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1) At first I was excited because It bought this could be a way to test a web-presence for Apple Maps, but all the images appear static, with no modern webcode for dynamic mapping in a browser. It's more like looking at Contacts.2) I didn't seen an option to change or suggest a change for a route to a business. For a test I put in one to my doctor's office which still has you foolishly make a U-turn on a dirt road instead of taking a left at the light. I've reported it a...
I've only heard this stated by others, but he consensus has been, because Ive isn't considered an executive his bonuses don't have to be made public.
Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook. Walmart, Target, Newegg, Macys, Banana Republic, Dell and countless other sites will allow you to store a CC number on their site. Not a big deal (in terms of choosing to keep it on file since you're already making a purchase through their site required you to input your card data into their site.Pay does not store all your cards on Apple's servers, while Google Wallet does store all your cards on Google's servers. That's a huge...
How can you buy and sell after hours?This site would indicate that Apple is still very constrained in the US.http://www.seaturtle.org/idevice/iphone6_grid.shtml
Wow! Just, wow! It's been less than 24 hours since Pay went live and you're already sour-graping your argument to say that security is a pointless consideration.
The US has had RFID and NFC setup for years, but a poor, insecure design has kept it from being wildly successful. Apple changed all that, and not for the US, for everywhere. Just check out waterrocket's video, below, to see what how a poorly designed system works.Thank you for pointing out an NFC-based payment system shouldn't work.
I was hoping for some new Apple Maps stuff last week, including a web interface at maps.apple.com.
Nobody else cares about the user experience to the point of taking pride in minor details that can't be expressed in a spec sheet why should Apple? Nobody else cares about making a phone and the chips that run it and the OS why should Apple? Nobody else cares about not selling your private information why should Apple?How about, they do those things and more because they are Apple. I like Apple because they are more transparent than other tech companies so I would like to...
1) Very, which adds to the impressiveness of Apple being able to orchestrate a system where they can get so many onboard before it launches. They've had a lot bigger struggles with music labels, movie and TV studios, and mobile network operators.2) The only cards that don't work for me are by Amazon and my my airline (which is also tied to the yet unsupported, but coming soon, Barclay). I was able to add 3 cards and most had a slightly different setup. My Chase (not...
This is a fluke. I-Pay won't catch on. Google Wallet is the exact same thing and was first, anyway¡
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