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Huh. Your sentences seem to be at odds with other since I see the letter combination of site as being prononced the same as cite, but I checked the New Oxford American Dictionary, 3rd Edition (aka: Mac dictionary). We definitely do prononce it differently.American English:cite |sīt|site |sīt|sight |sīt|British English:cite |sʌɪt|site |sīt|sight |sīt|
If that's a feature then it's flawed thinking.
In American English cite and kite are prononced* the same. At least I do. If you pronounce* them the same they have the same phonemes.* Removed the letter 'u' for @Lorin Schultz. 😄
In American English we spell it Ghoghpteighbteau.
This will likely affect very few if anyone with a malicious attack but it could be done. Remember those phone numbers — before the internet? — that tried to get you to call the Caymen Islands or some such place that looked like they had a US area code but would cost you a lot of money just for connecting? This could be used with any number, not just ones look like a normal phone number simply by clicking the wrong link.We talked about it in detail in this thread:...
Exactly my point. Kite and colour have the same |'k| sound.But to @Tallest Skil's point, cite, site, and sight are heterographic homophones where the spelling helps, but if you are speaking you need the context to understand what word is being used.
That would be by today's standards. When I get that age, especially with all these advancements it amy be very different then. Hopefully the singularity will be ready or perhaps I'll be able to harvest new body parts from 19th century Londoners before The Doctor foils my plans.
It's time to bring out the facepalms.
No, you're not, but my concerns about that still hold true. Case in point, see below.If your reading comprehension was better you'd not have made that statement.Off topic: When someone smartly tells me to connect the dots I can't help but want to tell them to connect their synapses, but that would just sound mean so I refrain.
If others can release a larger smartphone then why is then impossible for Apple to do it? They chose not to.:sigh: You can't reasonably say that Apple only realized something and then say, well, that's the earlier confirmation we have. You have shown no evidence that you what and when they realized anything.Again, no idea where you're pulling that from.That's the only fact you've stated so far. Cook said something. Great! CEOs say a lot of shit. Sometimes they to...
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