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I think this device makes a lot of sense.
Note that some aren't actual letters, at least not in German.
Defective components don't fall under the standard warranty. We've seen with automobiles that they've had recalls long after the standard 3 year warranty was over. I'm not just talking about safety issues but other things like defective paint jobs.
Ugh….. (unsubscribed).
I find it interesting that one would 1) use that as an avatar on a porn forum, and 2) that a simple throwaway comment would become a meme. How is that not interesting?
I find the origin of that meme very interesting.http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/give-her-the-dick
Not if the internals get updated but not the casing. That said, I think the cost of metal casing on the 5S means it will probably not stick around even though there is a question of the 5C not selling as well as Apple would like. The 5S is the number phone but the 5C is number 5, according to the latest numbers crunch I read. I think the "last year's components" iPhones were holding much higher in previous years.
Interestingly I see more MS Surfaces in public than I do Android tablets.
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