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They are a member of MCX, but they are apparently being Switzerland as of right now.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/walmart-and-apple-go-head-to-head-over-apple-pay-005230477.html
Two credit card companies? They mean multinationals (i.e.: Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover)? Or simply two financial institutions that issue credit cards?
I agree it's not evidence, but it does back up his position whereas before it was just comments without anything to substantiate how he arrived at his position.
I would have thought my quoted text would have made that clear.
What about all the other employees?Now THIS is something that backs up your comment about fraud. You should do more of that
That's what I'm wondering. It's one thing for a customer not to read their iTunes EULA after each update but it's another for a corporation to not have every character analyzed on a multi-year contract before agreeing to it.
You have any reasonable choice you want because their devices are not looked to only use iTS content.What lie? It's no longer effective to produce the necessary components nor worth it to redesign the iPod Classic for such a pathetically small market. What you're asking for is the iPod Classic to live on as a device that would likely cost more than a 128GB iPhone because the market is ridiculously small.Do you really believe the iPod Classic that hasn't been altered in...
I can see that. The savings in fraud with the representational card number per device and the tokenization alone will be extremely beneficial to them even if most other devices still need to use a PIN.
A TouchID-level biometric is a convenience but you can still activate ´ú┐Pay with your device passcode.
So you're upset with Apple for not offering a portable turnable or being a "friend" that let's you borrow master tapes? 1) HOW ABOUT THE RECORD COMPANY! Apple doesn't own the content but they have excellent PMPs that support ALAC so there is nothing preventing you from adding your illegally(?) obtained master tapes as ALAC.2) "Articles last month revealed that musician Neil Young and Apple's Steve Jobs discussed offering digital music downloads of 'uncompromised studio...
New Posts  All Forums: