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What bugs are you talking about. Each Mac OS X point update has several betas that list "No known issues" before they are released.
So Nicole Brown's family were the bad ones for suing OJ Simpson?
If you could have paid attention for longer — squirrel! — you would see that your issues with ADHD may be common among users of Android, where longterm updates are rare, but not among iPhone users.
That may not be a problem now. I'm all for a larger display on the iPhone but not a larger and heavier iPhone than I've used the past. Reducing the side bezels, chin and forehead, as well as the thickness, and rounding the edges could make this lighter and less volumistic than some previous iPhone models.
Aren't those distinctive, dark lines enough to distinguish the boundaries of the button?
Based on the previous setting I thought that was the case but I can't say I recall a single app ever changing to Dark Mode when I had it enabled.
If you are reinforcing your user base to prevent them from jumping ship it's not silly or irrelevant.
These ads aren't about winning new customers but keeping their current ones.
Wow! You don't have much space at all up there.One potential solution is to Show the Favorites Bar. The Favorites Bar in the new Safari organizes from the center, instead of left to right, so I have additional space on either side, but I see no reason why you couldn't also use a empty Favorites Bar.
Is that an iPad mini up to his ear¡
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