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Can you prove that PCIe isn't faster than M.2 and SATA Express?
The iPhone and iPad come to mind.
I haven't had any issues with iOS 8.0b5 so I can see how they would be close to a GM.
Or… Kuo needs a way to back out of his earlier claims without it being his fault.
Remember the original iPhone? Compare the volume and weight for that device with a 3.5" display to the last two models with a 4" display. It's both less volume and lighter. The iPhone 4/4S feels like an archaic brick after pick one up if you're an iPhone 5/5S user.If the talk of being thinner and having rounded edges are true it may not really feel any bigger or certainly not as excessively large as the Android phone were a few years ago. It may even on par with the weight...
1) I don't know if they are using Google's service or some other method to determine if sites may have been compromised but after Heartbleed but 1Password implemented Watchtower to let you know if you should change your password.2) Google has one user-level security option I wish Apple (and Dropbox et al.) would adopt. Besides the two-step verification they have unique codes used for eachl app on each device that will access Gmail outside of a web browser.There isn't....
At least it was done with a decent amount of water and good contraption to dump it, although I had wished there would have been some elaborate Rube Goldbergish setups.
Let's move to dropping an ice buck on someone's head?
How can you tell it's inkjet? The lightbulb design makes it obvious of the type because of how it illuminates, but can't that printer design also be used for laser? Is there a specific different printer design that would look better?
So then why wouldn't they be given a new public beta if it's about user satisfaction and feature improvements when the key features aren't working in the current public beta which will lead to less satisfaction.
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