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Crying to employees at a B&M store will do nothing to speed up the inevitable.
HELL NO! Doing all that is the opposite of convenience.
Probably all of the top 100 apps support 64-bit at this point. In just a few months Apple will be requiring all app submissions (which includes updates) to support 64-bit.
1) Digitizer2) Larger display.3) Like/Require Android for whatever reaon4) Certain other HW features.Those are just broad strokes. While Android isn't for me there are certainly reasons why people are buying it outside national pride (or Apple hate).
That's an interesting notion.That foolishness didn't warrant a waste of tax dollars either.
It very well could be, but remember that ´ú┐Pay isn't yet 10 days old and the number of iPhone 6 series devices is extremely low right now for the marketplace. I say let the retailers some time to see how they can skirt their MCX contract, but I think CurrentC only becomes an issue of real annoyance a year from now when there are 3 devices by Apple on the market, at least two more being made ready, millions of vendors (along with the 2015 law in the US for secure payments),...
MCX is doing nothing illegal by finding partners who willingly agree to a contract.
A couple things come to mind. 1) Target, because of their size or because of when they signed up, was able to not have that as part of their contract. 2) The fines are somehow capped so a large company like Target did a cost-beneficial analyses which found supporting more payment options are worth it.I know plenty of people that use their debit cards as their primary payment method.
They do. It's called the iPhone.
If not for Apple creating the iTunes Music Store and inventing the lossy MP3 format we never would have had CDs, tapes, 8-tracks. FM radio, and TV/Cable music channels that were using mediocre sound reproduction¡
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