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They can because "Android" is open source. It's a confusing mess, but that's probably by design so they can say "Android is open" whist strong-arming vendors as the term "Android" is used to multiple things.
Meh. I cared more for the longer bumper-to-bumper warranty than anything else.
MS does have a good mobile OS. Not great on ecosystem but that's more a result of not being popular which they can't seem to do this late in the game because they aren't popular.
1) Don't forget Hyundai and LG.2) I bought a Hyundai. So far a good deal for the money.
I thought we were talking about wearables.
I don't those screen protectors either. They only seem to make the screen look less bright and more hazy.
Sure, but does it still use Java?So if Samsung wants to leverage Tizen it's wrong? Does that make Apple wanting to leverage their OS wrong, too? I at least support a company wanting to be more independent and frankly I'm happy to see Google and Samsung duke it out.
For a wearable it might be a better fit than Android. The iPod Nano with a touchscreen still doesn't use iOS so I even wonder if Apple would use iOS in the rumoured iWatch.
1) Does that make it right?2) Google losing Samsung is a major hit against their Android adoption. If they can't get Samsung to offer Android in wearables then Android may never have a chance to gain a dominate marketshare. For that reason I want Samsung to successfully offer Tizen in all their devices that might otherwise run Android.
They use iDevices perfectly fine and Win8 Metro buttons are much larger than iOS icons. I think it comes down to be convenience and functionality which results in usability.
New Posts  All Forums: