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1) Kanye is much more talented musician than Sean ever could be. I'd say My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the best album of the 21st century… and I say this hating Kanye.2) Lady Gaga does have a fantastic voice, so does Adele. I'm not sure why you'd think one person can have a good voice.
I'm not understanding using PayPal as an comparative example. Is Apple convincing financial institutions that it's safer and therefore getting them to agree to lower fees which in turn will get retailers to support NFC in any way the same business that PayPal is in? If so, can you explain it to me because I'm not seeing it.What I see is Apple wanting to do what they've done with other services that support the sale of their devices, which means they benefit better by not...
Those are all major concerns, and something I would expect Apple to work out before releasing a product. I'm just don't see that with other manufacturers… ever. It appears as if they make some determination that one aspect far outweighs another aspect of the product so they focus on it without any regard to how it affects the other which makes the product very unbalanced.
I'd think step 1 is not to make a wrist-worn CE mirror features that are better served by a smartphone.
We don't know what Jobs had his hands in before he passed or how much of any product is part of his influence, except to say that Apple wouldn't have happened without him.I agree with that.
@Junkyard Dawg, are you saying Apple can't possibly innovate without Jobs?
It's not always possible to see an issue until there is wide scale deployment.
A giant Tetris game?
I agree, but that's about what we subjectively find attractive, but Andysol's comment was commenting on an appearance that would help sell more records… which they all compete in. For example, Lady Gaga goes over the top but she has a fantastic voice. Her gimmick doesn't take away from her voice, even if I don't care for her style of music too much.
Have you seen Lil Kim and Lauren Hill get dolled up? I have. In fact, Lil Kim seems to be trying to look like LeToya Jackson with all the plastic surgery.BTW, I think is much more talented than Kim at rapping.
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