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I agree, but I do think there is a middle ground with the digital overlay of an analog watch face. What I'm referring to is having a general watch in a magnitude of styles that looks like a regular watch, but fitted with that transparent display and appropriate electronics. I think there could be a higher-end market for something like that in the future, but today there is no way the electronics will be there. Perhaps in the future the "computer" part of it can be...
It sounds like it's the actual card numbers, not a representational card number. There seems to be no special HW or SW to help isolate the data.http://www.google.com/wallet/faq.htmlInterestingly Google has this basic feature already. Instead of using your Gmail username and password on, say, your Mac in the Mailbox app you log into gmail.com and then set a device you wish log into Gmail with at which point you're given a long, representational password to use with your...
1) How long will that last if Apple chooses not to sell their products to Wal-mart and Best Buy, two stores that seem to like to draw people in by saying they sell Apple products?2) Perhaps not coincidentally, the only time I've had my CC number stolen — not the physical card, just the number — it was used repeatedly at both those stores over very large distances. My bank caught it and called me about the highly suspicious activity. On another occasion I setup the original...
Looking at those watches the one I'd want based solely on looks is the Watch… and as of right now I don't plan on buying an Watch.1) Watch has it's own functions that don't need to have an iPhone tethered to be useful.2) There are a plethora of functions that are made easy by a wearable than a device you carry in your hand.That sounds like a major reason as to why they designed the Watch to be reliant on the iPhone to get all its features… because hundreds of millions...
I concur.
The iPhone 5S came with a sapphire Home Button while the iPhone 5 came with whatever material that was made from.
All of this sounds completely reasonable to me. I would say the gold model would sell very well in China but after seeing the popularity of the gold iPhone last year I will say the haute crowd everywhere will be interested.
I didn't get to place my bet. Hmm… I'll say 1 hour and 57 minutes.
He's seeing something excessive and stating that you'd have to go much much lower to reach what he would find acceptable. He got nothing wrong. We use this technique often in communication but I'm not sure if there is a name for it.
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