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I don't believe that's a valid argument in an open forum.
That's the thing, it's just NFC which has existed for years. Apple is using some proprietary solutions for security and perhaps even infrastructure if you consider telling the financial institutions how to setup with a token/pin solution, but the transmission between two NFC-capable nodes is standardize technology.
I'm going to weigh in with a conservative "more than zero and less than infinity" estimate.
You just gave me an idea. Use a Emoji character that you would otherwise never use to call the Apple symbol from the shortcut. Emoji offers both a red and green Apple. This would also place it in your commonly used Emoji screen for quick access.edit: Drats!
I tell most people to do it.Sure, you can get the most from selling on eBay to someone in another country, but there is a certain level of proficiency and risk involved. Then it's Craig's List for local sales but with some effort and risk.Then usually Amazon, which will get you account credit, followed by Gazelle which will send you a check. The last two may decide your "condition" is less than you think so you could be stuck with less funds, plus you either have to go...
They don't. They only care about phone itself.Pros of an Apple Store trade-in:The price they offer you is guaranteedThe value can go instantly to your new iPhone purchaseConvenienceCons of an Apple Store trade-in:The convenience means they will offer you less than all(?) other options.
1) Yes, they will adopt a wireless solution so you can use NFC or they will require CCs or cash as they do now.2) Pay is the solution. I could see a secure form of token/pin payments from Apple for internet purchases but I would think that would still called Pay.
For those considering a move to T-Moble their trade-in offers more for a 16GB AT&T iPhone 5S (didn't check any other type) than anywhere else, and by a large margin. They offered me $350. They will also pay for the remainder of my ETF, up to $300.
Following @Philboogie's lead I created a Shortcut in Settings » General » Keyboards so I have it appear as needed.
I'd like to know, too.
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