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I forgot about pharmacy purchases with my Amazon Chase Visa, and I think dining, but my Chase Sapphire Preferred (a beautiful metal card) gets me better points on dining, at least for the rest of this year, so I have that set.I bought a label maker — on Amazon — so I could label each card with their optimal benefit for various purchase types.I never worry about those "If you shop blah blah during the days of yada1 and yada2 you'll get x-more points."
I’m testing the new Swiftkey keyboard… 👸🐱💃💏🎼🎤👠💛🎀💚🎠💄💋🐱🌸🎉🐴🎈🎹💖🎸🏆👯🏆💟 edit: Oops. My mistake, that's the Taylor Swift keyboard.
Adding to your second point, it also makes it easy if a third-party server is hacked as you don't have to change iCloud password, you can just revoked that representational password and then instantly create a new one.
That's great, but I wish Apple would master iMessage groups. On a minor note, I should be able to change the name of a group to something that no one else can see. Could be an unfortunate embarrassment to someone and potentially hurt someone's feelings. On a more severe note I wish iMessage groups wouldn't replicate groups and split those conversations at seemingly random times across different platforms. I call this iMitosis.
It also doesn't resolve the actual issue of passwords being sent from a device to some third-party website. It only adds a convenience and local secure enclave aspect to the routine.
Yes, please.
I have no idea what this means or you could have gotten that from my comments. This is about money, plain and simple.Step 1: Apple devises a way to saves billions annually in fraudulent digital purchases.Step 2: Apple convinces multinationals that their system is safe, probably also taking a fair amount of the risk in case their is a breach.Step 3a: Numbers are crunched and multinationals find that can lower their merchant fees because of the massive costs reduced from...
It's simple, his selfish mentality is "I'm not even responsible for that one purchase through my CC company [if my Android phone is stolen]," without any consideration as to who would be responsible, why they would want a more secure system to save billions per year in fraud, how Apple could offer them a more secure system, and how that added security would help lead to lower merchant rates thus sparking higher adoption among retailers, and potentially lowing costs for...
Yes you did when you said Pay is no different than Google Wallet.
And your Mac? And other iPhones that can access iCloud? The iPod Touches and iPads? Any potential web-based apps that you can access via their webpage but also have an app so data is synced via iCloud Drive?Touch ID is a nice option for making it quick and convenient but it still needs this representational password to help stave off potential risks.
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