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It completely locks up --requires me to connect to iTunes and restore using a micro USB cable---
I had a second generation, and now a third generation, and they both locked up---maybe it's Comcast---I don't know, but the last one that locked was because of a software update
Why do Apple TV's lock up?
The battery I bought was made by Newer Tech---they have a good reputation--and it seems to work well.
I bought a battery from Other World Computing in the US and they sell black Macbook batteries---there are batteries that are better than the original Apple batteries---check them out---but don't buy the cheapest one you see.----
I have one from Verizon that works quite well in NY and in Seattle---it all depends on where you are and how stong the signal is at that location.---It is certainly not as fast as cable, but it is far better than 3G.
Chances are that Verizon sold you THEIR protection plan NOT Applecare---check that out--if so you would have to call Verizon and cancel it and then call Apple and get their plan---I don't think Verizon sells the Apple plan they sell a protection plan but it is their own.
Does anyone know if Verizon has any plans to enable ( or rather undisenable) the GSM chip in the iPhone 4s so that one can insert a European sim card and use it on a GSM network when traveling in Europe
LTE is expensive---at this time it's not going to replace cable internet for speed and price, but it is relatively fast, not as fast as a good cable modem but much faster than EDGE or 3G--- It is a adjunct to cable, not a substitute--it works great when traveling if it is available, but as I said it is expensive relative to cable internet.
Probably true, but you could always, as suggested, buy the iPad with only wifi and buy a mobile hot spot--- Works fine for me
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