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I agree it seems very high.
So Apple gets the info from the merchant for the sale and then sends them a token if it's allowed and yet you still claim Apple couldn't keep a record of any of this. sigh I give up on you.Again — and for the very last time — you're the only one talking about the ACTUAL card data being stored in the Secure Element. Everyone else is talking about the representational card data (i.e.: token), as noted by @auxio's very clear post, being stored LOCALLY.
I clarified myself a year ago.But here's how I started this conversion. Note, you responded to my first quote stating you didn't understand. Clearly you still don't."...except in this case they can't simply read and use the data off your cards."This next one was you mistaking what Touch ID is and how it would be used if somethng was able to steal your iCloud credential where you believe all these CCs will be stored on Apple's Servers where these tokens will be popped down...
@chadbag, I jumped in here when you commented on Apple's backend needing to be present for every transaction despite clearly stating they will not know any of your spending habits. (See below)I jumped in here when you told @auxio "NO. I think this is backwards." for saying, "I'm assuming the CC data would be stored locally on the phone in the secure enclave (same as your fingerprint). That way it could work even if there's no network connection available."He didn't say the...
1) Why the **** would apple have you scan in your card just to send it to their servers? They aren't doing that. they also aren't monitoring your purchases.2) Of course they aren't saving the ACTUAL CC info to the Secure Element, that's why there is a representational value of the CC data stored LOCALLY.3) You're inclusion of ACTUAL now is smarmy knowing full well I never claimed ACTUAL CC info as listed on the physical card and very clearly stated otherwise. Again, no one...
Considering this article from 2011 regarding $190 billion per year in fraudulent CC usage I'd say 5% is pretty low, and I'm certain the fraud has risen since then.http://www.forbes.com/sites/haydnshaughnessy/2011/03/24/solving-the-190-billion-annual-fraud-scam-more-on-jumio/
Yes, with a generous addition of 45° for the flat tyre.
That just makes it even more stupid. The merchant isn't talking to Apple to get a token for CC info stored on Apple's servers. For ****'s sake! Apple set this up exactly how I've been stating ever since Touch ID came out.
1) No it's not. Apple is not storing your card on their iTunes Servers.2) Yes it is. Apple is not storing your card on their iTunes Servers. That token is references your specific CC info. That's how it authenticates with the payment center to verify your purchase.
What do you mean by "no"? That it's not branded Gorilla Glass? Of course not, but it's still ion-infused alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass. I'd be very surprised if it's not Corning's product, but like all the other products from Apple they don't use Corning's branding.http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/faqs
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