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For those that aren't going to read @Relic's 4,000 word paragraph…edit: Paragraphs added. Praise the Jesus!
Sure. People aren't playing with or buying Nexus to figure out about its features. They are likely reading about it. They have partners now that make their HW so they can use those same partners to demo their OS. What did MS do before it decided no one knew how to make a tablet? They sold their OS without making and selling a WinPC that competes with the OEMs.
It's curves are highly functional. I was in an AT&T store yesterday and noticed the Android-based devices have a lip so the metal edge is slightly higher than the top glass. Even with the curved casing that small, rough lip makes them less natural to use than the new beveled glass edge on the iPhone 6 series. Huge fan of that design.I'm giving it a shot. I was able to sell off my barely used Retina iPad mini which is great, and I do have use case for the better camera and...
Why is that not a possibility? MS has surely done that more than once, and I've nothing from Google that would keep them from doing so if there was a growing interest for purchasing the the Nexus that rivaled iDevice sales.Honestly, this whole referential design thing makes no sense to me. Why have it at all? Aren't the OEMs the ones that can make the HW? Why can't Google just tell them what HW their OS was designed for and leave it at that?
Thanks. I did not see that as I skimmed the article and it was the only thing I was looking for.
How long did it take for iOS 7 to hit 50%?If it's happening with all your devices you might want to 1) see if there is a firmware update for your router, 2) see if you can put the router in a position so it doesn't get "2 bars" anywhere in your home, which could mean a repeater or new router, and/or 3) reset the network settings on one of your devices to see if that resolves any odd issue.I personally haven't experienced that with my iPhone but I have experienced slow WiFi...
Nope. And the percentages seem to be much closer to a 50/50 split, than 75/25.
1) I was expecting it to be a TV show. Game and Thrones?¡2) Have you had a real Pimm's Cup. Pimm's No. 1 is a gin-based liquor but the Pimm's Cup is a marvelously involved drink that forces the bartender to put some effort into the preparation.
1) Were you the guy standing across from me, but not playing, at the craps table that kept calling out numbers and when, on the odd chance you guessed correctly, kept saying you knew it, as well as saying you were almost right when it was a number away? You sound like that guy. That guy killed the table.2) Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but you haven't proven that. Can you make an argument that removes the possibility that they are just not good at business or got in...
That's facile logic.If I stated, "One day, I'll be dead," that will be correct in the long term, but you can't say my statement is incorrect as I didn't say, "I'm dead right now," even if my ex-girlfreind told me I'm dead inside.
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