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You guys are being WAY too harsh on AI! I dont see any of you putting fingers to keyboard to bring info to the world. To do what AI does takes alot of hard work im sure and i for one take my hats off to them! I put up with banner ads for crap i dont want, so reading the odd post that is of no interest to me is VERY little to pay. I pay my TV licence in the UK and get all of the BBC stuff for the fee - and well worth it is too; but the bastards keep putting sports on...
keep your eye on http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ it shows how long its been between updates Id love a new macbook! the keyboards are lovely!
M$ have beat them to that one: Core - vista is makin my computer smell! and Core! m$ have no taste!
LOL! and why not! I think I'll buy it myself!
what about a more direct approach? "Hello, i use a mac" "and i(m) (ab)use(ed by) a PC"?
Yeah! nor me! ... Ill keep using one or two though
Apple = good, M$ = evil, right? If apple is seeing mac sales going up because of the iPod 'halo' effect does that mean the zune could see increased sales from the xbox 'horny' effect?
What a un-happy bunch you are! I hope you show a little more gratitude when santa comes to your house! Me? Im as happy as can be
IT departments make all their money by talkin' thick users into installing windows; Vista is going to be a right little money spinner for them! Why do you think no IT peeps push OS X - They would be out of work; their services no longer needed!
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