Note that you'll see that ideal and peak population levels are based on a lot of soft data, as well as assumptions about "quality of life." Sustainable for the average person in India v average person in America v average person in Iceland you get vastly different...
Because I define early as, "happening or done before the usual or expected time." As I stated previously I think that it should be done once all those factor you later stated have happened, not before or during.
Based on the previous posts early is not after college, after getting married and after having stable professional careers.
You wrote, "If you are going to have children, I think you should do it early and learn to juggle parenting and career."At what age are humans biologically ready to have children? At what age do American humans typically graduate college and embark on a career?
So you think it's better to have children before you have an education, career, stability, or money? I don't. I think people should only have children when it's feasible, not because of a mistake, to save their failing relationship, to trap a guy, because you're lonely, you thought it would be cool, you think it will make you more mature, or any other reason. This is a new life were talking about not a gym membership! If you're goal for having a child is to satisfy your...
What do you think is the prime breeding age?
As a general rule it doesn't seem to be a good idea but I would say it's a better idea than a girl getting pregnant at 15yo.
THAT IS NOT PAY!How can you know that for sure. I would say Pay is probably faster and more convenient because using Touch ID is easier and faster than typing in a PIN. Of course, Google Wallet doesn't have the Secure Element so perhaps access to it on the NAND in the OS is faster than Apple's discrete solution built with security in mind. That said, I would wager that the time difference between accessing and decrypting the data is much smaller between devices than the...
Are you joking or do you really think I mean for them to wait until they are retired and on Medicare?
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