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Tax-Wise I need to have office equipment purchased and installed to write off the purchase in 2012 ---- I am running out of time .... and a 27" iMac will now not work for my budget.     I tried to buy the last iMac model about a month ago and they were all sold out - as are all the refurbished units.  Having no iMacs for Black Friday or Cyber Monday cannot be seen as anything other than the total screw-up that it was.
I've been waiting to update my 21.5 inch iMac ---- but I am very sorry that the RAM is NOT available to users for replacement.  I am eager to see what price Apple will place on the 8 versus 16 GB RAM offerings.  Historically Apple has been outrageous for RAM pricing.  16 GB seems like overkill, I know, but who know what I will be using 3 years from now.  My first Apple (II plus) had 16k of RAM ------ 
Re: I'll be a happy camper once that 'Available in November' disappears Yes - me, too. I find it interesting that I have an email from Apple pushing the one-day sale on Friday (3 days away) --- and there is still no price for any of the iMacs ---- 21.5 inch version available in November ---- and we are running out of November.
"...SATA III/SAS 6-gigabyte-per-second drive connectivity..."   That's what I have been waiting for ..... my checkbook is open and ready ....    
For my work - a professional photography studio - I have not updated my big Mac Pros to Lion - and see no desire to do so for Mountain Lion as yet. What I need are speed improvements - and a replacement for the eSATA PCIe board and connections that I use to move image files back and forth from 15 external drives - 30 TB of external storage that I have to interact with. Thunderbolt --- Pie in the Sky - with big $$$$... I love my iPad and my iPhone 4S - and the new iMac...
Mac Daily has a poll - should the Mac Pro line be discontinued ? : There are 9,000 votes - and the "Yes - discontinue" votes are winning 51% to 44% for keeping the line. Most of the voters probably own nothing but an iPod or an iPhone .... Vote here:http://macdailynews.com/
Why didn't you just stop at "amateur" -- and move on to a different forum ???
[QUOTE=themind;1981195] Lets face a few facts here: 1, The MP is designed in an era where expansion was a significant problem. The majority of content creators were running into problems with storage and ram. 2, Single chip computers coped with multithreaded professional applications poorly. 3, Hard drive speed was a serious bottleneck in access time / load time for large media hence Raid was popular. 1, These days in almost all situations we will see very little...
No serious photographer would ever use an iMac for high-quality image editing. We spend thousands of dollars on monitors that can be profiled and calibrated so the what we see on the screen will match what comes out of our $6,000 printers. I do have iMacs in a classroom - and in an office. But if there are no new, upgraded Mac Pros I will have no alternative than to move to PCs. And, if I do that for the editing studio, I'll probably force everyone else in my little...
Yes, 1991. A Mac IIfx - and a 16" color monitor. We had a "true" digital camera on my microscope - with a Peltier cooling unit and lots of SCSI cables. The camera weighed about 4 pounds - was 1 Megapixel - and it was black and white only. The camera cost over $20,000 ..... We ran Photoshop version 2.0 - which came in a big box with a dozen floppy disks.Those were challenging, but fun-filled days.
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