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I currently have a 4x4GB disk RAID 10 (connected to a Mac). Which Synology model do you recommend for my needs?
It's not about forcing anyone to do anything, it's about making a system that generates more net profit for the financial institutions.
You've piqued my interest, but I'm unclear how a device that doesn't run iTunes will be able to show a shared library in the iTunes app on another device.
One PoV is that it's shitty of Apple to simply not design a second board for this other socket.
I had seen the locked apps before, but recently it hadn't been there. And I am certain it wasn't there because I was in there looking at Photos as well as Settings (as I annoyingly have my iPhone 5S in there despite having wiped the device).I hope there isn't some odd security hole with iCloud.
Odd, I wasn't getting the locks over the apps, sans Find My iPhone, until I jumped into appleid.apple.com to make sure my two-step authentication was enabled.
Where do you see that? This is what I see at: http://www.apple.com/imac-with-retina/
My experience from these forums is that what we here want isn't want the the majority wants. My laundry list of desires (that I also think would be either very easy for Apple to implement and/or profitable) is long, growing, and only occasionally gets reduced. Such is life.
I find all of icloud.com (or in this case beta.cloud.com) to be rather spectacular. Attractive, smooth and functional.I only wish I could be notified if anyone tried to access my account via the website and have two-step authentication active for icloud.com.
1) The new Mac Pro is a fast machine, and the new iMac exceeds the new Mac Pro in single threaded performance at at 4Ghz speed so it's definitely worth noting.2) I don't understand the notion of "super computer" without a concern for power consumption when any company worth anything will also weigh the cost for powering the machine, as well as the airflow and other factors in cooling a server room that the machine resides.3) This is the future I see for the "super...
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