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Daylight Saving?
I'm not sure I can give a blanket agree to your first point but I agree with the second if the intent is for your own company's future products. With the former, that would also include patent trolls; companies whose entire foundation is to buy up patents with no intention of creating products, and then sue everyone they think might be uses those patents. I find this practice — which we've seen applied toward independent developers for using SDK-provided in-app purchases...
I would expect they are simply because wearables are going to be a massive and long market, but I can't get behind Apple (or anyone) using patents to stop others from innovating. I expect major patent reform within a few years that will put an end to these patent trolls.
I honestly don't know to what you refer.
What isn't minimalism in the style they rolled out with 7.0 that has been radically altered as the default for 7.1?I see refinement and additions to iOS 7 — which is completely expected — but not going back to the ugly iOS 6.x days.
You're talking about the network resources, but what about the accounts themselves. Have you tried running multiple accounts on a Mac or WinPC? How long does it take to load that desktop. Have you simply switched (not logged out) to another account and not noticed it was slower simply from having additional resources utilized?Consider what's happening for the network to keep being polled for additional mail accounts, for additional iMessage accounts, for additional Find My...
Am I chopped liver?
Today's build is 11D167.
I got that on my iPhone. I haven't looked into it yet.
I wasn't going to go down that rabbit hole but since we're there… you're correct.I think Apple could use it's Mac OS experience to make an application repository that looks like each installed app is not each Home Screen if the user wants it. This would mean that a user could go to the App Store and download, say, Threes!* at 36MiB but it would appear instantly if another user on the device already had it installed.I think. like on the Mac, they could use a segregated...
New Posts  All Forums: