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They'll have more eggs to try or they can use third-party reproduction.
For **** sake stop trying to claim Google Wallet is the same as Pay. No one is believing your half-truth answers.
Without population growth occurring in some way our species dies on this rock because resources are limited. Based on current technological abilities about 4 billion is the ideal for creating a long term homeostasis. I'm sure we'll increase efficiently to increase that number but all signs point to the population of the world growing much too faster to ever catch up with the current progress of technology.
I have zero idea what you're getting at. It sounds like you're saying it's unfair that women shouldn't be able to decide when and where their bodies can be used as a host for new offspring without men being able to say what is right for them.
I'm for generic screening for severe defects, stem cell research, contraception, euthanasia and measures for population growth control.
"And since a man can't make one, he has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one." —Tupac Shakur
In some philosophical way, sure, but if you are getting any degree or trade you usually have to spend a lot of time and money to get to a goal before you can a job utilizing that skill at a wage that can pay back the expense. Since you can die at any point your implication holds.Why have an issue with someone planning ahead. If they decide not to use those eggs what's the big deal?
I don't understand your questions. You might as well ask: Why get an education if you don't know if you'll live long enough to take advantage it?
But only for those who want hermaphrodites as children since they want a "no comprise" solution like their MS Surface.(My apologies to actual hermaphrodites if that sounds offensive)
How so? Typically having children a little later in life means you're more intelligent, mature, stable, and more financially secure. What is selfish about waiting until your 30s?Again, how so? We're not talking about a woman's eggs late in life but young, healthy eggs. It seems like the best possible scenario and I expect it to become more common. Save those eggs when you're young and then have the children when you're ready.There is also some reports that older sperm...
New Posts  All Forums: