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What were you expecting? A phone with a larger display and more internal space to have worse specs for a higher price? Do you think that scoring better on some stats means it's a better option for all buyers?No.No.Again, your assumption of the issue being cost is not valid. The problem for most is that it's too large. This why even among the Android-based devices the 4.5 and larger devices account for only a very smaller percentage of all Android-based smartphones despite...
I agree. Use a tool that can use gauge the exact amount of force needed for each device, in each direction, and from multiple spots.edit: And then figure out how much pressure is exerted by carrying the device in your pockets under different conditions.My guess is this is a non-issue, even though possible, like with other iPhones.
You are correct. I thought it was the other way around.
The new iPhone warps space and time.
Any app could potentially be recording what you do within the app. I don't think he's excluding Google from that list.
Hence his comment about racing to the bottom.
His comment about "same design" qualifies it to means it's not a perfect sphere.
I'd definitely like Apple that sort of force into consideration (and expect they will next time) but I don't see this an issue for the average user to even concern themselves with.
Sure, but I think there are more than enough reports to assume that not everyone is purposely bending their iPhones then posting pics of them on the internet.
Why call this bendgate when bendgahzi is right there? The 6 Plus is also thinner.edit: I was mistaken.
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