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FanDroids hate a walled-garden and want an open and free ecosystem - they must hate the idea of ApplePay... lets see how their  on with their credit card information
I really can't see why this is such a bad deal. When FB buys whatsapp for $19B or google buys Nest for around the $3B mark, no one seems to comment. The negative Apple press is curious. From what I've seen of the Beats subscription service I can see apple turning it into a great thing to complement iTunes song purchase model. Steve was right when iTunes first started saying people want to own their music, but now i think more and more ppl are happy to pay a small...
... Ahhh.. I was gunna say - i struggle to type with my fingers; apple want me to type with my backside now???
How could it have been anything but?  Touch was new!   Samsung want to show this was the beginning of their design principals and inspired their touch phones.
Just because the calendar ends in 2012 doesn't mean the world is going to end - is it not possible that the Mayan gent responsible for calendar production just though "well, I'm up to 2012, I'm not gunna be around to enjoy it so I think I'll kickback for the rest of my contract"? Personally, my contract runs out in September and I kicked back months ago - I admire the Mayan for getting all the way to 2012!
This video was on BBC's news page: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7845988.stm It has some MSN spokesperson comparing a 25 year old mac to a 'modern' PC - what a great idea! Any guesses which she chose?
And here was me thinking they did the ads live!
Is it just me, or does 32mb sound like alot for a keyboard update??? I remember when microsoft office used to fit on 10 floppy disks... OMG... I sound like my dad!
Wasn't TimeWarner trying to buy EMI recently? Wouldnt it be fab if Apple beat em to it and snapped up EMI! They would have a propper seat at the table then, rather than steve turning up at the record co's door like a salesman!
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