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1) How did you arrive at commendably? I see the same center point test on various sized devices but nothing in that says that any of those thresholds are either commendable or reprehensible, just a comparative value.2) Based on your snark, gold would no longer be a premium material for jewelry because it'll bend more readily than piece of wrought iron 4x its thickness. Sounds like a wonderful scale in which to decide what is and isn't premium¡3) The bottom line comes down...
OK, so 2 user-made YouTube videos are you determine what is authentic.They be witches¡Sorcery¡Screw the scientific method when you have people on the street destroying an $800 phone for a few hits on YouTube¡I trust them more than some unknown YouTube chap looking to make a name for themselves.
It's been years since I've seen the iPhone announcement but I don't recall the original iPhone having a definite sales date or battery life when it was introduced in January 2007.I don't recall definite price points for every type, but we were only talking about 2 models on AT&T, not 2 sizes, with 3 material types, with 2 finishes and at least a half dozen bands per each material type and finish. Anyone that expected a run down of 60-something(?) various prices for its...
I'm not bridgineer but if you take the same design of the iPhone 5 and keep the thickness of it the same but made it's length that of the iPhone 6/6+ wouldn't it not bend with less force due to the longer suspension?
Absolutely! No one should buy an iPhone 6, especially not the iPhone 6 Plus in Silver/White with the 64GB capacity, at least not until I get mine. I'll field test it and let you know if conforms to my leg like a pocketful of cheap chocolates on a hot Summer day.
So you're implying that the iPhone 5 was the minimal "structural integrity" that a smartphone should have? Does this "40% less structural integrity" affect usability? I don't think 00,000,009 documented cases out of an estimated 20,000,000 units sold counts as a design flaw. It's literally less than 1 in a million.
I agree that we can assume they are accurate and above board tests based on the information we've received, but note that they only test the center of the device whereas most of these images and videos of the iPhone 6 Plus bending by hand doesn't seem to use the very center of the device as the focal point. In fact, I think it would be near impossible for two human hands from the same person, to generate that specific force. It's accurate data, but it's like testing your...
So… is CR and a bunch of douche-nozzles on YouTube going to buy the Galaxy Note Edge to see how it holds to being bent? My guess is that edge display is going to win durability awards.Clearly people look to use any negative press against Apple to create buzz for themselves so this makes one very suspicious. Has the guy explained why the time jumps around?
I've never seen throughput measured in Bytes from an ISP. Always bits. I'd even use 150Mib to be more clear about what is being measured. 18.75MiB/s sounds nice. I only get 40Mib/s where I am,
Google has nothing to do with this. DED's odd use of "Google's YouTube" like this is early 2007 is only there to full the fire but means nothing. If you want to post images of the Nexus being bent go for it.
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