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Check out this week's HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He covers FIFA in hilarious detail.According to @pazuzu it will be crap since it's made of glass and metal.
Are these the people that were hijacking the Australian iCloud account users' devices.
1) Didn't the Galaxy S5, with its PenTile display get too marks from DisplayMate for usage in bright sunlight?2) Because of the deeper blacks (aesthetics) and ability to have very few pixels on for simple text or watch hands (power savings) I think OLED seems like the best option for this type of device.
The display being flexible doesn't mean it won't be placed into a fixed position. Same thing for any other component.
Have you heard of Mac OS? They allowed side-by-side apps back in the 80s, but I guess you'd claim that Apple stole that from Xerox Parc.
The smaller the battery the most likely I can see wireless charging coming from Apple. Specifically, a wearable device.
I want bookmarks at the bottom because I use my Favorites Bar for that so I want my search engine suggestions first and foremost.
It does that a lot of sites you've visited and there is no way to move those results lower than your default search engine so you have to be more vigilant to make sure the first section is the one you want. I'm not a fan.
Well, a dated one because apparently glass and metal are so passé¡
You mean something like this?https://twitter.com/swiftdevs/status/476067988408651776
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