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But are there still long lines?
It would be helpful if people who complained about bad coverage would mention where they are.
I had a lot of problems too---it took me a couple of hours to get it going-- what I did was to stop all syncing---then fix all the contacts in my address book--remove all the contacts in my other computer's address book ---- then allow syncing and it worked-- My problem was that the cloud and my other computers kept syncing and kept screwing up my information---
Can they log on to Mobile Me with your password?Then they can sync with your ical---the only problem is that their calendar will sync with yours and you would both have the same calendar---i don't know if that's what you want.
I just did the same yesterday-Put my order in at the ATT store--I was told 7 to 10 days--- We'll see---I don't want to stand in line
[I don't think you can get one without being authorized at the time of purchase-- I doubt if ATT takes phone orders---- I think we will have to wait a couple of weeks after the stores are stocked to purchase and not have to stand on line--
[Seattle has been out of all iPhones for the last 3 days---today is July 16th--- apparently 21 states are out of suppy-- This is really a black eye for Apple--- I am also waiting for 2 days to hear from me.com about my not getting my password to work--- Unusually crummy service from Apple---understocked and under responsive
As of Monday July 14th all the Seattle stores are out as well-- I should think that restocking would happen quickly, but I want to wait so that I don't have to stand in line for hours.---I would guess that in a week or 2 things will calm down.
When do you think it would be good to buy an iPhone without standing in a long line---
If I have a phone in the UK---can I take the SIM card out, put it in my iPhone and use it as a UK phone?? This may have been discussed before--but still........
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