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Where exactly did I say you shouldn't use a specific holiday when you know one celebrates a specific holiday? I didn't. I said quite the opposite as I questioned your intolerance which got you to say how you ask everyone what holidays they celebrate, which is bullshit. At best, you look at their skin color and style of dress to make a decision if they are in the proper (read: your) religion. What would Jeaus do?
1) Oh, I get your intolerant meaning.2) Christianity isnt the majority.
1) You can't name a single other religion or holiday that falls around Cheistmas? 2) This choice to close yourself off to the world is the problem.
1) You two are when it was mentioned that not everyone is Christian2) Oddly you labeled me an atheist for suggesting you tell Christians Merry Christmas, the Jewish Happy Hanukkah, and if you don't knownto use an agnostic term until you do. That shows you're just reaction irrationally without considering what is being stated.PS: My religion is the best¡
Only you and jungmark are getting upset that other religions have holidays around the same time as Christmas. You're the ones with your yuletide panties in a bunch. If you know someone is Christian then say Merry Christmas, if you know you're they're Jewish you should say Happy Hanukkah, if you know they are Jehovah's Witnesses you don't tell them to celebrate any holiday or their birthday. If your faith is so shaken by telling being happy for someone not of your church...
Now considering other religions is persecuting your religion. You're not doing Christianity any favours with your intolerance. Is this what Jesus would do?
Name one person that has never once acted in favour themselves.
And you ask people their religion before giving a common greeting? So you're at a retail shop to purchase something, the person says at the end of the transaction Happy Holidays, which makes you stop, turn around, and ask, "What is your specific religion so I know what salutation is most appropriate for this situation?" Don't be daft!
That makes sense with the number of aethists and agnostics.
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