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And here was me thinking they did the ads live!
Is it just me, or does 32mb sound like alot for a keyboard update??? I remember when microsoft office used to fit on 10 floppy disks... OMG... I sound like my dad!
Wasn't TimeWarner trying to buy EMI recently? Wouldnt it be fab if Apple beat em to it and snapped up EMI! They would have a propper seat at the table then, rather than steve turning up at the record co's door like a salesman!
I dont know if ive just missed it before now, but i remember the eMac (cheap iMac) was removed for sale. Ive just found this while waitin for the store to reopen:http://www.apple.com/uk/education/imac/
Didn't apple start off the whole iName thing with the iMac and therefore could TM the whole iRange in one swoop, just an idea!
You guys are being WAY too harsh on AI! I dont see any of you putting fingers to keyboard to bring info to the world. To do what AI does takes alot of hard work im sure and i for one take my hats off to them! I put up with banner ads for crap i dont want, so reading the odd post that is of no interest to me is VERY little to pay. I pay my TV licence in the UK and get all of the BBC stuff for the fee - and well worth it is too; but the bastards keep putting sports on...
keep your eye on http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ it shows how long its been between updates Id love a new macbook! the keyboards are lovely!
M$ have beat them to that one: Core - vista is makin my computer smell! and Core! m$ have no taste!
LOL! and why not! I think I'll buy it myself!
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