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My bad. I thought your implication was that MS was sidestepping Apple's IP in much the same way it tried to add a YouTube video app without paying Google for the privilege.
5 year old Ford? Your vehicle might be old enough to use NokiaPlay.(Calm down! It's the first image I could find that fit the joke).
It's not really adopting anything. It's just making a viewer for PassBook passes in the same way that OS X can view PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS and other file types. In no way is WinPh8 having to trick anything made by Apple into thinking that it's an Apple product, like with Palm's attempt to making it think their devices were iPods.
Repeating something false doesn't make it true, but if you must make shit up at least to make shit up that can't so easily make you words look foolish. You know, maybe innovate a new anti-Apple slogan instead of iterating the same old tired one.iterate |ˈitəˌrāt|verb [ with obj. ]perform or utter repeatedly.innovate |ˈinəˌvāt|verb [ no obj. ]make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products
Only Apple owns PassBook and can use PassBook since it's only on iOS 7-based devices. However, the pass information can be read by anyone that creates a reader for the open code within the open compressed file.Unless Apple wants to create some locking mechanism to the compressed file (which I doubt otherwise they would have included this option from the start) that would have you input some sort of passcode locally but one that you would have had to set up on the website...
it's as legal as you created SlurpyPass which was a ZIP file with a JSON file, image assets, and signature inside*, The clever part of all these freely available technologies is how Apple packaged it to make a useful solution. Like iBeacons, which are just BT devices, there is nothing keeping others from creating their own tools for reading this data.* As I learned recently from MR. I had thought it was HTML, CSS, and JS.
Fry: Do you take Visa?Clerk: Visa hasn't existed for 500 years.Fry: American Express?Clerk: 600 years.Fry: Discover Card?Clerk: Sorry, we don't take Discover.
Why have been seeing so many posts recently that just write undefined as the message?
Or license.
My guess is it's not since it's not 16:9.
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