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I agree that Apple's system is the best and will be the dominate figure at play, much in the same way that iDevices make purchase transactions that far exceed Android despite Android's stated activation numbers. However, I expect other system, including Google Wallet, to follow Apple's lead. The multinationals and financial institutions have no reason to prevent others from making similar deals and they've already altered their back end to support Pay. This is a benefit...
I'd think one would have to understand programming much better than I do to hack their system. Plus, I have an alibi, and have never been to that coffee shop in Denver.edit: Oops, I guess that info hasn't been disclosed yet.
I'm with @SirLance99. I haven't seen any of that. The only pro-CurrentC comments I've seen are simply by idiots that seem to actually believe it's just as good as Google Wallet or Pay.
It's pronounced just like currency |ˈkərənsē, ˈkə-rənsē|. For that reason I'd say it has some cleverness to it but it's ultimately a stupid name.
How do you listen to your music if not by using an Apple device? Pono?
1) Everything has technical limitations. EVERYTHING!2) Apple's limitations had to do bandwidth, storage capacity, and contractual obligations. You really think Apple could have said in 2001 they want ALAC copies from Masters with 50MB per track downloads? Get real.3) There is no reason you can't use records to record your audio to ALAC to use on your iPhone which would give you the best possible.1) The 160GB only holds 149GB minus the file system and OS, so no iDevice...
So you think the DOJ should go after MCX because they went after Apple? Tit for tat? How about they do nothing in both cases instead of wasting tax payer resources when the customer will clearly decide in both these cases without government intervention. If anyone needs to be investigated it's Amazon, not Apple.
I do understand the law, which is why I'm saying it's not illegal to find partners that agree to sign a contract. I made no mention of the legality of the specific contracts, based on what we know there is no criminal activity involved. If there is, let CVS, Rite-Aid and the several other dozen partners first decide their contracts shouldn't be legally binding. Not you. Not a tech forum. Not the DoJ.If you are going to say it's illegal then one can say that Apple's actions...
The banks can't block CurrentC.
That's a great intreat rate. What bank?
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