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Based on the last 6.5 years of sales they will be massive regardless.
You lost me at missing scroll arrows. I'm guessing you don't like the corrected (you probably see it as reversed) scrolling introduced in Lion.
Interesting thought, but what if the Apple TV (not an iDevice) worked just like CarPlay to overlay atop of all televisions no matter what input was chosen. That would eliminate, for me, one of my biggest gripes about using the Apple TV.Or would it just be easier for Apple to include an HDMI-passthrough on the Apple TV to get the same effect?
With more than half-billion* customers giving away technical support for all products for all customers regardless of how old the product is would probably not end well. However, I do think it could be in Apple's best interest to extend technical support to 1 year from their current 90 days without AppleCare.* assumption
I neither saw that pic of Musk or knew Samsung had such a product on the market.
1) I assume that's Apple's reasoning but is that really going to affect usability by having the display start 2mm closer to the edge in one hand when holding in portrait mode? My feeling is that it won't affect usability but will affect symmetry.2) Moving the display closer to the edge might be why Apple has waited. I think they want to make bigger iPhone just as they wanted to add LTE to the iPhone but they aren't going to do it before the technology is ready for them to...
Cut the crap!
1) Fixed that for you.2) If you honestly felt that way you would have sold your stock by now. In fact, you never would have bought it for $700 in the first place.
1) That looks too big for my liking.2) Apple needs to get over waning the top and bottom bezels to be the same size for symmetry if they are going to continue to use a Home Button on the front.3) Didn't Tim Cook state, within the last few months, that Apple is looking into a larger iPhone but the technology isn't yet ready?
Also consider Synaptic's touchpads. Even today with a decade(?) of use by other PC OEMs only Apple's touchpads seem to work great.
New Posts  All Forums: