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And this saves banks and multinationals money while making more money for merchants because of the lower fees, token-based system, and secure element Apple design and put into place? Of course not, but you either know that and are trolling or not capable of knowing for some reason that I can't begin to fathom.At least try not to say stupid shit.
Have you read this thread at all? Banks are sending out emails and updating their websites to let customers know they support Pay. They want you to use it because it saves them money. The merchants will want you to use it because it will make them money. Can you show me even one multinational that is backing Google Wallet?Only Apple did it right.It matters the same way that tossing NFC into a Nexus for sale with no SW, support HW, or any thought to infrastructure or...
I care how many people will be using NFC because a successful, worldwide and universal payment system accepted pretty much everywhere Debit and CCs are taken cannot be supported by you and your one device.Now you're just trying obfuscate the point about Google's weird disassociation with older versions of Android the severe lack of NFC or adequate SW on nearly all shipping Android models.
There should be an emoji after that strawman.With what Apple sells in their Christmas (fuçk every other religions event except for the Christian ones¡) Holiday quarter that seems like a very, very, very low number.And doesn't trading contact info mean you all had to also have KitKat installed, too?
I don't think time was a factor. Often these events have some little tidbit that is mentioned for the sake of mentioning. I can easily see Tim Cook saying, "…and it works great for those that like to wear a watch on their right arm," which could be followed by a single slide. That would be nothing to add and I don't think it would spoil the flow, but since they didn't include it I'm guessing they felt differently. If they wanted to go on about it he could saw how it's easy...
So when people call all tablets iPads it's perfectly find and no distinction should be made about the inherent differences, just like we should like trolls on a tech forum tell people that may be wanting to learn that RFID tags are the exact same as NFC? FUÇK NO!
A watch screen that is only accessed with that tiny screen would be a nightmare. I'm pretty sure Apple realized this and then came up with the idea for that slick digital crown.I have faith you'll change your mind.
1) That comparatively weak chip security isn't what Apple is offering with Pay.2) Apple's system appears to allow for better than "card present" rates for merchants so I'm sure most will see the benefit in adopting NFC.
1) I like how he says what Apple should have done. Like it makes sense for Apple to negotiate with every fucking label and artist on the planet to allow all 500 million iTunes Store customers to get an album that only pays them a reported 20¢ per album.2) My problem with the U2 album giveaway is twofold: I felt it made this historic Apple event end on a 'meh' note, and I have to assume that anyone that really wanted this album would have bought it and most simply wouldn't...
Personally I think the digital crown is brilliant. It's clearly works nothing like crowns on standard watches.What would you recommend to replace it?
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