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That works, too. Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings are as interchangeable as hello and hi.Which is my point.
It's funny that the religion that persecuted the most people feels the most persecuted.
It acknowledges them by not automatically excluding them.
I guess you're right because words only have one meaning and so long as we have your colloquial definition¡PS: Stop being so selfish.
So? Does that means it's celebrated by over 50% of the world's population? Does that mean all religious holidays need to be referred to as Christmas for the general term? I don't know of a single Zoroastrianism that celebrates Christmas but they are still suppose to say Merry Christmas to everyone because people with insecurities about their own religion beliefs might call them terrorists if they say Happy Holidays?
1) You wrote, "Christmas is fine for most people."2) And you tell them to have a happy holiday season, not to celebrate a holiday season, which says "whatever religion you have (or don't have) I hope it's a good one because I'm not such an asshole to say that you should follow my religious beliefs."3) You are the only one sounding butt-hurt around here. Need I remind you that you have free will so you can choose not hate on anyone else's religious freedoms.
1) No, most people aren't Christians.2) Why would you think anyone celebrates Winter Holiday or the Holiday Season? Stop being ridiculous; you know exactly why a religious-agnostic term is used, you just don't like it because you don't want to acknowledge any other religion but your own.
1) It started in the US but that's because we have so many religions thriving here. despite some Americans feeling this country would have only one.2) Winter Holiday is fine for me but it does exclude the Southern hemisphere.
So is Washington's birthday, labor day, independence day, veteran's day and thanksgiving but do you expect the rest of the world to acknowledge it?
1) The original comment was being selfish. That's an act.2) Self interest is selfishness. Everyone's selfish.3) You're choosing to use two similar terms to define positive and negative self interest/selfishness.
New Posts  All Forums: