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1) I didn't take it as badmouthing.2) Who knows how long he was here before creating that account, but I think that even an account since March is more than enough time for him to make an evaluation on that opinion.
1) In what way was I abusive?2) No one should be upset for choosing to buy a product and having that product do exactly what it stated it could do. If it's a fault unit (which happens) then one can be upset that they drew the very rare but unlucky straw.3) Note that Apple already sells an 8GB iPhone in several markets where subsidies are not common and income compared to the US is low. I think they even recently brought back the 8GB 4S to India(?)4) Personally, I'm hoping...
Why would it piss you off? I see nowhere in this now redacted rumour that they would offer an 8GB iPhone 5S and then cancel all future capacities of 16GB and higher.Your complaint is like getting upset that the iPod Shuffle is 2GB when you want a larger capacity Nano or Touch.
I seem to recall seeing patents. But we're talking headphones so perhaps Apple, if this comes to pass, will do like it did with mDP by making it free. It's possible they need more data to pass through the headphone if they want the "origin' wearable electronics to have some sort of biometric in the ear canal with in-ear phones. That's a reason to change it up from the 3.5mm jack. Still, we might be getting close to where BT headsets are a viable alternative.
It looks cut out to me. When I zoom in I see what looks like a shadow cast on the righthand side to the surface below. I can see the reflection for the bite out of the apple and leaf.
I agree with your qualified usage but you know you can already do that with the LED light on the back and any case designed for that iPhone will have that area exposed.
I'm going to weigh in and state I believe this to be real.¡Not likely to happen because it's a pointless use of power.
I don't know how she worded it but if stated it an opinion that was backed up with some sort of reasoning or something she was told, and not as an unverifiable fact I'm fine with it. Unfortunately that doesn't happen as much as I'd like it to.I did the run down for many years about a month ago but I forget the results. This was my source…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Worldwide_Developers_Conference
I think HW has been announced at every WWDC.
Why do you keep saying they make no profits, dude? Where is your evidence to support that claim?
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